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Prospective investors want to understand all the features!

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So, all told, how many of the flip-map/map packs feature Sandpoint locations?

I know that the Town Square Flip_mat does, and I suppose the map included with Pathfinder issue 1 would count, although strictly not a flip mat.

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Could we add stickied threads to the SC, AoW, and ST forums for converting those paths to PFRPG/Golarion? A good number of the still active threads are on those two subjects, and it would nice to consolidate them.

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For the longest time, I wondered about the origin of the One-eyed fellow that Erik Mona used as his avatar. I finally went to the avatar board to find the art, and found that they've added features to refine the avatars, as well as citations for the art! Both are excellent features, and I want to thank Paizo for taking the time to add them!


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Last night, a generous portion of my dream was spent wandering around a bookstore. The Paizo staff was there, showing off their extensive new line detailing the rest of Golarion.

While I was concerned the effect all these books coming out at the same time would have on my finances (thanks, subconscious), I was quite taken with the Sunken Azlant book, with a lush 3/4 viewpoint illustration of the whole continent, with the entire landmass under the fins of a god/manta ray/shark.

When I woke up, the first thing I remembered was the native deity. I decided I was glad Paizo didn't go that direction, since it would ruin the world if it ever moved.

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I ran my first Beginner Box demonstration/session last night, and despite a wide range of familiarity, all five players created new characters in less than an hour. (The major slowing factor was that we had only one copy of the Hero's Handbook to pass around.) We had one player who had never played any tabletop game before, and the store clerk helpfully pointed her to our table. Even with only one book floating around, character creation was smooth, and gameplay was fast, even with folks learning their abilities for the first time.

Thanks, Paizo, for creating a product that really can be played right out of the box!

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So, as of this week, the Dragon Empire have their own gazeteer, primer, as well as a handful of PFS scenarios and adventure path modules. I know Paizo doesn't want to overreach into one particular setting, but I feel confident that sales will justify further material.

What will it be? More modules/scenarios? Almost definitely. But how about...

The Guide to Goka?
Book of the Damned vol. 4: Oni?
Elemental Magic of Golarion?

Or dare I say...

The Dragon Empires Campaign Setting Hardcover?

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I would like to run an adventure set in the Sky City of Shanguang. Are there any existing modules that take place in such setting, be it Pathfinder or 3.5 rules?

I've earmarked Lost Cities of Golarion and Sky Captain's Guide, but I'm looking for encounters to use, as well.

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in a recent interview with Giant Fire Breathing Robot, Erik Mona made a passing reference to a big announcement at Gen Con.

Let the rumors begin! I'm guessing they're announcing a high-level module that breaks the 32-page format, something like Red Hand of Doom.

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That's what happens to four tabletop players in "Defenders: From the Marvel Vault," which was released in finer comic shops today.

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In these uncertain times, it is very important to have a Kobold as your avatar.

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The entire regiment of Kobold Paladins scream in frustration!* As if it wasn't hard enough to be taken seriously!

What is the ratinale for this decision? Is this a deliberate choice on the All-Dragon's part? Or is something more sinister afoot? Is Apsu not the divine figure it claims to be?

*both of them

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Are there any plans to do more material on Magnimar, perhaps a module? Kaer Maga, Korvosa, and even Sandpoint have gotten plenty of love, but Magnimar has only seen one article, printed in the nascent days of the company. I would love to know if anyone has anything in mind for this region.

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Has anyone picked up this book? Does it require M&M to play, or is it self-contained?

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At what point is a dungeon too much for your players?

I've encountered two in my preparation as a DM; the Golden City of Death, where Players have less than three days to fight their way to the center, retrieve the amulet and escape before, in all likelihood, drowning or overheating; and Armag's Tomb (Kingmaker part 4), where an ingenious use of Guards and Wards makes exploration tedious at best.

In both of these scenarios, the players are chasing down an NPC. My thinking, if I encountered these dungeons as a player, would be to wait outside and see if the NPC survives, rather than deal with the frustration.

Maybe I'm not giving my players enough credit, although I don't know if they're meticulous enough for Armag's Tomb, in particular, so I ask people who have played these modules for their reactions. More broadly, have you ever run your players through a dungeon where they threw up their hands and said "No treasure is worth this?"

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I have downloaded Crypt of the Everflame multiple times on two separate machines, but each time I open it there is a message saying "cannot extract the embedded font 'IFMSCF+PrioriSansOT-Bold.' Some characters may not display or print correctly." Unofrtunately the majority of the pdf uses this font.

Both machines were running Windows OS with Adobe Reader 7.

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I have downloaded Crypt of the Everflame several times on different machines, and each time Adobe Reader says "cannot extract the embedded font 'IFMSCF+PrioriSansOT-Bold.'" Unfortunately the majority of the PDF seems to use this font, making the adventure unusuable.

Both machines I used ran windows OS and Adobe Reader 7.

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reading the background article on Brevoy, I was reminded of the two things that really stuck out from the campaign setting.

-The entire ruling family disappeared, and in recent memory, too. Basically any PC would have been alive during that event.

-A giant tower went into lockdown at the same time. No one has been seen since.

I'm wondering if they're might be anything from Kingmake that touches on these events, or if these are long-standing "plot threads" for the campaign setting that DMs can expand as they please. I ask because I know my players, and any mention of a fortress would have them running off immediately. (See the number of people clamoring for Viperwall levels.)

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Is anyone planning on a more democratic approach to Kingmaker?

One of my favorite things about the Campaign Setting were the variety of governments they listed for each country. I figured we would generally see basic descriptions as monarchy/militocracy/theocracy, but there are dozens of different ideas tucked away in that one category.

I think it's time for another brave democratic nation to rise in the Inner sea region!

(Either that, or an anarchaic plutocracy.)

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Laserray wrote:


Chicagoland Games had a flyer advertising Pathfinder Society on Sundays in October. The guy behind the counter didn't have much to add, but it's something at least.

Further bulletins as events warrant.

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An important element of the Golarion setting is that the death of Aroden resulted in the unraveling of many ancient prophecies. Fate just doesn't mean what it used to mean. How does that affect a sorceror whose background is defined by "destiny?" Do they even exist in Golarion? Can a Pathfinder Society character select the Destiny bloodline? Is there an easy fix?

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Please suspend/cancel all my subscriptions (Adventure Path, Module, and Companion). I look forward to re-subscribing in the near future.

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Yetisburg got a shoutout during one of Conan's remote pieces at a game store. It was awesome.

That is all.

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With all this hay piling up on my front lawn, I'm starting to regret not having a pitchfork.

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Hi-ho, Kermit the Frog here, with a Muppets News Flash!

Paizo, in cooperation with Muppets Media, will be releasing the first Muppet Adventure Path, using the Dark Crystal's Thra setting.

A world far removed from anything but the most basic civilization, Thra has long been a safe haven for all types of untamed flora and fauna. Yet today a strange floating island has appeared over the land, casting a shadow that blots out the three suns. Animals and plants have disappeared without a trace. Where are they going, and what can is it possibly mean?

As Paizo is already committed to the current paths, and Muppet Media has little experience in publishing besides pictures books with Grover, this path is being written by freelance Muppets. If you're good at singing, dancing, or making people happy, and are interested in helping Muppet Media produce an awesome adventure path, please contact us at Muppet Media homepage with module-writing samples. One chapter will be devoted to a given Paizo category (Wilderness, Urban, Journey, Dungeon, Event, and Last Baron), so any type of module will be useful for solicitation.

Please send all samples to...

Attn: Animal
Muppet Media
123 Sesame Street
Extended Gag Falls, NY 10203

Please allow 7-8 weeks before we contact any applicants. We're still not sure whether Animal can read.

Thank you, good luck, and please ignore any questions about your preference of coffee brands.

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Today's blog implies that it is inappropriate to buy several White Castle sliders and smile like you killed someone. I'll have you know that I have a very successful second career doing that very thing on the weekends.

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I am one.

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I know this will be discussed in the guide, but to keep conversation going until then...

What are the differences between organized play and home games, particularly when the organized play is done at home rather than a con/game store.

-Shorter, episodic adventures in OP, versus adventures or even scenes that will play out over several sessions in the home game.

-No improvisation in OP, compared to any given amount in the home game

-Organized players have names like Lenny, while home gamers have names like Carl.

Of course, I'm generalizing on behalf of both.

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It's exactly what they promised. A Player's Guide with twice as much content. There's a lot of excellent material in there, my favorite being the overview of Riddleport. The player-friendly info and gossip is always a plus, as it gives players chomping at the bit a chance to "acclimate" themselves.

Mike McArtor's address/sign-off was very bittersweet. I don't fault him for doing what he has to do, and we certainly have more material from him to look forward to. Nonetheless, his everyday presence will be missed.

I'm really excited about this adventure path, and we're only halfway through RotR!

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What did the Last Baron do that gets him his own module code? Is it some sort of trial, like Aroden and Iomedae ascending to godhood?

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The two sentences the Gazetteer devotes to Pezzack gave me the biggest laugh I've had all week.

If you are unfamiliar with the people of Pezzack, I give you two characters who are probably voiced by John Cleese and Michael Palin.

His Detestable General Boregill Borgal, Right Hand of Archdevil Tuultheon: Ah, I have reports from Regrettable Admiral Swain that all ships are in position off the coast, just as our final regiment is taking position at the base of the mountains. These sniveling believers in neutral alignment will rue the day they crossed our infernal might!

Lieutenent Leowald, the Obsequeious Pinky of Same: Very much so, sir, although I remain cautious about our undoubtedly assured victory.

Boregill: Your so-called caution wanders uncomfortably towards treason, Lieutenant. How can you fail to appreciate the fire-soaked power of the Cheliax? We have them cut off at every point! We will use our Tower Shield Brigade to advance, rendering any bowfire useless until we close in with our crushing melee force! If pity was an option, I would employ it just now!

Leowald: Well, while our land- and sea-stragety is solid indeed, I worry about possible conflicts in the air. We're very short on ranged weapons, after all.

Boregill: Whyever would we worry about that?

Leowald: It's just that they fly, sir.

Boregill: Beg pardon?

Leowald: Ah, they fly. They move through the air. They dance between clouds, flitting from precipice to precipice of the mountains they call home.

Boregill: They FLY?

Leowald: Oh, yes, sir, it's on record. Well, I'm assuming they flit. I'm taking a bit of poetic license, there.

Boregill: Do they have mages at their disposal?

Leowald: Oh, no, or rather, perhaps, but the main thing is that they have wings... We're assuming there's some sort of level adjustment, there.

Boregill: Sweet Asmodeous Ruling the Depths! And we're provoking these people?!

Leowald: Sir, you were very confident about our chances only moments ago-

Boregill: Well, you didn't see fit to tell me about the wings! Why was I not informed of this?

Leowald: It's common knowledge on the territories. Look at their currency, sir! It's right there!

Boregill: That's an eagle!

Leowald: Actually, it's a picture of a dog, but I point out the text underneath: "We Fly With Our Wings."

Boregill: ...Is it too much to hope that's a metaphor?

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Can we be called Paizonos?

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super extra credit:

I am thrilled that this game, which always better on paper than in play, is getting a much needed overhaul. New PCs will not have classes. Instead, character creation will be modular, with characters choosing new abilities from a single list after capturing x ducks. This eliminates the crazy "classwide" characters that everyone was making. Die rolls being more uniform is another plus.

What do you guys think? Also, how soon until this is available on Paizo.com?

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Where do I go to change my shipping options for my orders? That is, how do I change when my items ship, as opposed to which service they use.

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Could someone give me a clue if there is going to be any more material about the Lost City of the Elves, besides the Gazeteer? I'm thinking of using it as part of RotRL, either as a replacement chapter 3 or a final swan song for the campaign. I don't mind making some of it up, but I don't want to go too far, only to have it contradicted six months later, as I'm "sharing" the campaign setting with other DMs.

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As we find out out more about the Gamesmastery modules, I'd appreciate it if Paizo was a little more explicit about which modules happen in which region. Right now, we know that D0, D1, and E1 all take place around Falcon's Hollow/Darkmoon Vale, somewhere on the east Coast of Varisia. Similarly, W1 and D2 share a setting with each other. Unfortunately, all of this information is in random pockets of the message board or the blog.

Since we won't see a comprehensive atlas/gazeteer for a while, it would be aces to know which adventures can be run together as is, and which would require some work.

I am digging everything about Golarion so far, but I wouldn't want my players getting lost there.

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Will the GameMastery modules indicate the specific level ranges for the adventures? Right now the syopses merely say "low-level", "mid-level", or "high-level", whereas the Pathfinder releases at least narrow it down to three levels or so.

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The write-up on goblins makes me very excited about the first adventure. Any chance we will see these critters in later adventures or will they remain the big fish in small ponds?

On a slightly related topic, there's something very familiar about Wayne Reynold's goblins.

Wait a minute...

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I've discovered that one of my players is starting school at the beginning of June, and I have the daunting prospect of squeezing the final five adventures into eleven sessions.

My current plan is to condense the Prince of Redhand into one session (essentially just the party, with Belakarde's notes providing most of the info they miss), and severely cutting down Library of Last Resort and Kings of the Rift. Will my players lose too much of the experience this way? I think the real meat of the high-level adventures are the trio of Lashonna, Dragotha, and Kyuss, but I don't want them to get burned out on the action.

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I am seeking players for a new game set (ostensibly) on the far side of Greyhawk. The game starts at 1st level in the backwater mining town of Dagger Lake. Any involvement in the Age of Worms will be blamed on the players.

I'll be running the game weekday nights, 3-4 sessions a month, in the Lincoln Park area. If interested, email me at thomas@goliam.com.