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So I'll be playing a slayer, and I had one skill left to put ranks into. Not sure what to put it into, I choose use magic device (took a trait to make it a class skill and get a +1) cause I think it'll be fun. I'm just curious as to what spells would best help me and my party using this.

I'm a player in Strange Aeons as a TWF slayer tank who trips (no spoilers please!), if that helps.

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If you are a Half-Elf, you can have the Arcane Training racial feature, and choose Bard. Now you can use wands from the Bard list without a UMD check. This opens up the Cure spells, as well as things like Grease and Glitterdust and See Invisibility and Invisibility and Mirror Image and Delay Poison...

Anyways, a wand of Cure Light Wounds is always welcome for obvious reasons.

A wand of Scortching Ray, or any other Ray, can lock in your Sneak Attack.

A wand of true strike is pretty bomb for someone who wants to start combat off with a manuever. It's better is you can cast it as a swift action, or via spell combat and land it in the same round, but it can be a good tactic to let you effectively maneuver against things you couldn't usually overcome CMD for.

I like Voodooist Monk's suggestion. I'd go for Arcanist instead of Bard for my class choice, but he and I are on the same page.

I'd like to add that Use Magical Device DCs are very high in my opinion, so high that I don't really think it's worthwhile to dump points into it. Better to just dip levels into what you need, or take Arcane Training like what Voodoo's saying.

A wand of long arm is likely to be useful to you, or possibly enlarge person. If no one in the party casts haste then a wand of expeditious retreat might help.

If you find yourself using one spell a lot or think that's likely to be the case for a long time, a wand key ring can make UMD checks easier.

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