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I feel like a great insult to Shirren would be calling them all by a common name that Shirren hold. Like calling a Dwarf Fortress dwarf Urist or an American Steve. Maybe it has gotten to the point that it is no longer a common Shirren name, but people still call them that name.

Vial of poison? Lockpick? Signal whistle? There are tons of small items that you could use in game. Keep in mind that in an RPG like Pathfinder the possibilities are infinite, limited only by imagination.

Swashbuckler is pretty great.

I saw somewhere else that Skorched Urf is apparently made up of Paizo staff. Is that true?

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Sharoth wrote:
Mine all mine...don't touch wrote:

This is him.


I wish happiness on all of your family.

I would probably create my own Pantheon. I would certainly include Pharasma, Desna, Halcamora, and Shelyn. I'd probably add more over time as I came to like their messaging. I feel like I would approach religion in much the same way that I approach politics, which is a strange thought.

dot dot dot

I don't like it when I see other people using the same avatar as me. I have no animosity towards those people, I just want to poison them and become the only sneaky fetchling.

I would love to do that. I'm really hoping to make it to my first PaizoCon next year.

Dragon78 wrote:


-A monstrous humanoid race that you can create with a list of monster traits such as horns, claws, webbed feet, wings, tail, etc.

Perhaps a playable mongrelman race?

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Odraude wrote:

Oh no! Paizo is catering to a group of fans that like something I don't! Damn you paizo!

Also, no amount of slick art is going to make people want to play a game where you roll for your anal circumference. Just saying ;)

Exactly, I should be able to decide my anal circumference through role-play. *waggles eyebrows*

Cuup wrote:
@ Everyone who suggested Fey-touched: Aren't those Gnomes?

Well, gnomes have a lot of extra baggage when it comes to the fey stuff, at least in the Golarion Setting.

Samy wrote:
xavier c wrote:
Why is "Africa" your least favorite.
I dunno, I guess same reason as why gnocchi is my least favorite pasta shape...

Well, Africa is HUGE. There are a ton of different really cool pantheons, religions, myths, traditions, and cultures that mix and change all throughout. I would love to see some of the ancestral, spiritual mythology where spirits of ancestors become dangerous if not appeased, especially since there might be rules for that kind of thing in Occult Adventures. Darn, I wish I remembered more from the paper I wrote on this stuff a little over a year ago. *starts searching files*

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I'm currently playing in Kingmaker, but it's unclear if we'll finish. I think we're towards the middle of book 1, erring on the side of the beginning.

I am currently GMing Wrath of the Righteous and Skull and Shackles. We are at the beginning of book 2 in each.

Now for the embarrassing part...

I have started GMing and not finished:
Jade Regent x2
Skull and Shackles x2, both before starting my current game
Wrath of the Righteous also before my current game
Reign of Winter
Shattered Star
Kingmaker before current game, I was a player in the failed one too

Did not get past the first book in any of those. They fell apart for various reasons: individuals lost interest, I moved, life kept us from getting together. I've learned to better create and manage a play group since then. I am happy to report that all my current campaigns, except possibly Kingmaker, are stable and chugging along well.

As for my favorite, it's tough. I really like both the ones I'm running right now. Skull and Shackles is really fun and casual. I love making pirate voices. Also, the players and I are really enjoying all the pirate RP.

That said, Wrath of the Righteous is amazing. The mythic rules make is crazy fun. It's huge stakes all the way through. The players really feel like superheroes. I love the NPCs I'm getting to play with, who are incredibly well conceived. Not to mention the totally awesome representation with a trans woman in a relationship with a cis woman; and two guys, including one who is a

Character's Class:
Cleric of Shelyn,
in a relationship; and
Character Name:
Nurah Dendiwhar,
who I'm playing as asexual. The high powered demon butt kicking ties it all together, and you have my favorite AP so far.

Rynjin wrote:
I have to dispute your point A, considering the deluge of people, Youtube style, coming onto the boards to say "Unsubscribed" every time a new AP is released.

I don't work for Paizo, so I could hardly say for certain... BUT, I doubt the "deluge" (I hope that doesn't come of as too sassy, but it just doesn't seem like that many people to me) of people saying "unsubscribed" is very many compared to the overall number of subscribers. I also don't think they all actually unsubscribe. Plus, even if they do, they'll resubscribe on the path after that probably, and that means that people are resubscribing to this path after unsubscribing for Giantslayer. Personally, I like having all the other totally sweet material in the volumes, even if I don't get to play them all. I have a subscription despite having never finished an AP. I'm working really hard to remedy that with Skull & Shackles, so we'll see.

This book was a fun read. I got tons of neat character ideas from it, especially in conjunction with the Andoran Campaign Setting book. An Esquire Eagle Knight, or one of the Eagle Knight naval guys with Recruits that he picks up and drops off at various ports.

Why haven't I been reading these for years?! This is awesome.

As I'm typing this, I'm listening to Know Direction, the Pathfinder news and interviews podcast.

Spell: Magic Siege Engine

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Hey, just to briefly introduce myself: I'm Pete, a gay male gamer and writer. I've loved Pathfinder for a long time, and now I want to get more involved in these forums.

I noticed you talking about the state of Gay Marriage laws in the US. It's clear that SCotUS is moving towards getting gay marriage legal all over the United States. It's an exciting time. Now I just hope other LGBTQQIAA issues don't take as long to see their day in the legislative/legal spotlight.

On the eleventh day of Superstar, my true love gave to me,

Eleven lancers jousting,
Ten ghouls a-meeping,
Nine centaurs prancing,
Eight hammers smashing,
Seven staves a-charging,
Six swords of slaying,
Five! ioun! stones!
Four statues of Magdh,
Three flaming shields,
Two dancing dwarves,
And a defending halberd +3.

Jacob Kellogg wrote:
I have seen a pretty solid staff.

Perhaps the vibes in here are too good?

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Don't get me wrong, I have my worries. Still, I can't help but be excited for people to see it. I don't know how confident I am that my item will go anywhere in the contest, but I'm really happy I submitted it.

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Garrett Guillotte wrote:
Anybody's entry also the first thing they've designed for an RPG? I've got some high-fives just for y'all extra-gutsy newbs.

That's me. I adore Pathfinder and have been a GM for a long time, and I love writing. It seemed natural to put those things together and enter. I wanted to last year, but I was feeling a bit directionless. Now, I'm ready not just to enter this contest, but try to get my writing out there in general.

I do not know what it means to "dot," but since it seems to have something to do with keeping an eye on the thread, I shall"dot" it.

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I would say yes because it seems to me that the cleric version of the spell is a different spell than the wizard version. I can't claim to be an expert though. I'm still relatively new to the game.

Vivianne Laflamme wrote:
MMCJawa wrote:
Do any of the AP's even use the term homosexual/lesbian? It seems that when a same sex relationship is depicted...the participants are just depicted as a couple. We certainly use homosexuality in our discussions on the site, but then it's a general agreed upon term that everyone understands and doesn't have too much stigma attached to it.

Read this article (from 2007!). There is stigma to the term. The term "homosexual" is clinical and degrading. People don't self identify as "homosexuals". The term "homosexuality" suffers from the same sorts of problem.

Further, both terms run into issues with erasing the existence of non-monosexual people. By using "homosexuality" to mean same-gender sexual behavior, one erases the existence of people who engage in same-gender sexual behavior but not exclusively. It collapses everyone into the category "homosexual", which means a woman with exclusive attraction to women or a man with exclusive attraction to men.

Annabel wrote:
MMCJawa wrote:
Annabel wrote:

Taking a step away from the confusion about slavery vs. queer people...

Reviewing some of the thoughts people have had about non-heterosexuals present in published game material, it has struck me how out of date the terms "homosexual" and "homosexuality" are. This is the year 2013 (almost 2014), yet cishets (and maybe non-cishets) are still talking about queer people like they're some sort of strange alien species known only through scientific observations as the elusive Homosexual sapien.

It comes off with the same creepy vibe that I associate to people using the term "female" to describe women. Like, it makes it seem like the speaker has never met a woman, but he will know her when he sees her long mane and distinct glossy nails.

Why do people dodge around the terms people actually use to identify? Why instead are we adopting these pseudo-scientific/objective-sounding terms? It is possible to update our language, and act like we live in the 21st century: part of modern sexuality is the declaration thereof, so let's not avoid the messy business in favor of reductionist heterocentrism.

Basically: What is it that people on Golarion use to identify sexuality, gender, etc?

Do any of the AP's even use the term homosexual/lesbian? It seems that when a same sex relationship is depicted...the participants are just depicted as a couple. We certainly use homosexuality in our discussions on the site, but then it's a general agreed upon term that everyone understands and doesn't have too much stigma attached to it.

I don't really see much an issue with the term female, although to be honest I don't usually use the phrase much with humans, and I don't get a sense it's used more often than woman in discussion. As far as pathfinder is concerned, I would guess they use female/male because it's not human specific, and so you can apply it elves/orcs/dragons/etc without much confusion. Elf man and dragon woman sound weird compared to male elf and


I personally, as a homosexual, do not find the use of the term here degrading. And while in a casual conversation it may be overly-clinical, I think it fits appropriately in many situations including this discussion. I think the problem of the clinical and at times degrading use of the term "homosexual" by certain people will have to be a more natural change as people become more comfortable with non-heterosexual sexualities.

Also, as I noticed some of the arguments here against Paizo's choice to include non cisgendered heterosexual individuals in their setting involved morality saying that their personal opinion should be respected. I disagree because I don't think morality is a nebulous concept. I think it can be defined qualitatively, if not quantitatively, like most things in the universe. I think the purpose of morality is to increase the happiness of each individual to it's maximum without allowing an activity which decreases the happiness of another individual. Since homosexuality doesn't actually affect anyone, I would say that it couldn't be immoral. Any negative feelings toward homosexuality are not a result of morality, but of unfounded prejudice. Obviously, and somewhat ironically, this is just my opinion. I do, however, think that a moral code founded in rationality is much more relevant than a moral code with little or no basis.

Lastly, I am hugely thankful to Paizo for their efforts to include gay male characters. It means a lot to me and I'm sure it means a lot to gay male gamers everywhere. Thanks.

Unfortunately, I need to cancel my comics subscription. They were fun, but I can't really afford them anymore. Also, for the future, is there a way to cancel subscriptions that does not require direct petitioning like this?

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Hadesblade wrote:
I see one can not say anything negative against the LBGT material found in this adventure path otherwise you will be removed. Consider this my subscription cancellation.

I would like to state for the record that it is the kind of inclusiveness that is shown in this AP that makes me want to continue to be a subscriber to the APs, a subscriber to the core books, and a frequent buyer of many Pathfinder products, even though I don't make a lot of money. Also, it is one very big reason I am a loyal customer to Paizo and would not seriously consider going to Wizards for my RPG needs.

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cappadocius wrote:

I find people who argue about religion, politics, or sexuality on the internet to be tedious people without a glimmer of self-awareness and with egos the size of a Tarrasque. This is a thread about made-up characters in a made-up world that was made-up to facilitate a game of make believe. Shut the nine hells up about the real world.

Also, what subforum should I post Valeros/Harsk slashfic in?

The subforum for that is called my porn folder. Yes please.

I must follow this thread. I have so many similar questions. No answers though... sorry.

It's fun, but beware. I'm my troop's guide and I got in trouble for running a game with the young ones. Now we do it in secret, very cloak and dagger and such.