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I'm sure this is an easy answer, but just want to make sure I understand this combo. If I use an axe with the Swipe feat, that attack would have the +1 to hit both the ACs of the targets within the Swipe.

Is there a reason why does the Alchemical Golem appears after the Flesh Golem? The Clay Golem appears next in typical alphabetical order.

Those ingredients are from an article "Blueprint for a Lich" from DRAGON #26.

I'd like a copy too.



Sara Marie wrote:

You should be seeing a refund for $59.99 come through within the next few business days.

sara marie


I don't know if this possible, but I would like to modify this order. I do not want to have the hardcover, just the PDF (which I have already received). Is there anyway to cancel just the book and just be charged for the PDF ($40.00)?


Was there ever a table showing height and weights for the different human ethnicities on Golarion. I thought I remember seeing one, somewhere...

typo - Under Rock Throwing, "range" is misspelled as "rage" on page 236.

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Dragon78 wrote:
Looks like the release date got pushed back again.

Now, that's a nice birthday present.


Hi all-

I'm going to be in Portland today and tomorrow and would like to visit some of the local game stores. Any suggestions?


For those who bought the PDF through FGG - has there been any updates to the PDF?

I'm also interested in receiving the new versions, please.

Option #2 = chosen at the moment of casting.

Back in the 3.x days, I've heard of houserules similar to option #1, I think to limit players from taking up too much time flipping though the MM to find the "right" creature.

Maybe DRAGONS by Mayfair Games? I think that had something about mutated black dragons.

Tome of Horrors 3, page 210

The normal one has no disease, but the Dire Raccoon has a diseased bite (Filth Fever).

Same size as the hardbacks.

Green Ronin introduced High Humans called "Great Ones" in thier Advanced Race Codex - Humans.

Spes Magna Mark wrote:


Rough week. New job ate into my energy and spare time more than I thought it would. Working on the last edits this weekend. I hope to have Ars Metamagica available for sale before this coming Tuesday, 7 September.

Received some more feedback from playtesters this past week as well. Several have said they plan on making Ars Metamagica their default metamagic rules. Excellent!

Is that a Mr. Burns "Excellent!" or a Bill & Ted's "Excellent!"

Torryn wrote:

thorindale: check again in the core rulebook.

EDIT: I ment that you can use 1-1/2 your strength modifier.

Page 148, in the Rapier description it says "You can't weild a rapier in two hands in order to apply 1-1/2 times you Strength bonus to damage."

Torryn wrote:

A rapier can't be two-handed for a one and a half additional strength damage

Emphasis mine.

Same here.


Already in the Bonus Bestairy

What about the Phrenic Scourge from "The Iconic Bestiary: Classics of Fantasy".

Without the books in fornt of me, it sounds like the system from True20.

Skrapsan wrote:
Does anyone know the base size of this one (Medium, Large or Huge?)


RSE = Realms Shaking Event ??

There's Hastur Hobbies in Salt Lake City-

Hastur Games & Comics
6831 South State Street
Salt Lake City

Bugmage wrote:
Salintar wrote:
Sorry if this has been brought up before but I seem to be missing page 548 of the main book (on PDF).

It is in the single file per chapter download but not in the single file download. That is very odd!

No.... I downloaded the single file, and page 548 is missing (more like missplaced, as it's between 552 & 553)

Pax Veritas wrote:
These could be part of a book of familiars or PC pets. Maybe even a chapter that that got cut from the the book, but could be a Web enhancement.

Pretty big book of familiars if the pseudodragon is on page "229".

#126 for me.
no doodle

Just ordered mine.

In the Towers of High Sorcery (DLCS), they re-named it "Titan's Transformation"

On the subject of this spell, I noticed a couple of changes between the 3.5 version and the PFRPG.

* The target changed from multiple animals to ONLY one animal per casting.
* The enlarged aninmal doesn't receive DR or saving throw bonus.

I haven't seen many druids played since I started 3.x, so I don't know if these changes are a balance-issue fix, or just stream-lining the rules.

Do we have a street date for this?

It's been a year since I been in that area, but from what I remember, there's the Game Matrix down in Tacoma.

Good to hear about Gary's Games still being around.

Sorry to hear about Wonderland (that place had just about everything...)


Dear Paizo,

Recent events have forced me to close out my credit
card (the one used for transaction #641027). I
still desire to purchase the Sorcerer on Black Dragon
mini. How do I go about changing my order to one of my
other valid credit cards?


Thanks for the update.

I placed an order for the Sorcerer on Black Dragon (Limited Edition) on June 1st. [Paizo Order #641027]

I noticed that while viewing my bank statement that the charge was pending on one day, then disappeared the next.

I'm wondering what happened? Is my order still good?


Is it just me, or does one of those giant worms (the one on the right) look just ... wrong?

I think the original poster was looking at the preview for the Tome of Magic. There it lists several excerpts from the new book. The third item is:

Vestige: Acererak (from Chapter 2: People of Waterdeep)

At first, I thought this was blasphemy; then I looked further down the list ands saw:

Truename Magic Introduction (from Chapter 6: Monsters of Waterdeep)

"Turname Magic" in the Monster chapter?
This looks like one massive cut-n-paste error. Don’t Panic. I believe the Greyhawk icons are still safe (if regulated to a slow demise of legendary figures).

EDIT: Looks like Demiurge1138 beat me to it.

"Force Missile Mage" from DRAGON #328, or can be found in the DRAGON Compendium.

I heard that there was a Dragon magazine with errata for the Orb spells - changing the school from conjuration to evocation. Could someone tell me what issue this was in?



I placed this order on Wednesday, Dec 7th. It's for a year subscription for both DRAGON and DUNGEON magazines.

I was wondering what would be the first issues I’ll receive?

Dale Libby


I'm 39 years old, retired from the US Navy, and looking to meet up with a group of folks to game.

I’ve been playing AD&D sine the mid-80’s. Most recently, I've been learning to new 3.5 rules. While I have plenty of experience with the old 1st and 2nd editions of AD&D, this new edition a different beast.

At this time, we have a place to game in Warrenville. Mostly free Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings.

thorindale @ yahoo [dot] com

There are different options out there:

- On the Waking Lands website [], there is a template that can be taken to represent the barbarian life style. Also, they renamed the barbarian class to the berserker.

- The Black Company Campaign Setting also changed the name of the class to berserker.

- And last, a few years ago on the DM's Yahoo groups, there was a discussion about barbarians and sorcerers could only be taken at first level as they represent an inherent lifestyle that an actual class.

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