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Yoshua wrote:

Closed on GOT doesn't mean completed. Just means the pledge manager is locked. I haven't had a GOT project deliver yet, but I've only backed 2.

I did manage to get my address changed through GOT customer service though a while back.

An update. In my feels I've written this off as a loss. As a customer I won't let it go and will come back from time to time to remind people that there are real people behind the numbers and where I could have sunk just as much money into Starfinder as I do into Pathfinder it is now a loss of revenue because of a failed project

Thanks for the info, and I feel the same way. Over $400 was a very expensive lesson.

I'm glad I circled back on this. I had some interaction with Game On Table Top back in July when this Archon deal was announced and they indicated that late backers (I'll never do that again) would receive some indication that their pledges were also being handled. Is anyone on here a late backer and unable to communicate on the KS page? Have you heard from Archon, Ninja or GOTT about managing your late pledge? I'm moving next year, and changing my address would be great. As of right now, my pledge manager on GOTT is marked "closed" -- ooo, it brings back all the bad feels when I look at that manager page.

Jim Butler wrote:
ChiramMFM wrote:
This deal includes people who pleged from gameontabletop¿?

Yes. Game On Tabletop was the late pledge manager for the campaign and will be fulfilled along with the Kickstarter.


Jim, I went to my GOTT login and the Starfinder project is marked "closed". Is there someone at GOTT we should be contacting to make sure those of us who got there late haven't been forgotten?

Nice to see the ray of hope! I went "all in" after the KS had closed, so I can't comment on anything or share any news on that backer page. (like that I actually DID receive a few minis from ND until they shut it all down) - so my main question is who do I interact with now that ND is out and Archon is in? Obvs not you guys, since the fulfillment is coming from Archon. - just want to gently communicate with the right people. Thanks for working out this deal. I hope it works, your customers are loyal and all of my interactions with Paizo have been positive. I was starting to worry, but I see you've been working hard behind the scenes to rectify this mess and stand behind your product, even when things go way wrong. Cheers!