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"A player using a non-1st-level playtest character may choose to apply the earned Chronicle sheet to an existing Organized Play character."

Could you please add credit values for levels 9-10 and 11-12 (or "character up to 8th level" clarification)?

A couple of minor problems

- Guide is still unclear on if the chronicle from a higher level SCENARIO played by pregen can be applied to a first level character.
"You can apply adventure credit from a higher-level sanctioned module or Adventure Path" on p. 8.
"may choose to apply this Chronicle sheet to a 1st-level character by
reducing this value to 720 credits for completing a scenario" on p. 16

- No rule on auto-recharging the batteries is listed (unless this rule is revoked). A news post containing this info which is a year old is quite hard to find now.

How should I, as a GM in SFS, deal with the creatures with multiple versions available in published sources (i.e. Garaggakal and maybe some others - still need to check everything)?

A FAQ addition is definitely needed

Hope this question gets to FAQ someday

PRD for PF 2.0 playtest with HYPERLINKS, anyone?

Keskodai: Harm Undead feat does not match Core rulebook wording (requiring to spend RP instead of slots)

Navasi: Get'em! does not match Core rulebook wording (duration)

Althronus: Black Hole does not match Core rulebook wording (5 ft of movement instead of 10)

Iseph does not have errata included (bonus to trick attack, Constructed description)

Scout (Quig drone) does not have errata included (maneurability)

Strangely, the quests do not seem to have a dedicated topic yet. So adding several unresolved issues.

1) Exegara's bite and fast healing of Skeletal Crew should probably be Ex instead of Su (as per AA). Not that it influences anything at all.

2) The forementioned fast healing is written to activate "at the start of each turn" in one place (as it should per AA) and "at the end of
each round" in another.

3) The whole map on p. 17 is probably showing just the area C2? Also no idea where to place the console in the central corridor.

4) The section headers for checks on p. 18-19 (Access the System (Computers DC 14 or Mysticism DC 16) and Bypass System Security (Computers DC 15 or Mysticism DC 17)) appear to be swapped related to content. I wonder if DCs are as intended for each check.

5) The X-gen gun on p. 22 is very strange even within limits of artistic license.
- It is antipersonnel weapon that is heavily implied to be used manually (unlike usual auto mode, p. 300 Core) and can be dismounted.
- It uses charges instead of rounds

The chronicle lists the awards for Subtier 3-4, while it should be Subtier 7-8