What is the name of Hardluck Massey's Ship?

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I can find all pirate lords but this one. thanks in advance!

Strange, I couldn't find it in the AP or in Isles of the Shackles. Under his entry in Tempest rising it just says "Vessel: -"

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I think that means he does not have one. If I remember correctly he is a washed up and failed pirate captain

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Yeah it seems he has switched to just being Mayor of Pex but i still find it odd he doesnt own a ship. Im going to spin it as he has enemies and is trying to keep people guessing. thanks all

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Maybe he lost it in a game of chance?

If it comes up in my campaign, I'll probably call it Hard Time Loser

Could also call it Vancaskerin's Luck, considering the number of times members of that family have shown up all over Golarion. ;->


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