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Creative mini


This is likely the star of Shattered Star, and is undeniably cool. I was bummed mine came broken -- not too difficult to fix with some crazy glue. Also, it is so specific, I wonder about its utility outside this campaign. Still, I know I was lucky to pull it.

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Very cool


One of the best minis I have ever pulled, even if the dragon's legs and arms both look like belong on an Oklahoma State linebacker. The action stance more than makes up for it: he really looks like he is in flight. Also nice that they should mix up the color scheme in a set that decided blue and white.

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Not feeling this big lizard


There is something generic feeling about this scaly fellow-- I can't imagine it eliciting much response at the table beyond, "That's a big lizard with a bad over bite." Neither the sculpt or the paint job is particularly bad, I am just wondering what utility this has that isn't already filled by a half dozen old WOC mini's, or the alligator from your kid's tube of animals. Seems like they could have found something more fun than this to put on the large base.

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Proves the point of the line...


This is a freaky-looking undead dude with a machine gun and a long coat. If you can't figure out how to use a guy like this to freak out your players at any level, you are not trying hard enough. To me, a common mini that is this unusual yet useful kind of proves the value of the line. Well done.

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Behold a kick-ass druid

Few minis will make you more psyched to play a human druid than this one. Well-detailed and dynamic. Worth purchasing as a single.

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Hero potential


I haven't pulled a lot of great future PCs recently, but this guy fits that bill well. You just have to figure out why your guy has a cool ice sword. Nice mini overall, and no issue with his face.