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Me want. And the cost isn't horrible, especially if they're solid. About how large is it?

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Here's hoping they answer this Soon. Having synergy or not will be the difference between retraining today or in a month. :(

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Jeff Merola wrote:
I'm guessing both are correct. The one in Orcs of Golarion requires you to worship the Destroyer, while the one in the ARG doesn't.

General rule of thumb as explained to me is to always use the most recent printing of a book. If Orcs of Golarion is newer than the ARG, follow it. If the ARG has a second or third printing that's newer than Orcs of Golarion, follow that book.

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Celestial Bloodline of the Bloodrager in the Advanced Class Guide playtest document gains an ability similar to an Angel's Protective Aura. However, it is self-only and they only get it at Bloodrager level 12.


Angelic Protection (Su): At 12th level, you gain a +4 defection

bonus to AC and a +4 resistance bonus to on saving throws
against attacks made or effects created by evil creatures, and
you are effected as if subject to a protection from evil spell. This
effect cannot be dispelled.

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Don Walker wrote:

Player1: <constantly rolling dice> <stops>

GM: OK Player1 your turn.
Player1: I hit for XX damage. <begins to start rolling dice again>

I do the constant die rolling thing both as a player and GM. As a player, it's a "let's kill all the low rolls so when I need to really do something, it'll be high" superstition. As a GM, it feeds the paranoia well, especially in Wrath of the Righteous.

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When a character takes this ability, does it create an item out of thin air for the character or is it an upgrade for an existing item, in that it has to be applied to an item the character already owns?

The first sentence of the ability states "You gain a Legendary Item" but then there's "Paralleling the trajectory of a mythic character, a legendary item begins as a normal magic item that ascends to something greater" in the beginning description of Legendary Items.

How have y'all been dealing with it?

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Well, it's "battered," not "broken." Difference is that for you, it works fine (unless you misfire). If anyone else tries to use it, then it's considered broken and they take -2 to hit and damage with it. From what I understand, the "battered" quality/condition of the starting gun persists through the masterwork upgrade and enchanting it.

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The second option would make the most sense, but I wouldn't be surprised if we got Option 3. Option 4 would be a bit... mean-spirited(?) I think, since you're taking away something completely.

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At the end of a scenario, you can spend 1 Prestige Point for a Remove Disease spell to be cast on yourself. If it's not removed during the scenario, I've seen many player use this option at the end of a game.

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Mike Lindner wrote:
As I understand it, the bow in question is a +1 keen longbow, correct? If that is the case then adaptive is not an option, as adaptive says "This ability can only be placed on composite bows."

There is a +1 Keen Composite (STR +2) Longbow available on one single chronicle, so you can add Adaptive to it. I've been considering buying it for my Zen Archer, and now that I know it's legal and (hopefully) won't be changed soon, I'll look into buying it.

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You can play a Scenario once per account. Then you can GM a Scenario once per account. Exceptions are level 1 Scenarios and Modules, they can be replayed near infinitely. First Steps Part 1 and The Confirmation are good for that.

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Yup. Can either go normally and do it a single Scenario at a time (1xp each, 3 required to level. Does not increase as you go higher), or you can do some Modules, which are longer than Scenarios, but count for 3xp. You get less prestige for a Module, but in turn you level up faster since it's 1 level per module.

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You can search for stores/events here:

Days and times, as well as character levels and what scenarios are played will vary by store.

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Pathfinder Society is similar to the organized tournaments of TCGs/CCGs like Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh, even including a ban/restricted list. Just like with those games, a Society character you create and play at one store can be used any where else that runs a Pathfinder Society game.

When you make a Society character, you follow the same restrictions as everyone else, then you play through a Scenario, typically a short, one-shot mission. At the end of the mission, you gain a Chronicle (called certs by older players). This details how much xp and gold you gained by completing the quest, and includes a list of items found within the mission that you can later buy. Some Chronicles have a special bonus that's specific to that Scenario, that bonus is called a "boon." The more desirable boons grant the player access to a race that is not normally allowed in Society.

Out of everything that's available to play, there's a list of certain items/archetypes/races/etc. that are not allowed in Society. What this allows us to do is create an even playing field. Everyone has the same options available, though more unique options require you to own specific books before using them.

Though there is more to it than what's above, read through the Guide to Organized Play found here (link), and look at the Additional Resources page for a list of what is and isn't allowed in Society (link).

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kinevon wrote:

Wrath of the Righteous is a special case, and last I heard was that there were no plans at this time to sanction it at all.

I know there was a petition thread started to sanction it in campaign mode only, since using Mythic rules with the non-Mythic PFS PCs, would be problematic.

Ah. Kind of saddening since I'm currently running it for some friends, and would like to see something in PFS for it. Doesn't have to be anything like a boon allowing a Legendary Weapon or Mythic Tiers, but something that's a bonus against devils/demons would be nice, like we've seen for Dragons on a few certs.

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John Compton wrote:

With the help of a few volunteers, I have been sanctioning Adventure Paths as the schedule permits in reverse chronological order. Carrion Crown is the next in line.

That does mean we'll most likely see Serpent's Skull and Kingmaker before we see Council of Thieves. I do not have a reliable date I can provide you for that Adventure Path at this time.

After reading this, does that mean you plan to complete sanctioning all older APs in reverse order before tending to newer ones, such as Wrath of the Righteous?

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A tall, lanky fellow turns from the bar to look at those conversing about daemons, his eyes shifting quickly left and right as he twitches his head.

"You speak of Devils and Demons and Daemons as if they were a challenge! Those who've fought such creatures should recognize them as not much more than a great nuisance, considering how often they are summoned and used. I will admit, though, that some of their greater forms and leaders have laid low many a friend. Should you desire to test yourself, seek out the ancient Rune Lords and see how you fair. You may return thinking twice about what you consider to be 'difficult.'"

With that, he returns to his drink, requesting a refill.

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To expand on the Street Fighter references, I'd like to see a Brawler ability that grants "fist weapons" like the Cestus, brass knuckles, punching dagger and Tekko-kagi (weapons you essentially wear around your hands) your Unarmed Strike damage die, but leave their crit profile alone. It will give some variation in weapons used, and it'd be a nice, cheap alternative to the Amulet of Might Fists.

If not that, how about an alternate Monk ability that either Monks or Brawlers can take that will allow it? It could replace an auto-grant like Stunning Fist (which means it wouldn't work with Archetypes that already replace Stunning Fist).

Silly thing: +2 Called Keen Adamantine Tekko-kagi screams Wolverine. Why use "Called?" Because it teleports them into your hand, so you can just say *snickt* and have them equipped. :D

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RAW is "Rules As Written" and is exactly what's printed in a book.
RAI is "Rules as Intended" and is what the creators mean for something to do.

The proficiency says "simple weapons and a single Martial or Exotic Melee Weapon of his choice." No where did I see a mention of an Unarmed Strike counting as a melee weapon of either Simple, Martial, or Exotic.

The next thing was a Monk's Unarmed Strike (or the Improved Unarmed Strike feat). It says that a Monk's Unarmed Strike "counts as both a manufactured weapon and natural weapon for the purposes of spells that enhance or improve either."

Going between the Kensai Weapon Proficiency description (UC55) and the details of Unarmed Strikes (both for Monks Core58 and non-Monks Core182), I would say that a Kensai can NOT choose "Unarmed" for their focus weapon.

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CKorfmann wrote:
I'm currently trying to convince my DM that an Inquistor can use the Baldric with a bow. It says non-inquistors have to attune it to light or melee weapon. At least that's how I read it.

The way I read it, you should be able to use the Bane Baldric on your longbow. You're still an Inquisitor because it specifically says that an Ex-Inquisitor "slipped into corruption or changed to a prohibited alignment." As long as you didn't have to change your alignment too far from your deity's to be able to take the Monk/Zen Archer levels, you should still be seen as an Inquisitor for abilities and items.

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Good to know. The first couple times I read the entry, I got the idea that you only had the extra uses of Stunning Fist with the special status effects if you took it as a level 1 bonus feat.

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Going to throw a necro in this.

Here's what I get:
-The Monk of Four Winds Elemental Fist feature text block completely replaces the Basic Monk's Stunning Fist text block.

-A Monk may take the Stunning Fist feat at later levels, providing they meet the listed requirements.

My question is such:
If a Monk of Four Winds takes Stunning Feat at Character Level 11, would they gain the "Special" text block of the feat, allowing them to use Stunning Fist a number of times per day equal to their Monk level or would it be the standard "Once per 4 levels" that other classes get?

They clearly would not gain the additional status effects from a Stun, but there's no mention of the adjusted times per day.

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wellsmv wrote:
a boon is only good for one character....

Odd... I thought I seen somewhere that some older racial boons open up the race for as many characters as one would like to make. I know on the Ifrit boon, it says that it must be applied as the very first cert on the new character. Thanks, Wellsmv.

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Not completely sold about the idea, but may be looking to trade. Part of my concern is, on the Suli boon, does it open up the race for however many characters you want to make, or is it like the Ifrit boon, in which you can only use it once for a single character?

Have: Ifrit, Custom Order, Erratic Luck

Want: Suli

Please PM.

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Someone else said it, and I'm inclined to agree: Go with 5 levels of Gunslinger (Pistolero) so you get DEX to damage. I do know someone, however, that just took 1 level of gunslinger (Musket Master) on their summoner because they wanted to be able to use a gun from the back of their flying eidolon. :/

As far as what class to take first, decide what you'll have the most levels in, and take that first. RAW states that your Favored Class bonus is determined by your level 1 class, so you'll get the bigger benefit by doing it that way.

The Gunslinger/Paladin MC build is just a way to get around the banning of the "Holy Gun" Paladin archetype, but there's decent synergy between a a Paladin and a Mysterious Stranger, since most of their things will run off Charisma. You'd have to be careful, though, and wear armor that will get you the highest DEX bonus to AC.

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Nefreet wrote:
s_gmusic wrote:
(with plans on running Eyes of Ten before it goes away)
Apologies for being off-topic, but has it been confirmed somewhere that Eyes of the Ten is being retired? I *just* bought the PDFs on sale, with the intention of running them in the near future.

It's something I've heard a couple times, but I can't find a source on this forum. :\

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Just recently got my first Pathfinder Society character, a Plumekith (variant Aasimar Heritage granting DEX/WIS +2 and See Invisibility for a Spell-Like Ability) Gunslinger, to level 12 (with plans on running Eyes of Ten before it goes away). Here's what I've learned about Gunslingers along the way:

-You will have to keep track of all your ammunition, so I recommend a sheet of paper just for tracking ammo usage per session. Put the date of the session and mark a tally for each shot fired. Very useful to make sure that you don't run out of ammunition.

-Craft (Alchemy) requires 1 rank in order to get a discount on buying your ammunition supplies. If it will fit your character idea, invest in it more and use it for Day Jobs and identifying that random potion or poison you come across.

-I purchase Alchemical Paper Cartridges in lots of 10 at 6gp/each. That's 60gp a bundle (Individual ammunition costs can be found here: 5 ). At most, I've used 30 shots in a single session, and that wasn't a module, but a single scenario. This will get expensive.

- Watch your DR. Firearms count as both Bludgeoning and Piercing. Despite that, strong monsters with higher level DR can still shrug off most of your weapon damage. This is where a feat such as Clustered Shots (add together the damage from all your shots that hit before applying DR) is useful, since you apply DR only once instead of for each bullet.

- Most definitely plan your feats ahead of time. Some of the fun ones have prerequisites you might not normally take. Example: I wasn't going to take Rapid Shot (1 extra attack at highest BAB-2). It is a prerequisite for Snap Shot, which allows me to threaten AoO within 5ft using a firearm. Come to find out, I needed Rapid Shot as a prerequisite for Snap Shot.

- Likewise, plan your gear and weapon upgrades ahead of time. Endless Bandolier is excellent when you can purchase it (holds up to 60 rounds of ammunition, and has pockets you can place muskets and such in. It's basically a Gunslinger's Handy Haversack). Upgrades will vary depending on your playstyle and firearm you choose. I went Pistolero and have thus far upgraded my pistol into a +3 Planar Pistol of Distance (increases range increment from 20ft to 40ft, and completely ignores 5 points of DR against Extraplanar Outsiders. Was chosen in preparation for season 5).

- While you're tracking your ammunition, keep an eye on your Grit and what Deeds you have available. Several times, I noticed a Deed I could have used to make a fight easier, but didn't know I had it until after the fact. Grit can come back fairly easy, but I've seen a general consensus to always leave 1 point in your Pool for the Quick Clear deed (allowing you to "fix" your firearm should it become Broken due to a Misfire).

- Misfire is annoying, but does happen. Make a note somewhere on your character sheet listing your base misfire chance, and the increased chance if you've already misfired once before. If you decide to use Alchemical Cartridges, those also increase your misfire chance, but once you gain Gun Training (at Gunslinger level 5), your second misfire chance increases by 2 instead of 4.

- As has been said before, you're shooting against Touch AC, which excludes Armor and Shields (including Natural Armor). For most enemies, this is much easier to hit, but keep an eye on more dexterous mobs. Often times, they have a Touch AC comparable to their normal AC, which can make a gunslinger feel less effective. Make sure to pay attention in combat about such things. If you come across such an enemy, pick something else to target and let your party members handle it, if you can.

- From a GM perspective, don't try and cheese things too much. Some find gunslingers annoying as written (Fighter HD and BAB, with 2 Good saves, hitting against Touch AC, and neat tricks via Deeds) and others won't even allow them in a non-Society game because of those and "flavor" reasons. Check with the DM you're going to be gaming with mostly to make sure things are good.

Build notes:

Since you will need both DEX and WIS on a Gunslinger (or DEX and CHA if you make a Mysterious Stranger), and you're already looking at Tieflings, see if you can find a copy of Blood of Fiends. There's a heritage called "Asura-Spawn (Faultspawn)" that grants +2 DEX, +2 WIS, -2 INT. For the Mysterious Stranger, there is Div-Spawn/Spitespawn with DEX/CHA +2, INT -2, and the Rakshasa-Spawn/Beastbrood with DEX/CHA +2, and WIS -2. For now, they are fully legal options in Society, but you must have a copy of the book or .pdf available. For the Hellboy Tiefling Gunslinger/Monk, I'd recommend the Asura-Spawn as you will want the WIS bump for your Monk abilities.

Check out the feat "Opening Volley," as well, which gives you a +4 bonus to hit with a melee attack if you make a successful hit using a ranged attack.

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Got it, thanks.

I know it's a simple rules question, but I wasn't sure if PFS handled it differently (since most of my questions revolve around things in Society). After all, we can't even buy a Beneficial Bandolier. :(

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Not sure how this would work.

Information I've found on the PFSRD and in the Core Rulebook (page 459) states that "Armor" and "Chest" are different slots. Does this mean one could wear a +1 Mithral Chain Shirt (armor) and an Endless Bandolier (chest slot wondrous item) or Deadshot Vest (chest slot wondrous item)?

A few friends say "Yes" because of the different slots. A couple others say "No" since the chain shirt only covers the chest, effectively in the same place as the Endless Bandolier.

I'm inclined to say yes myself because of slots and a small bit of logic: The character would wear the Endless Bandolier or Deadshot Vest over/on top of the +1 Mithral Chain Shirt.

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So if I'm reading this thread correctly, if I want to add the Distance enchantment to my +1 Pistol, I have to pay 6,000gp, right? I first thought it was only 2,000gp because Ultimate Equipment says the price is "+1 bonus," but now I'm not sure.

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Silbeg wrote:

Got another problem for you (which might take care of the issue)... The Beneficial Bandolier is on the banned list... so that 1000gp goes a long way towards paying for your shortage.

Word to the wise (and I screwed up this one, temporarily)... always check the Additional Resources list when buying stuff... just in case. 30 seconds of searching can save you a lot of headaches!

Really? REALLY?! What is the logic behind this?

And one would think that with a regular table running and two new ones going, someone would've caught this sooner when going through the banned list. /)_<

Well since it's on-topic, guess I need to decide on a fix for this: Lose the belt and get the gold back OR Lose the belt and get something of equal value. *sigh*

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Paz wrote:

I'm not sure what you're saying here. Have you received (and used) 782gp of ammo, but just not paid for it? Or have you bought a boatload of ammo because you figured it was really cheap?

If you bought the ammo you used at an artificially low price and have reaped the benefits, then the onus is on you to pay the owed amount to make your character 'legal'.

Having said that, if the most you've used in a module is 10 shots, how are you 782 gp underspent? I assume you have a rank in craft(alchemy) so the most expensive 'normal' ammo is an alchemical paper cartidge, at 6gp/shot. Bullet & black powder is 1.1gp/shot. Or have you been buying magical/special ammo?

I mis-read the costs and was buying Alchemical Paper Cartridges at 1.2gp each, 10% of the 12gp they normally cost, instead of the correct 6gp each. As a result, I bought a TON of ammo to stockpile in my Beneficial Bandolier (which holds 200 rounds of ammunition). I've been decent at keeping track of how many shots I've fired each session, which is why I was hoping I could just cut down on my total/current amount of ammo I've purchased.

It's looking like the consensus is that I should just pay the extra gold, which is going to hurt the wallet a bit since on 1 chronicle, I bought 70 rounds of paper cartridges. >.>

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Paz wrote:
s_gmusic wrote:
my Gunslinger (who is almost level 4 with 11 certs)
11 XP is almost 5th level. You need 9 XP for 4th level.

Whoops, you're right. Shouldn't have tried to do that off the top of my head. >.>

Fortunately, I don't really travel to play pathfinder, so I won't be dealing with alternate GMs.

I keep a decent record of how many shots I take each session (though some of my earlier certs don't have it marked), with the most used being 10 in a more recent cert. If I could, I'd prefer to just adjust my ammo amount than fix the gold, as the difference between the mistake and the correction is 782gp, almost a whole cert's worth of gold.

Thanks for the advice, everyone. I'll bring these ideas up with my GM when we meet. :)

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While going over all the chronicles I currently have for my Gunslinger (who is almost level 4 with 11 certs), I noticed that I had been figuring ammunition costs incorrectly.

I already notified my GM about it and we agreed to meet on a non-Society game night to fix my chronicles.

What would be the best method to fix everything? Should I leave the gold I spent the same and adjust the amount of ammo I've bought with it or should I leave the ammo the same and adjust my gold total? Could we (legally) reprint and rewrite all my chronicles so that they're not all covered in corrections? Is there an option I've overlooked?