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Can you cure lycanthropy if they were bron with it?

The saucerer failed his spellcrsft rolls so the cleric used read magic on the book and as a group we wernt sure if he could.

Last night the group found a wizards spell book and the Cleric used the spell read magic of his divine spell list.(There was a sourcerer there but he failed most of his spell craft rolls and manged to identify only 1 of the spells in the book)
Would the read magic of his Divine list read Arcsne text?

Just checked that out and it opened thanks Alex, and again GREAT WORK very helpful.

My group and I are two games in now and I was going to use Nyrissa in a number of ways inc popping in and out of dreams and in the feys hex.
Not having read much of the complet AP and not being sure of her importance in the rest of the story if any.
My question to you is have you used Nyrissa and how?

Hi I am new to DMing and am running this AP with 5 or 6 palyers depending on who turns up on the night.
I just come across this post and I am really impressed in the hard work you lot have put into the convertion GREAT WORK.
For some reason I am not able to get into chapter 3 could someone please help me to be able to open it as all of these convertion will be a bible to me in the next year to come.
Thanks Tom

Hi DoomCrow have just read though some of you'r post about the Kingmaker AP and it has given me some ideas for me own campaigne(THANKS) but I was just wondering if you rewrite some of the AP as some of the things I have not read yet.

Thanks for all the input.

It's not that I'm not enbracing it, I think it will be a lot of fun for the group to run around on horse's instead of them walking all the time. But as it is they will double move though the Hex's all the time and end up killing their steeds which is something I dont wont and I said "I was expecting a lot of things from my group but not them running around on horse like that all day", I ment the double movement and not them running around on horse back.
I do have a ranger and a paladin in the group and I am going to encourage them to have the steads as their animal companion ( they would be a bit daft if they didn't)
Also Oleg has taken it upon himself and is alraedy in the process of ordering the iteams they need to advanve the compaions.

I was expecting a lot of things from my group but not them running around on horse like that all day.
Thanks i had thought about the mounted combat and them having to dismounting witch would effect the Pc's in combat :-)
To frozen forever is that info in the bestiary? so when i pull them up I can show them the text.

I have just started my first AP and was wondering if the feats under the statistics bar for men, goblins, trolls, dragons and soon things the PC's will have to fight form the bestiary are alreay included in all of the stats e.g multiattack, powerattack, improved int, point blank shoot, multishoot and the list can go on, or do I have to add them in?

My group and I started the campagne last night and as thought they wiped out the banits and at Olegs post and they managed to get all the horse's they are now double moving though the Hex's at 100ft (hourse speed being 50 ft )
taking about a day to explore a hex, will this have much of an impacted on the game?

thanx, thats been buging me.

My group and I start the kingmaker AP this weekend,could anyone help by telling me how the Pc's claim the hex, I think they have to start to build?
I have read it some where but cant for the life of me find the exact way to claim the hex.

I am loking at starting this AP soon and when I read about the pranks I was hoping that some of the PC'S didnt get on and was going to bullrush one into the other as and when I can.


I'm going to together a calander with some ramdom weather for when I start this AP,the calander and ramdom waether is not a problem, the problem is I dont konw the year that this AP starts in it may be in the text but I cant see it can anyone help with this?

Hi,I am looking at running The Kingmaker but I was nusure of something,Question- Am i right in thinking that one city fits inside a hex?

Im am baout to take out the sunder feat, now in the sunder cmb it say this"Sunder
You can attempt to sunder an item held or worn by your
opponent as part of an attack action in place of a melee
attack. (If you do not have the Improved Sunder feat, or a
similar ability, attempting to sunder an item provokes an
attack of opportunity from the target of your maneuver.)
If your attack is successful, you deal damage to the item
normally. Damage that exceeds the object’s Hardness is
subtracted from its hit points. If an object has equal to or less
than half its total hit points remaining, it gains the broken
condition (see Appendix 2). If the damage you deal would
reduce the object to less than 0 hit points, you can choose to
destroy it. If you do not choose to destroy it, the object is left
with only 1 hit point and the broken condition."

which says to me that if you have the feat the att of opp is nill and void but in the feat description it says this

"Improved Sunder (Combat)
You are skilled at damaging your foes’ weapons and armor.
Prerequisite: Str 13, Power Attack, base attack bonus +1.
Benefit: (You do not provoke an attack of opportunity)
when performing a sunder combat maneuver. In
addition, you receive a +2 bonus on checks made to
sunder an item. You also receive a +2 bonus to your
Combat Maneuver Defense whenever an opponent tries
to sunder your gear.
(Normal: You provoke an attack of opportunity when
performing a sunder combat maneuver.)"
Now am i reading this wrong?dose it or dose it not provoke please help?


If for any reason a pc fails a skill check e.g heal can the pc then turn round and say "I dont know wots that is or wots wrong with him but im going to do this to see if it works" Is this the right way about going around a failed check?

Hi I am new to playing rpgs and have played pathfinder for 8 mounths or so and I would like to DM a game., I thought that the rise of thr rune lords would be a good path to start with but wilest reading it I realised it would need to be converted is they a rule or a table for this, any help would be great as I woul like to give back to the partty wot I'm getting out of it.