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Is there such a skill as regional Lore? Artifact Seeker and Archaeologist backgrounds both give them to you but it doesnt seem to be listed in rulebook.

Also even though multiple web source list Artifact Seeker and Archaeologist being in Lost Omens World Guide when I look in the PDF they dont seem to be there?

Was Region Lore and the backgrounds removed from the final product?

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The only place I found these backgrounds was at Since that is the 2e counterpart of, that would suggest to me that the original book(s) used different names which can use under the Community Use license but that cannot use because they do not qualify to use that license.

So my best guess is that these items can be found in the Lost Omens World Guide or some other book under a different name, probably one that specifies a location or organization that is product identity.

I suspect you consulted d20pfsrd or some other source that isn't allowed to use setting-specific names. Is that possible? I suspect those two backgrounds might truly be "Osirionologist" and "Shory seeker." The Lore skill can be about any fairly restricted subject. These two backgrounds give Lore about a specific region, whether Osirion or the Shory empire, but they can't be named on some websites.

The PF2 Core Rulebook, on page 248 under Lore skill mentions "• Lore about a specific settlement (Absalom Lore, Magnimar Lore, etc.)" under common Lore categories.

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THe lore skills are ambitious and don’t have a specific list like knowledges were in PF1. They can be on any topic and just provide some information on what your character was/is interested in and can be used on any knowledge checks that could be related to your topic, with a DC that varies depending on how broad etc your lore is.

So if looking at say an ancient orisani pyramid, lore (orisani) would be useful but have a high DC as it is very broad. Lore (ancient orisani) would be lower while lore (ancient orisani pyramids) would be lower still. You could use lore (ancient civilisations) with a hard DC, or lore (desert civilisations) etc.

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