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A Fighter has a Wizard Archetype.

Fighter has a ring of Wizardry.

Ring of Wizardry says "It does nothing unless you have a spellcasting class feature with the arcane tradition."

Does the fighter have a CLASS Feature with the arcane tradition?

In other words, is a "Dedication Feat" a Class Feature of Fighter?? Because if it isnt then does the ring work??

Is a shield actually required? It doesn't have a prerequisite for one. I assume you can raise your weapon to shield yourself?

In the text it says Bloodsalt is about 150 miles due west from Nantambu but by the map scale it's closer to 220 miles.

The Golarian Interactive map agrees with the text So the map scale is out
The map scale should be 35 miles

Just a heads up, the map labels for Aliriel’s Sanctum are all out of order and C11 doesnt exist at all.
As I have created all this in FoundryVTT it was easy enough for me to move the markers around. But GMs doing Paper TableTop will have to put sticky labels on the map or something.

RE: Toxicologists
So can bolts or other ammunition be poisoned with injury poisons before combat; and could they be given to other PCs?

When I measure a distance to a large or greater size target, is the distance from the PC to the target; to the edge of the target's occupied Squares or to the centre of the target's occupied squares?

If a feat has a class trait like 'Rogue' does that mean it call only be used by rogues, and if so why isn't it given the perquisite of "Must have the Rogue Class"?

Bit of clarification on Wanderer's Guide

You call upon the beyond to guide your route. When you Cast this Spell, choose a destination; you receive an inspired route to that destination, allowing you and allies who travel overland with you to reduce the movement penalty from difficult terrain by half for the duration, as long as you don't deviate from the inspired route. This doesn't have any effect on movement during encounters. If you use this ability again before the duration is over, this effect ends and is replaced by that of the new route.

I have a party traveling across a plain trying to find a place. They know it's in the east and they know it's name BUT they dont know WHERE exactly it is.

Would this spell lead them there OR does the location of the destination have to be known like.

"Whats the best route to the city of Absalom?" you KNOW where Absalom is, does the spell just provide the best way of getting there?
or will it guide you to unknown places?

"We must find the Lost City of Huspolis. Gone for ages past; Lost to the kin of moral ma..."
"Nevermind its this way!"
Seem silly to me.


While Casting this Spell, you also Cast a Spell of a lower spell level

to store in the glyph.

I don't understand this sentence? The spell that is being cast is "Glyph of Warding" which is level 3, so by that sentence the spell stored must be level 2 or 1?

Seems pretty useless at higher levels?

"OH no!", says the Lich God of Tem-Partish! "I've been stuck by a level 1 magic missile!"

Camels have the Sand Stride Advanced Maneuver

What about exploration mode? If a camel is traveling in a desert does it still suffer from difficult terrain?

BY RAW it would appear so?


Guardian's Deflection (Fighter) Reaction Feat 6

Requirements You are wielding a single one-handed melee weapon and have your other hand or hands free.

I have a player who wields two swords who wants to know why Paizo hates dual wielders? When I see Feats like this I too begin to wonder?

Why is it a requirement that one hand must be free for this?

I was wondering how people handle climbing in explorations mode.

350ft cliff needs to be scaled,Im assuming GMs dont make the player make 70 odd (depending on successes or crits) rolls?

Do GMs just hand wave it or Say "gimme one roll"?

The Beastmaster Archetype from the APG, grants the Addition Feat of Magic Hide (ranger). Magic Hide has the prerequisites of animal companion and warden spells. I assume we can Ignore the Warden Spells prerequisite?

Are the feats in the various organizations available to anyone?
For example, under Firebrands:



Prerequisites expert in Deception
You have a specific disguise that you keep at the ready, worn underneath your outer
garment. You can change into this disguise to Impersonate as a 3-action activity.
If you have master proficiency in Deception, it is instead a 2-action activity, and if
you have legendary proficiency, it is a single action. You can create a new backup
disguise by spending the normal amount of time it takes you to Impersonate, but
you can have only one backup disguise at a time. Having a backup disguise doesn’t
allow you to remove your armor or any other complex piece of clothing any more
quickly, but once you have those off, the disguise is readily available. Because you
have the backup disguise at the ready, it’s possible that a thorough search might
reveal some elements of the disguise (see Conceal an Object in the Stealth skill).

Where does the block say someone has to be in the firebrands?

At the very least it should have Access: Firebrand Member?

I know its Uncommon but so are alot of other feats that have nothing to do with organizations??

Swipe is:You make a wide, arcing swing. Make a single melee Strike and compare the attack roll result to the ACs of up to two foes, each of whom must be within your melee reach and adjacent to the other. Roll damage only once and apply it to each creature you hit. A Swipe counts as two attacks for your multiple attack penalty.

Critical Specialization Effect (Axe) is:Choose one creature adjacent to the initial target and within reach. If its AC is lower than your attack roll result for the critical hit, you deal damage to that creature equal to the result of the weapon damage die you rolled (including extra dice for its potency rune, if any). This amount isn’t doubled, and no bonuses or other additional dice apply to this damage.

If a critical occurs, how would this be resolved? The player picks one to get the extra Critical Specialization Effect (Axe) (assuming adjacent) OR does another creature adjacent to one of those two cop it?

The rule for how much a PC can carry is:-

You can’t hold or carry more Bulk than 10 plus your Strength modifier.Pg 272

A inventory container allows you to carry more.

For example a Belt pouch: "A belt pouch holds up to four items of light Bulk."

So would it be reasonable to say your new amount you can "hold on to" is:-

10.4 plus your Strength modifier

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Here's a little system I use for my players when they are trying to identify a creature. I use Fantasy Ground VTT so the screenshot is from there.

Making a success using the applicable skill from CORE 506 and using a DC from CORE 503. I present them with this table.
Identify Creature Table
The player then make Notes (as shown) about the creatures as they go

Shouldn't Lunge Feat have the attack trait?


LUNGE [one-action] FEAT 2

Requirement You are wielding a melee weapon.
Extending your body to its limits, you attack an enemy that
would normally be beyond your reach. Make a Strike with a
melee weapon, increasing your reach by 5 feet for that Strike.
If the weapon has the disarm, shove, or trip trait, you can use
the corresponding action instead of a Strike.

I assume it takes the place of one of your Attack Actions?

Or can you "Lunge Strike" as your first attack Action
Melee Strike as you second action (still on your first attack penalty)
then say "Lunge Strike" again using your second attack penalty?

Page 446 under Multiple Attack Penalty wrote:
Every check that has the attack trait counts toward your multiple attack penalty, including Strikes, spell attack rolls, certain skill actions like Shove, and many others.

Are we assuming the the fact the Lunge has a Strike Component it inherits the Strike Action traits? IE Lunge has the Attack trait?

Person has Wounded 1 condition
Person gets knocked out with a Critical so they get the dying 2 condition

Is it dying 2 or dying 3? (because they already had the wounded 1 condition)

I added a range attack to the teacher as I felt it was missed.

Ranged chalk +4, Damage 1 bludgeoning (+4 circumstance bonus if hurled in class room at disobedient student)


Are there any rules about someone tossing an object to someone else and that person catching it? I assume athletics would be involved?

Do individual Craft Skills have to be developed separately
or is the one craft skill for all crafting.

So an Artist can craft armor as well as he/she can paint a portrait and Vices-Versa?

The +2 holy greater striking glaive (Gods & magic) has the traits UNCOMMON ENCHANTMENT MAGICAL does this mean the glaive no longer has the deadly d8, forceful, reach traits. After all is it still not a glaive?
This is a quest for any magic weapon I guess

The rules describe flanking as

"When two creatures are on opposite sides of their enemy, the enemy is flanked,
becoming flat-footed to THOSE creatures."

So if a rogue comes along (who is not in the flanking scenario) can they use their sneak attack?

The Target has the flat-footed condition BUT only to those that are flanking it?

Had a player die in a fight the other day and they were also poisoned. So Once the player is down and dying do you keep moving through the stages of the poison?

If I were to choose a Bloodseeker as a Familiar does it loose attach and blood drain?
Also it flys so one of it's familiar abilities it gains must be flier. It fly speed is 30ft but flier is 25ft, which one is used?

Does the familiar gain the frighten 4 condition if it has the animal trait?

A familiar is a Minion but is it a summon minion?

Minions: "......For an animal companion, you Command an Animal; for a minion that’s
a spell or magic item effect, like a SUMMONED MINION, you Sustain a Spell or Sustain
an Activation; if not otherwise specified, you issue a verbal command, a single action
with the auditory and concentrate traits." What does this mean?

on PG 520 it says under Detecting Hazards

"....During exploration, determine whether the party
detects a hazard when the PCs first enter the general area
in which it appears. If the hazard doesn’t list a minimum
proficiency rank, roll a secret Perception check against
the hazard’s Stealth DC for each PC......"

For each PC? Even the ones performing other activities besides Searching?

I would think it would be all PCs that are performing the Searching activity (and in the case where the hazard has a minimum rank only roll for those PCs doing the Search Activity WITH the minimum rank)

Is there such a skill as regional Lore? Artifact Seeker and Archaeologist backgrounds both give them to you but it doesnt seem to be listed in rulebook.

Also even though multiple web source list Artifact Seeker and Archaeologist being in Lost Omens World Guide when I look in the PDF they dont seem to be there?

Was Region Lore and the backgrounds removed from the final product?

I found a few web sources telling me there are two backgrounds in Lost Omens world guide called Artifact Seeker and Archaeologist, yet when I look in the PDF they arent there?

Were they removed last moment? Or can Someone tell me what page they appear on?

Should I be breaking Society up into different society skills like Society - Osirian or Does someone recalling knowledge about the History of a Society 5000miles away have the same chance as someone who lives there?

Its seems odd it doesn't work like Lore does; EG Lore:Engineering, Lore:Mining etc

Your character enters a merchant's Store

"I wish to sell this golden pendant, encrusted with ruby flakes and embossed in mithril. The center piece is a perfect cut Black Diamond! This pendant was recently acquired from the tomb of the arch mage Drog Mo'Harad, I estimate it to be unique and over 3000 years old!

GM consults the Party Treasure by Level table 10.9

Merchant scratch his chin, "Unique you say? mmmmm Gonna be hard to find the right Buyer... Ill give you 2 gold!

Player: "5! and not a penny less or strike me dead!"

Merchant :" 4!"

Player: "DONE! nice doing business with you"

I know why the economy has been realigned (downtime earning) but It just doesnt sit right with me. Under the old system that pendant would be worth like 400gp. and I know you can say oh well. in the world a gold piece represents 1 years earning of a farm. I do understand but it... just... seems....ODD?

May be Ive just been conditioned to the old reward system

Anyone else feel same?

When traveling in a Dungeon in exploration mode I get the impression I am suppose to be doing it in Initiative order? What with seek actions and the like taking actions and stuff?

Or is it just the players pointing to the various rooms saying: Whats in here? ok..Whats in here? NOthing? Ok Whats in here?...OH right! "Remember I was searching what do I FInd?"

This last method seems.. Janky?

How do other people handle exploration in Dungeons?

A Dagger 1d4 piecing

Striking Says:
A striking rune stores destructive magic in the weapon,
increasing the weapon damage dice it deals to two instead of
one. For instance, a +1 striking dagger would deal 2d4 damage
instead of 1d4 damage.

If I put say flaming property rune on the dagger:
This weapon is empowered by flickering flame. The weapon
deals an additional 1d6 fire damage on a successful Strike,
plus 1d10 persistent fire damage on a critical hit.

So does the dagger do:
2d4 piercing & 1d6 Fire
2d4 piercing & 2d6 fire?

I would think first one as Striking says: "..increasing the WEAPON damage"

From a GM's perspective....

If I were to make a cold iron weapon with:
+2 Weapon Potency,
Greater Striking
containing the Anarchic & Corrosive Propriety Runes

How do I work out it's Price and Level (this is a weapon found in the game)

Do I just add up all the levels and Gold
or only take the highest number?

The book talks a lot about here's the cost for a item with this on it
but doesn't seem tell you how multiple runes are combined

Or do you have to simply go through the crafting process like a player to get it's price?

Is it just me or is the witches Slumber Hex overpowered? It says it is as sleep but UNLIKE sleep which affect only up to 4HD creatures a witches slumber affects ANY HD. So if a high level creature is put to sleep because it fails one will save. Then the players can just Coup De gra it?

Any way a gm can deal with this?

There are touch spells and ranged touch spells.
If the spell has a close, medium or long range listed this is then a touch ranged spell and requires an attack roll?

Also do you only have to make a concentration check when something happens to the pc while he/she is trying to cast or every time the pc casts?

FOr some reason I got a hanking to write a story I dont know why...
Heres what I got so far see what you think...



Suddenly the door burst inward!
Su-Xan began to scream as Perry leapt naked from the tangle of sheets and flesh he had just been enjoying. Gathering whatever was to hand to cover himself Perry surveyed the scene. Two tall, muscle bound and ebony skinned guards had entered the room flanking the remains of the door, their leather armour creaked as they shifted their weight. Between them stood fat Ashben the moneylender, staring with mounting fury at his lovely and quite unclothed wife in another man's bed.

Ashben looked to one of his guards and nodded. The guard walked over to Su-Xan and taking a handful of her blond hair pulled back her head so that her eyes met those of Ashben who had quietly walked towards her side of the bed. Su-Xan was crying now and taking gulps of air between her sobs.

Ashben reached down to tenderly stroke the face of his wife, “Despite your betrayal I will be merciful against my better judgment, my wife”
At this Su-Xan grabbed at Ashben's hand and began to cover it in kisses, “Oh thank you my husband! I will be only true to you I swear, never again I swear it!”
Lifting her chin, Ashben looked into Su-Xan's smiling face “I know my love”. Ashben's hand flashed out and blood flew from Su-Xan's throat! “I grant you a swift and painless death my wife because I love you”. Ashben looked up from the limply moving body of his wife on the red stained sheets into the eyes of Perry, “You however sir I do not love”.


Gerst entered the study of his master Ashben the moneylender. The fact that Ashben no longer loaned money didn't matter. It was how he made his vast fortune in his early days and the identity had stuck. People liked the familiar and preferred the evil they knew. The fact that people still thought of Ashben as a simple moneylender was laughable.

Pausing first to survey the room for inquisitive servants Gerst approached the eastern wall and found there a particular spot. He pushed in a brick and section of the wall slid inwards revealing a dark stone staircase that wound down lit only by the firelight of torches that lined the wall. Gerst lifted his robe as he carefully walked down the stairs. His master was still busy with the young man that he and his guards had brought to the manor earlier. It was Gerst who had his master's third wife followed after observing her leaving the manor one night without her guards. It was revealed that the lovely but quite naive Su-Xan had been having a dalliance with a young man that Gerst suspected worked for one of Ashben's commercial competitors and Su-Xan had probably been unknowingly feeding information about his master's operations.

“Well, no more”, said Gerst to himself as his negotiated his way down.

Reaching the bottom of the stairway Gerst observed the dank, cold dungeons that he found himself in. There were four doors leading off from the central room that he now stood in. Behind the closed door to his right was where his master was working. Gerst found a stool in a corner but after inspecting it with a frown he decided to stand while he waited for his master to finish.

Gerst examined his robe while the minutes went by picking a stray piece of lint away or dusting either real or imagined dirt from the lapel. The robe was one of his favorites, its green contrasting his eyes, the way it's cut exaggerated his already tall thin build. Pushing back his shoulder length silver/grey hair he impatiently paced to the other side the the room. The screaming had gone on for quite awhile but all was silent now and Gerst new that the foolish young man's life was either at an end or close to it.

The door to the torture cell opened and Ashben came out drying his hands as best he could on a blood soaked towel. Looking up from his hands he noticed Gerst waiting patiently. Throwing the towel in the corner of the room he poured himself a drink from a jug that was sitting on a small table,”Well he was either gods blessed with more willpower than I gave him credit for or he really was just a fool”
“He said nothing my master”, asked Gerst
“Not a thing. I truly think he was just some womanizer who choose the wrong woman. Tis really a pity I was truly fond of Su-Xan. Well there are a few loose ends that I will follow and see if they are in need of tiring up. What of the old man Gerst?”
“Yes master. I have looked into his evidence and while I think he exaggerates the importance of his proof it is not without merit.”
“Something in it eh?”
“I believe so. I do not think it would be worth launching a full expedition as the old man wants but certainly it may be worth outfitting a small party to investigate the site.”
Ashben thought for a moment, “Very well. Talk to the old man and see that he given only what he needs for a small expedition.”
“As you wish master”
“But I want you to go with them Gerst”
Gerst swallowed he did not like the idea of a journey of more than four months into the wastes of the Ki-Han desert. He had many schemes and plots that were just coming to fruition and to leave now would place their outcomes in jeopardy.
“As you wish my master but may I know why? I have many tasks that will need re-working if I am to be absent for an extended period of time”
Ashben took a step towards Gerst, “Because I command it and because I wish to insure the best possible chance of an successful outcome”
Gerst bowed low, “I will see to the arrangements immediately”
“Very good. Also send a messenger to Palsha inform her I will visiting tonight. It seems I've some free time and wish to relax after my work here.”
Gerst smiled,”Your will”

It seems a little simplistic to me tho. But maybe thats good. I dnt know. Is it worth going on with? what changes should I make if any?

Im not a writer by any means of course

I wish you guys had of named your product something else so every time I searched I wouldn't get 14,000 hits about 4WD's and Mars LOL

I have ordered the core rule book (not from Paizo, sorry guys. Book depository had it cheaper and with free delivery to Australia) I can hardly wait to get my grubby mitts on it!

Then Ive got to find some people to get a game together...

I decided on Pathfinder over 4E after watching a demonstration video (mentioned in another thread) All those daily and encounter powers and using cards with action points sounded like it was trying to be Magic the Gathering or something...OH wait thats right lol...

I recently found a series of videos showing a game for 4E run by the lead designer of D&D with the writers of robot chicken. I learned alot about how a 4E works watching those videos (and it was entertaining as well). I was wondering if there are or will be a simular thing done by Paizo / pathfinder crew?