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sure the yget opp attacks for threatening squares, but they are not solid. but i cant find RAW for this. help please

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So a player stumped me last night, asking me "what are the three things that damned house thrune?"

I cant find anything on google that spells out the three, or where the commonplace nickname comes from. Abrogail I sold her soul, was killed by her son... i mean a lot of these are speculation

anyone have the actual lore on this moniker?


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As part of my goal to read all novels, the PDFs for sale, and then the Free Web Fiction, I have been thoroughly enjoying the free web fiction!

However when i click on A knightly Mission by Dylan Birtolo, it goes to a page that should list off all of the chapters and their individual links. Instead it just hows chapter 1.

I read chapter 1, wondering if maybe it was just a short piece, but no, the end clearly says (not to mention the story context) that there is more content that is missing.

thanks in advance!

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So i just read the fantastic short story "Certainty" by liane mercial (well was like a dollar on Audible, so glad paizo stuff is on audible now).

anyways, they run into a variant Iomedae priest who is basically burns anyone suspected of evil at the stake. their holy symbol is slightly different (flames not wings) etc.

Ive tried googling it, and all i got was one mention on these forums of someone saying "check out iomedae burners" which is what i am trying to do hehe

- are there rules in some AP i havent read?
- i cant find anything in the wiki
- do these variants get spells as inquisitors?

basically any info or references to this Mendevian burner sect are appreciated, hopefully rules info but ill take any story, novel, AP, or lore too!


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If i have tremorsense and spring attack, i know what square is occupied. I still have a 50% miss chance though.

Can i spring attack into that square? Do they get no AoO? No AoO if i make my 50% An AoO no matter what bc technically i cannot "target" them?

I dont think id allow someone cast say magic missile just based on tremorsense (tell me if i am wrong on that one too), so im confused by the definion of "the target of the attack" if I am using tremorsense to attack into a square.

Im leaning towards ruling i cannot spring attack and hope to get lucky, but looking for people who know RAW better than i do.

thanks in advance!

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I had assumed ones with a gp costs were consumed. I went to verify this, and see nothing about it in the RAW. I thought there was some section saying that materials with a cost, except for Focii, were consumed, but i seem to have old dnd bleeding in.

- does the ship splinter required by Locate Ship get consumed?
- does the 25gp offering for Divination?
- if so, what about the 1000gp mirror for Scry?

I cant find rules that say any material is consumed. It seems absurd that the 25gp for Divination isnt consumed, but looking for RAW.

So sure you need a 5000 gp diamond for raise dead - but where does it say it is consumed and lost?

I think ive been making a lot of assumptions.

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I can find all pirate lords but this one. thanks in advance!

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So please tell me I am missing something here.

My groups cleric now controls 2 allips. they are incorporeal.

1) is there no rule that creatures of massive size can hit them? As far as I can tell, unless a monster has a feat, these 12 HD giant plants and animals just cant do damage to them.

2) There is no save against the Allips wisdom drain. It isnt listed as a SLA or SP so SR doesnt apply. I cant find anything that says creatures immune to mind-affecting things are immune, so as far as i can tell, these can drain plants.

What stops a CR3 Allip from just walking up to a CR10 plant and draining its wis to 0 with touch attacks, immune to any counter attacks?

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If the Party uses spire tokens to arrive at lvl 10 (if they bargained with the mistress of thorns), the lava level... where the heck do they appear?

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I swear i saw it but can no longer find it. Any help and source appreciated pls.

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Everyone seems to agree you lose things like darkvision and such when polymorphing. i cannot find that anywhere. I just see gaining abilities.

Little help finding the reference please?

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Ignoring druid and ranger ACs, since summoned creatures do not have the Exclusive trick, can other people give them orders with Handle Animal rolls?

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These chron sheets are amazing, would like to get them added please.

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I am sure this is a sensitive issue and i am not trying to poke a bear but i honestly dont know.

So i was thrilled when the chronicle sheets for plunder and peril came out ridiculously fast, and they are fantastic. A+ all around

but as far as i can tell, they are not in the reporting tool so fairly useless.

am i missing something?

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Gm Notes for plunder and peril
compiled and written by matthew paluch
all tradmarks and copyrighted materials owned by Paizo Publishing referenced under fair-use policy with no claims made to ownership.
Original material written by matthew paluch copyright 2014 but permission granted to re-use with proper accreditation

The first notes I have are make sure you own all of the required sourcebooks. This module does not have stat blocks and you will need Bestiary 1, 2, 3 and 4, Monster Codex, Ultimate Magic, Ultimate Equipment, GameMasters Guide, and the NPC Codex to get anywhere. As an addict, i had all of those materials already, but it could have been a shocker for others. Frankly though, the HEAVY usage of 3 and especially bestiary 4 is super cool in actual play. I hadnt fully realized how good those books were until this module showed off their highlights.

This of course a work in progress and Ill edit it as people comment or I add ideas.

I am not going to apologize for writing this assuming you have all of the following materials. Buy Spend Consume.

Do not read at all probably if you plan to play skull and shackles chapter 2. I make minor references to Skull and Shackles Chapter 3, but its behind a spoiler tag.

Reference material numbering aka stuff you should buy

[1] - Inner Sea gods
[2] - isles of the shackles
[3] - skull and shackles chapter 2
[4] - heart of the jungle
[5] - Second Darkness AP Chapter 2 Children of the Void
[6] - ships of the inner seas
[7] - inner sea bestiary
[8] - inner sea npc codex


[T] - tangent / adventure hook
[F] - flavor
[S} - allow a skillcheck to give the players extra information
[E} - a note about a typo or error
[P] - an important point about preparation that needs special attention

This is intended to gather material from other available and applicable sources, and give GM’s suggestions as to when and where it can be used to enhance their player’s experience with the Plunder and Perils module

Chapter 1 - Rum Punch (p4)

[P] - it is very important you know exactly what Hyrix knows but more importantly what he does NOT know, when he might get interrogated. If you have read the whole backstory, it is too easy to accidentally give away information that only Captain Lanteri should know. Specifically, Hyrix does know she has one of the pieces of the key (p13), but its important that he not know the actual nickname of the key (three reasons to live). The only people who know that Captain Lanteri has a piece of the key are her, Hyrix, and Hinsin (p16 - confusingly mentioned at the start of Chapter 2). Everyone else has been led to believe she has everything she needs to find the treasures location.

If captured alive and allowed to be questioned, he will know that she only has a piece of the key and needs others, but if you reveal at any point that there are three pieces, or even the nickname “Three Reasons to Live”, this will destroy the starting hook of Chapter 2 of this module, where the players need to believe there are 4 pieces so they go ashore to get marooned. If they know theres three total, and she has one, and they fetch 2 more, why on earth would they go ashore to search for a 4th piece in Chapter 2? The potential interrogation is just meant to reveal she is missing pieces to the key, which she hadn’t mentioned before, which ends up helping her plot-wise by setting up the PCs motivations for Chapter 2 by backing up her story. Until i read the whole adventure however, i did not know the importance of keeping the name of the key itself secret as well, since it wont take a rocket scientist to wonder why the “Three Reasons to Live” has four alleged pieces, and then Chapter 2 will fall apart.

[P] - Furthering the above note, pay special care to what limited information Captain Lanteri will reveal (p 11), and the very limited information Iulia might reveal (p 11) - all she knows is that Hyrix the mutineer may return, and she doesnt know anything about key pieces.

Background on the locale-

Lilywhite is located on the northwestern shore of Motaku Island. The nearby capital is Quent, ruled by Tessa Fairwind. Details can be found on page 10 of [2] concerning Lilywhite’s history, or Motaku Isle itself. You can also find a small amount of basics on p56-57 of the module.

The predominant language other than Common is Polyglot, useful if you want to add some flavor. The two rulers, Delemona Burie and Little Shaggard, captain the ships Winsome Lass (sloop) and Mollusk (barkentine) respectively. [2 p10]

If you havent had time to generate the Settlements starting marketplace items, I rolled

potion - magic weapon 50gp
potion - shield of faith +2 50gp
potion - eagle’s spelndor 300gp
scroll - animal messenger 25gp
scroll - returning weapon, communal 150gp
wondrous item - sandals of quick reaction 4000gp
wondrous item - campfire bead w/ command word on it, 720gp
weapon - +1 bola, sheds light, 2305gp (if you hate that, the second i generated was a +2 Longbow costing 8375gp. My party badly wants a magic longbow... so they will get the bola)


ring - ring of swimming 2500gp
ring - ring of sacred mistletoe 6000gp
rod - rod of metamagic, reach spell, lesser, 3000gp
wondrous item - figurines of wondrous power (golden lions), no command word, 16500gp. detect magic, identify, analyze dweomer, or a DC 30 Knowledge (history or arcana) check will be needed to discover the command word.

[S} You may want to allow players with Appraise or Profession(merchant) to realize that the base and purchase values for Lilywhite are 50% higher than what one might expect for a town this small - trade must be good due to the festival! Perhaps play this up as limited time offers, spend spend spend!

[F] Read up on common profanity used by Cayden Cailean followers, their dress, myths, as well as his herald Thais’ backstory, as wonderfully described in [5 p56-63, 86-87] or [1 p36-43]

[F] Remember the port of Bloodcove has slave markets, so any followers of Cayden Cailean will look with suspicion or open disapproval if the players mention having done business there or captured the Aspis Consortium ship in Skull and Shackles Ch 2. (my players started Skull and Shackles Chapter 2 a bit before this came out, and thats the closest port to Rickety Squib’s)

[T] If the topic of slavery does come up, perhaps a secret agent of the Aspis Consortium from nearby Bloodcove [4 p29] overhears and takes note. If the party sounds anti-slavery (even if just lieing to avoid trouble), the Consortium is pre-alerted to this and the events for betraying the Aspis Consortium described on [3 p20] unfold automatically as if the players had been caught plundering an Aspis ship. If the players end up finish all three chapters of this module and end up lvl 7 or so, consider using a variant of the same idea but with the Aspis Consortium Spy [8 p9]

Event 1

[F] Taken from a few various sources, this was the Plaque of Wisdom (theres one at every temple of Cayden Caliean, and Building B Cailean’s Keg counts as one) i had above the Tavern. My party are a bunch of older adult pervs so perhaps you edit but

Don’t let the Rules get in the way of enjoying what is truly Good in Life.
“Plow a Furrow” in every town you visit, if you know what I mean. 
Be not as think as you drunk you are.
Live free or die, or run away, whatever seems best at the moment.

Event 2

[F] - if one of the players orders mead during the drunking contest, relate the sad tale of Little Shaggard’s father being killed in a drunken duel over which beverage the god cayden cailean preferred more - or perhaps a local takes offense to their choice! [2 p10] If you plan to run all three parts of this module, and are also planning to then continue on into Chapter 3 of the Skull and Shackles Adeventure Path, I suggest the disagreement be with Tessa “Tar Spit” Vokta, navigator and tobacco-spitting female dwarf from the Ravishing Ruby [6 p57,59]. Perhaps she is one of the competitors at the table too! This will provide a great way to tie in an excellent encounter from Ships of the Inner Sea either as the players journey to Port Peril to begin S&S Chapter 3, or after they reach level 8. The suggested party lvl is 8, not 5 as listed in [6], errata is in product discussion.

Skull and Shackles Ch 3 Modification:
[T] Have the Ravishing Ruby [6 p56] appear as a wild card in the Regatta!

Events 3-4

Perhaps I described it poorly, but all day the players had been told of the “race” that was going to occur at the end of the festival that night, the re-enactment of the slave revolt. When I read the boxed text for the mad dash, which occurs *after* the ceremonial race, there was confusion as to whether the Skill-check race progression to get to the Inn to meet with Yamtisy was the re-enactment race. The notion of “youve just ran a ceremonial race you have been told about all day, and we are not using rules for it, but now theres a literal race” was a bit confusing to describe.

I just flat disagree that the race should only end after every single PC completes it. That sounded fine on paper but played terribly. It not only steals the glory from the winner, but is terribly boring for you to sit there watching someone fail Swim checks over and over, especially when the players realize its only the first PC to win that defines the results. As a design comment, I thought adding CMD checks with bullrush and trip was brilliant!

Event 5

[S/P] No skillcheck is listed for it, but I would choose to describe the crows head with a delicate crown on the longships, as this will seed the players imaginations when they later need to come up with a figurehead design.

[P] Start keeping track of days spent in Lilywhite carefully now. It comes up a few times. Event 6 can trigger early because of it, and it will effect the results of Event 7 part F (total time it takes them to complete tasks)

Event 6

This event makes the assumption that all of the players will be together at all times, which was not at all the case for my group. The spellcasters were off making scrolls and potions. Your options are either to keep rolling the 20% daily chances but only attacking those players who are specifically wandering around town, make some excuse they are all together, or just invoke the default clause and let the croc attack happen on the final day, as if you hadnt rolled the 20% early attack.

[P] Not listed in their Bestiary 4 stat block, the lycanthropy curse on bite is a DC 15 Fort save. Tiny and Huge creatures are not affected in this instance.

Event 7

F. Hideen Cove

[F] its in the somewhat boring ship description section, but i found the crow and crown sails, and the ballista having individual names, to be great flavor material i almost missed. (p51, forecastle section)

Event 8

[F] If the players are losing badly due to bad rolls against the hags aura or evil eye, perhaps have a cayhound or three [7 p8] come to their aid, if they have done a good job of venerating Cayden Cailen in the festival, or if any have converted to his worship, or set the new 12 round record during the drinking competition

Event 9

[E] Ellara and Elodin should have 15hp each not 14
[F] Tengu learn double languages, and Hyrix knows quite a few - this is a good opportunity to swear at the PCs in a language they dont know for flavor
[P] i believe in running tactics sections exactly as written, as the designer may have balanced the encounter based on it, so take note that Hyrix doesnt use shocking grasp like a cookie cutter magus but goes with scorching ray. Also his reliance on glitterdust over straight damage if a ranged foe harms him or he can hit three PCs with it is important to note. If you re-write/ignore the tactics section, this combat can be a lot deadlier than i think was intended.


[P] immediately read appendix one, set up a secret chart with all 8 NPCs that can be influenced, and be sure not to skip over the rules for letting the PCs infliuence them. its very easy to just go day to day and read the events in chapter 2, then realize at the start of chapter 3 you never really gave the players their due chances to influence the crew. and it is critical in chapter 3.

[P] Begin rolling random weather every day from p 439 of the Core rulebook. most days it will not matter much, but you need to get the players used to the use of it so they do not suspect anything suspicious when you suddenly bust it out for Event 3 - H. Lull them thinking its just another day...

Event 1 - G

[F] Although not critical, reading the lore for Besmara’s Throne, where Part G takes place, is at [2 p16]

[F/T] Worshippers of Besmara are expected to make a pilgrimage to Besmara’s Throne at least once, and this might be a wonderful coincidence for some of your PCs who worship her. Consider a quick side quest for that worshipper since they are so close to the Cove of the Queen [2 p16,43], or perhaps allow Sandara Quinn to go off alone and do it for roleplay purposes, if she didnt die in Skull and Shackles Chapter 1 (if your party played that, if not ignore me). Blackwarn’s Gallows is on the western side of Besmara’s Throne.

Event 2

[P] make sure you are familiar with plasma form rules and dont be stingy with it hehe. The tactics section allows you to have some fun with this fight.

Event 3 Dragon

[P] If the players are lucky enough to get the free water breathing cast on them, note it is not at CL 7 like his other spells, but its his spell-like ability at CL 14, and hence lasts 28 hours on each player!

Event 3 - J

[E] p26. The line about Varossa’s attitude towards the party should read “indifferent” where it says “neutral”

Event 3 - H

[P] This encounter badly needs use of weather chart on p439 of the core rulebook. the encounter drastically differs if it is raining due to the tactics section of the Adaros

Event 3 - I

[P] the Halid is a pain to gm. be sure to properly read up on channel resistance, incorporeal rules, rejuvenation, undead traits, corrupting touch, and corrupting gaze. Dont forget his use of combat expertise. His INT of 13 means he is no dummy - if he sees that a player has a weapon especially useful on incorporeals, use his Improved Disarm feat.

Same thing with the haunt rules, which are extensive. Just like it is easy to screw up the halid fight, Haunts are complicated in pathfinder and i strongly suggest reading up on them in general. If you had to guess which scene most Gms will mess up and later realize they could have put up a much harder fight for the plarty, it is this one by far.

Event 3 - J

[P] The note that the most of the coastline is rocky cliffs except for a convenient beach set off my players alarms. When asked if they could climb the cliffs if they wanted to, I noticed its a DC 20 - thats high but not impossible for a 5th level party. For example our party had an enlarged flying eidolon, the magic grappling hook from skull and shackles Chapter 1, a character that could give themselves a climb speed and hence easily do a DC 20, etc. Be prepared they may go off script here. With the lizardman encounters and possible ways to earn trust now wildly out of order, you cant assume all of the event descriptions will be accurate as far as how the creatures react to the party. More specifically, since Events 4 and 5 can be run in either order, you might need to toss the party a bone and run Event 5 first. if they butcher the lizardmen in Event 4 before Event 3 takes place, a real possibility if they do not land at the beach, this entire Chapter can go off the rails. Or at least get a heck of a lot harder if they do not have the talismans for the monsatery because they went to war with the entire lizard tribe.

[P/F] Captain Lanteri is positive its possible for the PCs to survive here, as her husband did. And she has a completely clean conscience over it. (p26) This will make Sense Motive rolls against her very difficult.

Events 4-5

You may need to run Event 5 before Event 4, if your players do a stellar job of avoiding the lizardman village and the somewhat plot-critical rewards it offers.

Event 5 - J8

[S/F] Im not sure if it should be a Survival check or perhaps Knowledge(nature), but id give the players a chance to discover the spring was created by beneficial druidic magics, not just because it sounds cool but also begins to plant the seeds that not everything they run into is to be murder hobo’d. and if youre lucky they may even start asking questions about who built the monastery and why, before they lay waste to it =)

Event 5 - K

Abadar is [1 p12]. Gozreh is [1 p68]

Event 5 - K1

[P] another wall of special powers fight that requires some prep. First off he is an outsider, so the skill check for info is Knowledge planes not arcana as players may expect assuming its a construct. Personally Id go with the rules for it being DC 15 + CR = 21 since its such a rare creature, instead of the usual dc 10+cr for common creatures.
And youll need to read up on engulf, mudball, compression, freeze, smother, blindness, amorphous and LUNGE feat. Lunge is what makes this creature sing - snag those fools at 10 feet away with a lunge, grab and smother and blind and etc etc etc

and he has elemental immunities, which means (for openers) he is immunite to bleed, paralysis, poison, sleep effects, and stunning, and not subject to critical hits or flanking. Does not take additional damage from precision-based attacks, such as sneak attack.

Yeah, time to rock and roll with this guy!

[F] He only speaks Terran, but Id have him keep chanting “Huzzplup!!” menacingly every round. Only players with Terran will probably realize its his name, but come on, Huzzplup is too cool a name not to use lol!

Odd side note - he will detect magic due to the belt inside him, possibly further misleading players into thinking he is a golem or construct. gotta love disinformation!

Event 5 - K5

[P] Arcane lock and Alarm spells can be botched easily, take heed.

Kahobeah’s Sense Motive is +7 if the PCs try to convince him they venerate Gozreh. this is written into the module as the quickest way to get to the goodies but is easy to overlook (bottom of p31). Control the urge to unload holy hell on them haha! they are not meant to die here.


[S/F] the ghol-gan empire is long dead, but history hounds may relate the creepy discovery of such ancient ruins to add flavor to this exploration. Ghol-gan ruins depict horrific scenes of blood sacrifice and cannibalism. In 4111 AR, (600 years ago) explorers from Cheliax discovered the ruins. Understandably finding the scene extremely disturbing, they declined to settle there, convinced that the coastline was haunted and cursed [Inner Sea world guide] instead they continued southward and founded the colony of Sargava. yay lore to set the tone of this scene! One of my players is from Sargava and stuff like this draws them into the entire campaign - your homeland was founded because the island you are on was too damn creepy!

[F] the description, not in boxed text, on p 36 is just excellent and i wanted to point it out. set the scene - dirty marble floors, hot humid air filled with the stench of decay and rotting things. throw in a skill check to let them realize the iron walls have been specially treated with an alchemical process to enhance their strength - that has absolutely zero gameplay use but just makes it sound like they are walking into a death trap! They should feel like they have left their tropical islands, gone back in time, and entered a Really Bad Place (tm). heart of darkness meets apocalypse now. to steal a quote from american dad, “we were in the poo.”

Event 1

This is all about having kept an accurate track of each NPCs attitude towards the party, starting at the beginning of Chapter 2.

Event 1 - L6

[F] I really picture Hicks from Aliens at this point when Hinsin is trying to (badly) lie to get them to leave and escort him to safety. Of course use all of the quotes the module provides, but i think adding a “Game over man!!” is pretty much mandatory =D

Event 1 - L12

[P] same as before, haunts are complicated

Event 1 - L 13

Keep track of noise - not just the widening of the gap might alert L14, a variety of actions might.

Event 1 - L15

Yes Puppetmaster is a full round attack action, but their Step Up feat is probably going to catch someone by surprise who tries to get slick by attacking then backing away. Good times, welcome to the borg!

Event 1 - L19

This is a no-brainer but you have to be intimately familiar with how the calcification rules work on p60.

Comments and additions welcome!


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I am planning on running an AP soon, but i thought i knew which one. Recently, and i have a terrible memory, i read about a product that would tie in nicely with Skull and Shackles, and even mentioned having a nice map. i now may run skull and shackles after all, and for the life of me, cannot recall what product this was!

Does anyone know what the heck i am talking about?

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1st lvl monk(wanderers) trade a feat, for exotic weapon proficiency (which they could have bought with the feat). Does it count as a monk weapon and hence can flurry? My first thought was to use it to buy a monk exoitic weapon... but then realized we already have proficiency with all of those. I dont understand this 'feature' if it forces you to drop a feat, and learn to use a weapon you will never want.

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My mind is melting from options (gendarme versus standard cav versus strategist, all planned out to lvl 12 of course), and also trying to discern if Improved Unarmed Strike is a *weapon* feat, or just a combat feat, since you don't have to hold a weapon. (it makes a huge difference haha!)

So some bad poetry to clear my head!

(Italian Sonnet, standard Volta in sestet)

Pathfinder, your Glory is large and vast
Rules for days, and shiny options Galore
From Andoran wimps to tart Chelish Whores
- Bulhman, Moreland, make memories to last!
Horsechoppers for goblins, Snowballs you cast
A mire named Worldwound, come lovers of War!
True to its roots, you can die to a door
To stop dear Gygax becoming a Ghast
Ask not for your options, Evil lies there!
Pee Arr Dees, Errata, they can dismay -
Ape Armies with Halberds, GMs beware!
Numbing our minds like Enfeeblement rays
"... just want a Boar mount!", cried out my last hair
A level one noob, to Paizo I pray.

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The old game hack, which was ASCIi text graphics so a monster was represented by a letter on the screen (orc was an 'o' for example) hada powerful scroll you could find - type in a letter, and that monster would be removed from the game haha!

Which monster would you eradicate from PFS in this fantasy scenario?

Im going with Harpy

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(PFS legal please)

By RAw, The Bombard trick uses just BAB, no dex, to roll its to hit. Is there any PFS way legal way to get dex in there? Weapon Finesse? Can you take Skill Focus (Bombard), ie, do tricks count as skills?

How can I make a creature with a low bab but amazing dex actually hit something?

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I dont understand how to modify this.

Beast shape II (from a feat) turns me into a large raven. From beast shape II,

Large animal: If the form you take is that of a Large animal, you gain a +4 size bonus to your Strength, a –2 penalty to your Dexterity, and a +4 natural armor bonus.

now heres the default raven:

N Tiny animal
Init +2; Senses low-light vision; Perception +6


AC 14, touch 14, flat-footed 12 (+2 Dex, +2 size)
hp 3 (1d8–1)
Fort +1, Ref +4, Will +2


Speed 10 ft., fly 40 ft. (average)
Melee bite +4 (1d3–4)
Space 2-1/2 ft.; Reach 0 ft.


Str 2, Dex 15, Con 8, Int 2, Wis 15, Cha 7
Base Atk +0; CMB +0; CMD 6
Feats Skill Focus (Perception), Weapon Finesse
Skills Fly +6, Perception +6

So i assume the stats listed under Large for Beast Shape II apply to MY stats, not this tiny raven. A large raven with a str of 6 and a single bite of +6 for 1d3-2 damage is not the intent of the spell.

I know all my armor and normal gear folds in, but do i also lose all my natural attacks? (im a tengu with bite/claw/claw)

If i really did want to attack in this raven form, would i really only have a single bite, at +6 to hit, for 1d3-2 damage? (after factoring my +4 str from large template)

help! is this just for travel and im unable to fight while in it?

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It seems to have a copy/paste type. There are two entries for Spirit Animals (one labeled Spirit Faimilar). the first seems to have text from the wind ward hex in the middle by accident, but the second entry, animal fmailiar, fails to mention the animals special powers.


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The timeout of a login (downloads or PFS) is extraordinarily low. I have lost several character backgrounds becaus eby the time i type it into my new PFs characters page, submit it, it just erases it and takes me back to the homepage.

Same problem with downloads. I download something, walk off to get a soda while it downloads, then click to download item #2 and i am booted out.

It seems to be set at like 2-3 minutes - can we bump this up to like 10 please?

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The PRD clearly states that a helm is separate from armor and shield as item damage goes 9see the chart at the bottom)

Ultimate Equioment doesnt mentiuon it either

Ultimate Combat comes close, with piecemeal armor, but only lists arms, legs, and chest, and even then, doesnt discuss hit points!

hardness i can get from the material. How do I calculate my helms hit points please?

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I didnt see a RP forum so i guess this is a decent fit?

Sorry for the file size... i scanned it at 6am and totally forgot to change some settings to make it a lot smaller.

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So i got a flyer in the box today when my AMAZING Dark Waters Rising (comics 1-6 plus 60 amazing pages of scenarios, ssandpoint info and maps, npcs, etc) arrived.

Its advertising a aug 2013 product called Mythic Adventures. If there is a thread already discussing preview or playest copies, please help a player out =D

Anyways, I would normally not post in the PFS forums about an upcoming product, except this ones tag line is "mythic adventures lets you play a hero that is a cut above the ordinary sellsword, more powerful than your average hedge wizard, and able to take on challenges far beyond those of your ordinary contemporaries."

All i read was "Absolutely nothing in this book will be PFS legal"

I just got Champions of Purity - its like 99.9 pct legal except for two tiny items, and its an amazing product. i was under the assumption that most/all of these products i will receive as a subscriber would be of use to PFS folks - frankly i thought paizo was heading in a direction like champ of purity where it is all PFS legal out of the box!

Do we have any intel on whether this will be a total paperweight for sanctioned play?

For the future, how do i scope out playtests or preview copies, discussions on what will or will not be sanctioned, etc.

I dont want to subscribe to product lines that are consistently unplayable in PFS.

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I see a guide for
- Varisia
- Magnimar
- Korvosa
- Kaer Maga (City of Strangers)

Which products have material on Riddleport please? Im trying to buy everything Varisian at the moment, so fee free to toss out any other varisian suggestions!

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that about says it all =)


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This is my first time to attend gencon, and ive never used their wish list thing before.

basically, if my wish list looks like:

1)Friday 7pm Scenario A
2)Saturday 7PM scenario B
3)friday 7pm scenario B
4)saturday 7pm scenario A

Is it smart enough (assuming all games open) to only register me for #1 and #2 and not #3 (i already have a fri 7pm scheduled) or #4 (i already have that scenario scheduled)?

anyone used their current system before? sorry if this is the wrong forum.

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So i am working on my lvl 1 druid. he has a snake, viper (small).

Its str is listed as 8, which of course would give a -1 to damage.

Damage is listed as 1d3 + poison

Do i do 1d3, or 1d3 -1?

If 1d3 - 1, is there a minimum of 1 point or can he do 0??


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Can someone help me fill in the blanks please?

Season Year of the Calendar year
0 ? ???
1 ? 2010?
2 Ruby Phoenix 2011?
3 Shadow Lodge 2012?
4 Risen Rune? now?

Im lost, and searching the forums comes up with 1000 links regarding Ar years and calendars for modules, AP, tales etc, so sorry i cant find this on my own =(

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I have a gaming reunion thing planned for march of 2014 with my old high school gaming buddies. We wanted a reunion and thought doing some gaming would be a lot of fun.

So I definitely wanted a common roleplay thread running through this, not just some fights. i read about Crypt - Masks - City trilogy and it looked perfect. We may not even finish Masks let alone get to City, but the fact they all had a lot of regional Inner sea stuff built in and were linked were huge selling points. Both me and my party crave the roleplay stuff. They dont talk in character a ton, but boy do they want to know every little detail about the city that is their base of operations, establish deals with local merchants, find a mentor, etc.

But man, the Adventure Packs just look so darn cool. Its exactly what i would use if i had a regular gaming group, hands down. But i dont own one yet, so i cant get a feel for what exactly they are, how long they take, how much roleplay is in there, are there opportunities for sidequests/tangents etc. I see that (for sanctioned play) each AP gives 3xp and 4 fame, so very similar to a module - but how does an APs playing time compare? Is an AP shorter or longer?

I played in a scenario a few days ago and it was a blast. However i dont think they will be what i want for this trip, since they are basically written to not have 'you must have played scenario XYZ to play this one' kind of stuff, which frankly my party will want - continuity, each scene building on previous. But maybe im wrong and there are scenarios that are meant to be run in series?

- so to be specific:
- How does an APs runtime compare to say Crypt of Everflame or Masks?
- do they have cool roleplay material, dialogue scenes to get the PCs hooked on the source material and involved mentally, or are they more a series of fights like scenarios seem to be?
- am i dismissing scenarios too quickly? are there some that are meant to build upon each other and run in a series?

---> either as a player or a GM, would you rather run Rise of the rune lords (or suggest your favorite AP!) and just see how far you can get in the time we have, or would you rather run Crypt then Masks?

If RotRL has enough roleplay and source /background material to bring it to life, AND an AP is roughly the same as a modules runtime, I think I am going to go AP, but having never seen one, I am asking for feedback please!


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i started to ask this in the rules forum, but was worried it was different for Sanctioned chars, so here I am:

- According to my research, you can choose multiple archetypes so long as they dont both alter the same original class trait. So if they both modify heavy armor proficiency, even if in different ways, thats illegal.

That would imply that, when gaining a level, my Inquisitor (exarch) could pick a new inquisitor archetype to throw into the mix so long as it didnt also modify:

Monster Lore; Detect Alignment; Bane; Second Judgment; Greater Bane; Third Judgment

(ie the stuff Exarch replaces)


- When I gain a level, I can multiclass into a new class - that can be an archetype as well correct? (say Fighter[Archer] for example)

- in old school Dnd, if you gained a point in con that resulted in a new Con bonus, you got retroactive hp. meaning if your con bonus went from 0 to 1 when you gained 8th level, youd get 1 hp *per hit die* so 8hp not 1hp. I dont see anything like that but just wanted to confirm - a change in con bonus only changes future HP gains, not previous levels.

Assuming that is true, if my con bonus DROPS, i do not lose any hp at that time, its just deducted from future rolls, correct?

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Am I correct (rarely) in saying that since AP #49 or so (jade something #1), the PDFs I would buy of adventure paths come with a map version that imports well/tolerably into d20pro? If so this is a huge selling feature.

Is there already a library of these d20pro conversions somewhere for free or sale?

thanks! Sorry for all the questions lately, just trying to get my games up and running. i just discovered Hero Labs which would have saved me ABOUT 30 HOURS...

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I cant believe i have freaking 18 pages of notes on traits feats classes etc, but got stumped on this.

I just went to make a sanctioned Tengu. His starting languages are Common and Tengu, plus int. it says i can choose 'any language' with my in bonus picks. Is there a sanctioned list? Do i have to choose one of the 2 other tengu monster languages (goblin, halfling)? or can i choose Celestial and Elvish?

thanks in advance!

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The chronicle sheet for everflame seems to treat it as a scenario. But we would hope players leave it Level 3 (6xp?) so they can continue into its sequel Masks of the Living God.

Am I missing something on the Chronicle sheet, in the module, about XP? Will my Chronicle sheets be rejected if i award 6XP for the module to get them to lvl 3? Shouldnt there be two or maybe 3 Chronicle sheets for a large module like Crypt of the Everflame?



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So I bought the FlipMat - Dungeon because the Crypt of Everflame entry mentions that it is the exact map for that dungeon! Wonderful!

I looked at the other modules I bought

(Im trying to come up with material for 2 diff 3-module campaigns and give my players a choice)

- Crypt of Everflame (flipmat - dungeon - DONE)
- Masks of the Living God - ??
- City of Golden Death - ??

choice 2

- Godsmouth Heresy - ??
- Feast of Ravenmoor - ???
- Carrion Hill - ??

What concerns me is paranoia that maps for those missing 5 are available as well, I just dont know what they are called. Fueling this for example where I clicked on the Beginners GM PDF, clicked on the flipmat - Mine, neither mentioned the other, until i actually 'bought' (well it was free) the GM kit and on like page 4 it says 'by the way, the maps in flipmat - Mine are exactly the same, go buy it'.

I search google, bing, and these forums, but cant find a page that lists off 'If you buy module X, buy map Y'.

Little help please? Im trying to support the game and spend money hehe!