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So i just read the fantastic short story "Certainty" by liane mercial (well was like a dollar on Audible, so glad paizo stuff is on audible now).

anyways, they run into a variant Iomedae priest who is basically burns anyone suspected of evil at the stake. their holy symbol is slightly different (flames not wings) etc.

Ive tried googling it, and all i got was one mention on these forums of someone saying "check out iomedae burners" which is what i am trying to do hehe

- are there rules in some AP i havent read?
- i cant find anything in the wiki
- do these variants get spells as inquisitors?

basically any info or references to this Mendevian burner sect are appreciated, hopefully rules info but ill take any story, novel, AP, or lore too!


The Diety Iomedae.

I would think they vary in actual alignment. They go through frequent purges. Actual Paladins clashing with Hellnights with nearly identicle dogma. Burning entire towns is chaotic evil enough to confuse anyone.

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That wiki link had not a single word about the burners.

Can anyone else help?

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I think they get wiped out as collateral damage during the opening act of Wrath of the Righteous.

They're discussed in the gazetteer for Kenebras in book 1 of Wrath of the Righteous.

The "burners" are the followers of the prelate Hulrun Shappok, a LN inquisitor of Iomedae and leader of the city of Kenabres in Mendev, on the border with the Worldwound.

Hulrun and his witch hunters executed dozens of cultists and other demonic servitors - along with countless people who were probably innocent. (Like druids.)

Hulrun and his witch hunters, while vital to the war effort, are also a massive headache to the main Iomedean forces, and have been reigned back somewhat in recent times.

I'm pretty sure they don't have any special rules.

But a typical burner is LN, not good. They're essentially heretics, but still close enough to Iomedae to be worshipers.

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thank you! amazing reply

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