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You do the Hokey Pokey and you shake it all about...

That aristocrat looks to me like he would make a fine PC Investigator.

I have decided to go with Kingmaker. The side quests are simple to understand and appealing, and also easy to complete. The early encounters include bandits, a crazy bear, a giant spider, a couple of funny fairies, and a lot of traps. I am a little concerned about the lack of structure, but I think we can handle it. This is a generation raised on Minecraft after all.

I am starting a RPG/Pathfinder group for very young, precocious kids, aged 8 to 12. I played We Be Goblins, which was fun with them, but they need to understand the idea of being a real hero, a concept that WBG only toys with.

What would you recommend as a good starting adventure? Keep in mind that I would like to keep this group playing for a while, so it would be good if there were a series we could advance through. Simple but not simplistic, scary but not too, traditional without being corny-- you get the idea.

Anyway, I would appreciate any thoughts you have on the matter.

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The mini I most want to see the the Gnoll mutant with a rifle from the Campaign Setting. That is one of my all time favorite illustrations and would make an epic mini. Anyone else with me on this?

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Right now he is asking his skull-friend, "Where'd I put my keys?"

I like that you can clip the Paladin's spear into a mace or a staff-- either would work well for a cleric. I wonder if the iconics in the controversial Advanced Class book will be used in the same way, or saved for future iconics sets.

I would like a set that took its inspiration from two books, say Bestiary 3 and NPC Codex, and called something simple, like the World of Pathfinder. My favorites sets so far have been Skull and Shackles and Reign of Winter.

Just curious: Did anyone loose their job as the result of this mistake? They would have in most other companies? (Not that it is any or our bees wax.)

Thanks for the reply, Jason. Looking forward to what Neil comes up with, especially when it comes to the Tengu. There will be a Tengu, yes?

Are there plans to do a pirate-themed edition? That would be handy.

The more I think about it, I feel like this character may be from a Neutral Good wing of Torag, one more inclusive and less exclusively dwarven. His portfolio of protection, toil and strategy, seem to work well. But this is a wing of the church where half-elves would be accepted, and where it is not enough to do a job well, but to also to do it under fair conditions.

I'm thinking this character feels that it is his duty in life to bring balance to the world by identifying and correcting any exploitive labor situation, and bringing justice to those exploited, even if they are no longer among the living. He has no issue with charity on its face, but would take issue if someone was taking unfair advantage of someone else's kindness or generosity, viewing it as a form of exploitation. He would greatly prefer the 'teach a man to fish' view of charity. He would have a serious issue with anyone who profits at while the people who labor for them suffer, and would be compelled to correct any situations where that was occurring, by diplomacy or force. While he wouldn't have an issue with people who profit from adventuring (it is work after all), his primary reason for doing it is to bring forth labor justice, and would be compelled to use the profits from it to further the cause of labor justice As for those unable to work, I think this person would view all creatures as being able to contribute something to society, even if it wasn't direct labor, and would be deserving of basic humanity because of it.

Thanks guys. I like both the Bard and the inquisitor model, and the idea that this character would also take issue with people being paid when they didn't do anything. I think that thinking of this character as a capitalist who values human dignity and the righteousness of a days pay for a days work is also a compelling idea, though, as pointed out one that is quite different then how the issue is viewed in this world. I like the idea of someone who is able to convince the tavern owner to pay the wench a living wage, or a lord to let a serf tend to a sick child, but also someone who goes to the cite where a great labor injustice was committed-- Harrowstone Prison say, or that Osiron lost slave city in Lost Cities, and giving final rest to the souls that perished there.

I would like to create a character who campaigned throughout the Inner Sea on behalf of fair labor and humanitarian work practices. Not simply an anti-slaver, but someone who believes that true balance in the universe is can only be achieved when people are properly treated and compensated, whether they are constructing a castle wall or working as an apprentice to a mage. Crusader? Cleric? Inquisitor?And who would be the deity for such a character. Also, where would you first send them in Golarion-- and again no one wants to start out by wiping out the Slave trade in Ketapesh. Curious to hear your thoughts.

You both are correct; 'money grab' was too harsh, and much too cynical a way to view a company that has always put the customer/player first. I retract it. Maybe I should chalk up my misgivings to the fact that demons freak me out.

So inorder to play an adventure path that will in total retail somewhere in the the vicinity of $115 plus shipping I have to now buy an additional book that costs 40 bucks? After all I have already invested? These are great products, and I love supporting a game that has meant so much to me in my life as well as this wonderful little company that has shepherded it so well, but this is starting to feel a little like a money grab to me, at a time when discretionary spending is difficult for me and many others. Plus for some reason, demons are less intrinsically inspiring to me then some of their other concepts, like pirates and ice witches who plane walk in a chicken shack. But maybe that is just me. I am glad that I have a little time to consider if I want to move forward in this investment, and if I choose to step away, it will be with a heavy heart because I generally like the way this company works and thinks. We shall see.

This sounds like a lot of fun and very creative, also involving for players who are willing to give it a try. I think this series is at its best when it takes big risks; the pirate campaign certainly fit that mold. The current path feels, by contrast, a little safe and self-congratulatory (but that is a topic for another thread, obviously). People who prefer less extravagant myth-making certainly have other options. For me, I hope this is a sign of more surefooted creative leaps to come.

Thanks for the helpful info. I purchased Gothic Heros and it is indeed top flight. If they had the same kind of thing for budding pirates, my players would have had the opportunity to do more than swab the decks and catch turtles the other night. Look forward to see what you come up with in the future.

Has a third party publisher considered creating, say, 15 pre-generated PC's specifically built for a given Adventure Path, such as Skull & Shackles or Shattered Star?

When hosted my first game a few weeks with players who like me were less than experienced, we spent a bulk of our time with character creation and did not get very far in in the adventure. (Days of playing until the wee small hours are sadly over). Would love to have a quick an cheap way to fix this issue, and still give my players some fun options.