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7 posts. Alias of captain yesterday.


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Dude! We totally had a chance!

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thegreenteagamer wrote:
What's your feelings on sriracha sauce? (For as many aliases as will answer.)

In all honesty, i don't recall having it, i assume its the green sauce you see at Mexican restaurants?

I have become more adventurous as far as eating different things. Another little known fact about myself is i have almost no sense of smell, and thus i lack a decent sense of taste, so spicy stuff really has to bring flavor if my taste buds are going to make it past the heat. Sadly, Wisconsin lacks in that department.

So, undecided, but open minded.

Don't ask me about the green party, i walked in wearing a green sweater to use the john, and walked out with a bunch of pamphlets, a hippy girlfriend named Zest and an unpaid job as regional director.

So, it's worse than Lipton, you know because of forcing their agenda and politics on their workforce.

I don't expect you to favorite that, just thought you'd like to know what horrible people run that place.

Edit: does this soap box make me look taller, I feel taller.

Don't forget thegreenpartygamer in this, our, um.. our most important of election seasons, if any election that can, uh... lessee, clean up Washington... and, ah.. puppies! Everyone gets a puppy, maybe... to be honest I don't really know where to go with this, so.....

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I'd like to discuss the agenda for the Green Party if you don't mind.

It's ah, it's a robust agenda, um, many sweeping changes, lessee... we're.. gonna clean up Washington!... I think.

To be honest I just started and this is the furthest I've gotten, so......

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47. Ralph Nader ain't bringing in the chicks like he used to

You'll feel better if you vote green party, we have a great feeling Rusty Shackleford is going to do great things for us nationally...