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The first thought that came to mind, when I came across this thread, was that Eox might have originally have been just a huge planet that was designated as a kind of interstellar cemetery; To save space on habitable planets.

Then a few necromancers had to go and ruin it for everyone.

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The funny thing is, it would probably only bother members of the actual species. Species that are very similar to each other might not get away with it (near-human species) without a little social shaming, but 1-2 of them living among a different species could flap in the wind and probably never be questioned.

Just as humans don't care that animals run around naked as hell all of the time.

Jasque wrote:

I am curious how a group of all operatives would do.

I think 4 operatives could handle themselves just fine. The lack of spell casting would hurt a little, but the abundance of skills would help make up for it.

It would be fun to try. The most fun I've had in D&D was a 4th edition party of nothing but rogues. All about roleplaying and combat was a nuke-fest.

Since the species is connected so deeply to the shadows, I would lean toward a sneaky Operative build.

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I've run through the first module, and most of the creatures are stupid easy to hit. KAC and EAC of around 10-12

I was a little upset how easy the gang leader was to take out. I am running through it again this Saturday, and I may buff them a little.

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How about working Fievel Mousekewitz into the name?

Maurice F. Mouswkewitz?

Small mouse against all odds reminded me of that old movie lol

<3 the last replies haha

Please share your Cowboy after you are done creating, please. :)

Cellion wrote:
1) Lack of mechanical character customization is a byproduct of this being mostly just a CRB game so far. Though as far as the Mystic comment is concerned, the deity just being flavor is the best part! And if you absolutely must have the thematic link between character options and deity choice, the CRB contains suggestions for which Connection goes with each god/goddess.

Sorry, but what is a CRB game?

Have you ever watched the Cowboy Bebop anime?

What about increasing the difficulty of the encounters? Party might not appreciate almost dying each battle, but the healer will feel needed. If not all of the combats, maybe just one or two?

I have some issues with the rules, but there are parts of the setting that I enjoy so I am still on the fence about the RPG. I am wanting to stick it out and finish the 6-part module at least.

Issues I've encountered:

The Rulebook should be read from front cover to back cover, in order, to be understood (I've discovered). I tried using the appendix to jump around and answer my rules questions as I run the module for my players, but that method doesn't work very well unless you have read the chapter.

In the first game module, the enemies seem to drop like flies. The gang boss in the cantina and her Vesk bodyguard got one shot off each before being taken out. Was disappointed when the frag grenade I threw with the Vesk (his listed strategy) did 1 whopping point to a party that has both stamina and hit points to burn through, rather than only hit points for the monsters. I did lose the Initiative roll so that didn't help, but the combat could have been a little tougher. Heck, even the life draining "demon thing" in the hangar of the Drift Rock died rather quickly. I didn't want to roll over the party, but I worry about fights being a challenge to them so they don't get bored.

Things I like:

Themes. I am on the side of opinion that the themes are pretty cool for character customization. My party tended to choose the normal combos (like soldier/mercenary, mystic/priest, envoy/icon, mechanic/spacefarer). I look forward to any new themes that come out, but the existing ones are a good start for getting your feet wet in Starfinder.

Fusions. It feels very sci-fi to slap on a disc (or whatever) to your weapon and then the weapon changes appearance and gains magic abilities. Very cool.

Original monsters. Some are re-skinned ideas, but it's nice to see something new to be adversaries for a party to encounter. I am toying around with the idea of giving the party a Assembler Cube (if they are smart enough to control it), so they can actually do something with all of the (D&D learned behavior) looting that they do.

Vidmaster7 wrote:
How about a grenade that disintegrates people when they pick it up but remains intact itself?

Cave Bro: It's called.. a Light Grenade! Whoever picks it up - POOF - disappears!

E.D.: That's stupid, who would pick it up?

Cave Bro: Aha! (turns grenade around to reveal a placard that reads PICK ME UP)

E.D.: .....

Real nukes take a whole control room of personnel to fire and control. They have years of highly specialized training, and they are following manuals and protocols the entire time.

Sure this is a sci-fi settings, so it can be dumbed down, but I was introducing this like of thought to help OP think up some deterrents for players wanting to abuse the "easy" solutions all of the time.

Easy solutions prevent games from taking place.

Do any of the characters have "work experience" with launching nukes? I'd make it an insanely high skill check (perhaps multiple checks) to guide the missile to target. Perhaps even make the rolls yourself (hidden) so they might even think they are doing well, but at the last minute they realize the missile is going horribly off-target and actually destroys an inhabited city!


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Slyme wrote:

I like the ideas you have there, I assume you are talking about the Shirren.

I really like the 'addicted to choice' aspect of the race. I plan on having mine spend his down time playing choice based games on his commpad/computer.

NEVER take a Shirren out to eat at a restaurant, you'll be there for days while the menu is being read...

Aren't they just fast builds for the class?

Shouldn't it be 13 + (Tier x 4) then? Otherwise the DC is going to be mathematically impossible to meet or beat.

I am running the Absolum Station campaign and I've used a total of one grenade in combat (Vesk bodyguard). The damage doesn't seem to be worth the trouble.

Can any enemies even be killed in one hit from the weapon? That would be my answer. If spraying them won't kill anything, then what's the point of wasting the ammo.

That's a general statement/question as well... does anything get killed in one hit, by a standard weapon?

Ravingdork wrote:

112) Mad Snack Rattigan sees himself as a vesk in every way that matters, even though he was born a ysoki.

starlite_cutie wrote:

111) I'd keep it simple and play an android based off a non-Human species. Probably a Ysoki android.

How would you explain such a character not being able to fill their cheeks with all their stuff? That's such an iconic trademark of their race!

If I were GM, I'd probably allow you to have it as a custom armor upgrade built into you.

Would that be unbalanced I wonder?

I still haven't read the book from cover-to-cover, and honestly just know that androids are linked to humans and resent their creation. I just found it odd that only humans would create androids that resemble themselves, and since I already like the idea of a Ysoki character...

Do androids get some kind of feature that make them incompatible with Ysoki? Or maybe that should read the other way around...

Seisho wrote:
You consider Zapp Brannigan Charismatic? ... well, each their own

Charismatic isn't the same as being affable. He draws attention when he speaks, which is a hallmark of having charisma.

111) I'd keep it simple and play an android based off a non-Human species. Probably a Ysoki android.

DEGLIS wrote:
17.) The ship has a rat problem that not even the bravest of adventurers can solve. The rats are actually not particularly cumbersome as they mind their own business and don't steal much food.

All I can think of is Ysoki when reading #17 :)

59) The campaign turns into the story of the characters trying to sell the ship for the best price. They have to travel between systems to overcome these, recurring, obstacles:

- Taxation (government or crime lord would take such a huge cut that selling the ship wouldn't be worth it)
- Theft (the transaction turns out to be criminals attempting to steal ship)
- Illegal (ship was already stolen and the players are the new suspects, selling starships is so regulated that it's not worth the paperwork, or a permit/deed is required for sale)
- Not compatible (ship uses technology that isn't safe for the area they find themselves in; gas clouds, toxic atmosphere, etc., or the interested species don't like the way the cockpit feels)
- Stranded (maybe they do sell it off, but then find that nobody wants to fly them to their desired destination either due to politics, xenophobia, or maybe they just don't like the party)

60) It turns out to be cheaper to own a ship, rather than paying costs for interstellar travel on a space ferry service. Just like plane tickets aren't cheap IRL

Another thought, perhaps Shirren refer to themselves in the third person. That would be somewhat fitting, and also hilarious to certain other species. Could be like that Seinfeld episode where the cast couldn't figure out who this guy was talking about (ending up being himself).

"Xaco does not want to board the ship until the mission is complete!"

Violet Hargrave wrote:

Oh yeah, there is a fantastic argument to make for (nearly) every shirren just using they.

I wouldn't think that the Shirren would like to be called they, though, since the species that broke away from the Swarm is all about individuality. Using they would bring up nasty thoughts or memories about being in the Swarm.

Since this is a thread about how to refer to all of the species gender identities from a human's perspective, maybe getting it wrong could lead to actual RP interactions (good or bad). Perhaps a failed social interaction roll can be explained this way (Oh, you got a 5? Yeah, you said they, and now you are being attacked by 10 Shirren).

Unless the game creators issue actual lore, it may be up to each GM to decide and each player to enact how they want anyways.