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Keith Baker does the impossible


One of the most common complaints about creating high-level adventures is the space involved to do them justice. A High level stat block can take up to two pages of text, and unless your module is heavily reliant on the Monster Manual, each new encounter is a slice away from the flavor text, the city map, or the plot hook.

Nonetheless, Mr. Baker manages to squeeze an entire high-level adventure into 32 pages. Two methods drastically cut down on the endless stat blocks. One, basing three common creatures found in the module on the same template, turning three stats blocks into one and a half; and two, "handwaving" several possible encounters by putting creatures well below the Party's expected challenge. This is a practice best used sparingly, but if ever there was a time for the players to mop the floor with the opposition, it's 15th level. Note that most of these encounters are not necessarily meant to result in combat, but if they do, they don't bog the book down with text.

Okay, so Keith can write economically, but is he any good? Previously, I've only read portions of his work with the Eberron Campaign setting, but this module proves he can excel in the Pathfinder universe. The module has that sense of dread that the PF adventures love to dole out. Mr. Baker also incorporates investigative and roleplaying tactics, and the adventure is nonlinear enough to give the players options. I also commend the use of Taldor, which until recently received little attention from Paizo.

In short, Keith Baker proves that there is a formula for concise, high level adventures, and I hope we see more from him, in any capacity.