Thrice-Damned House of Thrune?


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So a player stumped me last night, asking me "what are the three things that damned house thrune?"

I cant find anything on google that spells out the three, or where the commonplace nickname comes from. Abrogail I sold her soul, was killed by her son... i mean a lot of these are speculation

anyone have the actual lore on this moniker?


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One of the volumes of Hell's Vengeance gives more information about that. The first two damnations are of Queen Abrogail I herself and of her family. The precise effects of those damnations are described with a reasonable degree of precision.

The third damnation dates to the reign of Abrogail Thrune II many decades later and involves the damnation of the nation of Cheliax itself. What that could possibly entail is a mystery.

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