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Ultimate meh..


At first I was extremely excited about ultimate magic. I was hoping for some new racial bonuses like in APG, or perhaps a racial template for Anthropomorphic animals. Hell, I was hoping that Anthropomorphic animal would have allowed you to really have an anthro, and not just rip all the cool things animals can do from them.

As i started reading more and more, I kept finding little irky things, such as the Geshia or dragon shaman. The scroll master was pretty irky too.

Cause while these things had flavor, most of it was meh at best, as the flavor they were suppose to create missed the mark or could just be easily done through roleplaying. In the cae of the scroll master, it had so much more it could have done, provided it was on something like the magus.

But the most irksome thing is the constant "reminder" that this content isn't all just for the players. The DM could use the geshia archetype. But seriously.. if the DM was using it, the DM didn't need the archetype in the first place.

Then so much of the book is used up on stupid things. Like the new ranger and monk things, and most of the paladin, wasn't truthfully that magical. Most of it in fact was pretty mundane.

Then magic items. There is NO magical items in this book, unless you really wanna make a golem, which the pages for that get lost petty easily in the second chapter. Beyond the large collection of new familiars, and spell duel things..

Then the words of magic. Its bloody hard to figure out what it is trying to say here, would have been a bit helpful to show off a couple of combonations and possibly make it easier to figure out which words are which.

All in all, its a nice book, but common... There was far too much mundane, boring options in a book that was suppose to be ultimate magics.