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I am enthusiastically voting for Hillary Clinton. :-)

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The kids favorite weekend ritual this summer, Tiny T-Rex wakes up early, wakes up Pea Bear, then Pea Bear makes them tea with honey, which they sip as they watch Gravity Falls, and Spongebob so we can try to sleep in.

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I read somewhere that green tea boosts your head sponge thingy. Or help you access more of that knowledge crap. Or something.

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thegreenteagamer wrote:
El Nino Winter Cap'n Yesterday wrote:

Hmm, i get the computer to myself

should i watch The Blair Witch Project for the first time or World War Z for the first time?

decisions, decisions.

WWZ isn't the book by far, but it's legitimately the scariest thing I saw in theaters in at least a decade.

Never saw Blair Witch.

I don't actually like scary movies, by the way, but I still enjoyed WWZ despite that. I actually liked it better than the book. The scene in Jerusalem with the wall about had me drop a deuce in my seat. You'll see...

I went with World War Z, a really good movie, thanks!

I don't really get scared by movies, except one.

I used to be a big fan of horror movies (and books and t.v. but my interest waned as the gore multiplied), i like the older stuff, which is hilarious because otherwise i do not care as much for older movies.

Nowadays i'm definitely a comedy aficionado, but i still have a weakness for gritty drama (i watched the entire run of Sons of Anarchy this summer, it loses steam after the third or forth season and just kind of goes around until the last episode, which i liked) or a mystery (FARGO! everyone must watch Fargo!!!) but mostly i like to laugh and that's my main stress reliever when i have a not as good day.

A wise old hippy i used to work with told me once "Every day is a good day, it's just some are better then others" he once had an I-Beam hit him in the head and spent three years relearning everything and you wouldn't be able to tell, so he knew what he was saying:-D a great man he is, i learned a lot from him.

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I literally popped in here one second after you posted that :-)

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For some reason I thought Venus was the green planet when I created this one, I'm starting to suspect that's Earth tho, now I don't know what to do with all this stupid b$@!%$** I researched about Venus:-)

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Think I'll just keep to FaWtL and adventure paths for awhile, I think I've annoyed too many other people elsewhere :-)

Perhaps a discussion about Venus would calm nerves :-)