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A Very Solid Introductory Scenario


This review will provide only minor spoilers and is based on actual play experience.

Adam Daigle has presented us with a light, fun and varied scenario perfect for players who are new to Pathfinder in general or PFS Organized Play in specific.

A mix of roleplaying, puzzle-solving, and combat, In Service to Lore creates a varied play experience that will keep your PCs engaged throughout. From out-of-the-box problem solving and investigation encounters to low comedy, this one has it all.

It also does a fantastic job introducing characters to the various faction heads, allowing new PCs to meet these individuals before they start working for them. As regular PFS scenarios rarely allow for this sort of face-to-face interaction, this is a phenomenal addition to this scenario and is much appreciated as a PFS GM.

Although more dedicated PFS players may find this one a bit of a breeze, it accomplishes everything a starting scenario should for a new group. Highly recommended.