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I directed my friend over to this post. He lives and plays PFRPG and PFS in Columbus area. hopefully he will post here. We play every two weeks up north in Canton, OH. We should be down to Orgins for PFS play. Our group Rogue Cthulhu will be doing a whole bunch of stuff this year.

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So my players decided to Roleplay the goldmine they discoveredin book 1 of the Stolen Lands. I extrapalated some rules from the dungeneers survival guide from my 1st ed library. Know that they have begun building up their city they want to build a mint and begin to make their own coinage. I would like some feedback on a building idea I came up with for it.

Loyalty +1, Stability+1, Economy +2

Or I was also thinki of

Loyalty +1, Stability +1
-1 BP from cost from all buildings

The build point reduction is based on it would be easier to pay for construction costs if kingdom had its own coinage.

LMK what ya guys think?

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Thankx, Last time I had tried it gave me issues


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Hey Lost my copy of the sheet when my computercrashed anybody got a copy of the last one updated?

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So my campaign has outgrown the adventure path and is progressing very well. they are finishing up Rivers run red.

I'm having some issues wraping my head around the Noble Titles in Brevoy...Note I'm being too detailed I know lol.

All the Noble lords are Lords( Got it)
Hannis Drelev is a Baron
Kingmaker PC starts out as Baron then Duke and eventually King.

Are there any other Barrons in Brevoy?

Are any of the noble houses considered Barons and responsible for defending their house lands?

We are doing some good court Intrigue and was just wandering about that.

Thx for replies

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Well I am an avid gamer some may say!!! :D
I play mini games rpgs, boardgames and sometimes the shelves can get crowded. Sometimes because of wear and tear and misuse gaming stuff can break or fall apart... sometimes you just get that one model that is miscast or book that just doesn't hold up to you use. You could buy another one right!!!! Well at $50 for a book or say $75 for that new Warhammer fantasy book you could get upset and blame the company making it!!!

I announce there is another option!!! Take it to a prifossional and get it customized and fixed. The Binding on my Pathfinder RPG core rulebook this is a very heavy over 300 page book I took it to a friend and wait to you see the results!!!

My buddy does some awesome stuff!! Follow the blog and see what you could have also!! tml

Please enjoy the site! :o

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Ok few statements and questions.

Party found Tuskguters lair..he wasn't home..Rouge and Druid set bear trap from trap glade in lair and they caught him!!!

Also The Mine in area L. says it can be developed into healthy mine and details are in #32..Can't seem to find them??

The Druid "The Holly King" is developing well. He has managed to secure the Sootscales to mine the gold vein for the party.

Druids animal campanion died in first episode and he has since befriended a wild brush thacalyine and trained it and called a regular one as a companion. Flavor is really developing nicely.

kudos to Paizo for this Adventure path. Great to run!!

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The 1st paugwampi was almost a TPK for them

Ranger, monk, and Suli Fighter navigate the cacti barely! Get to the Goat. Ranger attempts to untie Goat but can't catch it to get rope loose. Fighter weilds a heavy pick not a good weapon to cut rope :>. Monk just watches in amazement. All of them get caught in rope as the goat runs around between their legs. Fighter fails his reflex and plummets over the edge into the Catci below falling unconcious.

Monk and Ranger lower monk to reteive the fighters body. At this moment the Pugwampi decides to come out of hiding and Shatters Rangers sword. Monk and Ranger manage to kill pugwampi and reteive the Fighter. Navigate back out of the Cacti field only to realize they didn't reteive pugwampi body which was entire point of the quest anyway. So they go back for the body. just run through the cacti and Ranger goes unconcious from spine damage.

Second pugwampi encounter in the monestary. Sorcerrer casts sleep and they fall out the rafters lol. They all say where were you last time!!!lol

It's kinda fun torturing them as they are my kids Muwahhhhhhha!

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So I have recently began running LOF for my kids and some of their friends.

Party is

15yr old Son(Kobold Sorcerer)
12yrold son(Suli Fighter)
9yr old Daughter(Gnome Bard)
14yr old friend(Half elf Ranger)
Adult Friend 1st time gamer(Human Monk)

The opening scene with the burning wagon and ahlma.

Ranger and Bard go to help with animals
Ranger prepares his handle animal skill check
Bard goes first and puts them all to sleep!

The look on the rangers face was classic.

Its great watching their perspective on the game.

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Oh!!! I like this idea!!!! Just started LOF for my second group of players and they hate the pugwampi ;>

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All great ideas here! Thankx
I went on an expedition to find lower cost tiles and found this game with 2" hexes that are pretty low cost 2D tiles that can be ordered separate from the game.

Follow the resource section to Viktory II components then choose order tiles. 180 tiles for $15 + shipping.

Waiting on mine to arrive now!

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In our 2nd darkness campaign our druid used it to summon 3 stirges They sucked the opposing spellcaster dry!it was pretty funny to watch him try to get them off him lol

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I would say yes! In all other discoveries it refers to bomb. In Explosive bombs it states the alchemist's Bombs, being plural would refer to all bombs made by alchemist.

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According to pg 182 PFRPG core rulebook the max range of thrown weapons is 5 increments or in the case of Alchemist's bombs 100'

20' -0
40' -2
60' -4
80' -6
100' -8

or with farshot feat

20' -0
40' -1
60' -2
80' -3
100' -4

If you were to add the Strong arm supple wrist trait you could move 10ft to you base move speed and add 10' to range increment or


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Hey guys my game group and I are loking for players for the Kingmaker adveture path.

we will be playing tuesday nights from 5:30 to 9:30 every two weeks at

KEEP Games in Massillion ohio 330-830-4899

feel free to drop me a line if your interested we have 5 slots available

Character making session will be on 3/30/10

first play day will be 4/6/10 and every two weeks after.

Hope some of yall can make it!!!!!!

email me at if your interetsed.

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Not sure if the original poster is watching this but I'm in his play group. I'll drop you a line at the email. We play every two weeks down her and run some PFS stuff about 1 a month


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Hope fully you should be seeing some great support there as My players and I are loking to set up some stuff this year also.

I am looking to set up some stuff at The KEEP games here in canton ohio soon also.


Anyone interested should email me at with PFS in the subject line.

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thanks for the help!! looks like I was on the right track. after thinking about the 100 gp that is what me and my fellow GM came up with also.

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Well Our group kicked off On Xmas Eve, All went well. I think this is the start of some more in the future also. Looking forward to running some more. Where about in NEO are ya?

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Wow!! We had a great time with Silent Tide!!

Party consisted of

Ulfen Barbarian
Human Rogue( More Greasy Thug)
Taldor Fighter ( Pretty boy)
Andorian Bard

Party was a little ill equipped for the Black Echelon, Barbarian and Taldor fighter were dropped in Granary. Lack of cleric was a little bad for them. We skipped the cathedral based on time. Final Act was harsh, also.Barbarian charged Nessian on the stairs of the tower allowing only one party member at a time. Nessian hit Barbarian with Crit and dropped him,Bard took dive over Barbarians Body to attack Nessian Hit him he shook it off and dropped the bard in 1 swing. Cramped quarters spelled bad mojo for party. in the end the Rogue's dog wounded him and the Taldor fighter finished him off.

I felt the pressure to act now with stopping the echelon really pushed it forward.

A few questions though?

The part unlocked all chests and got 100gp from Torch. Can this be gotten in addition to the scenario cap? If not why even put it in?

Also after scenario players with Perform, Craft or profession can earn extra gold? Is this in addition to the cap? I'm assuming no on first question and yes on second?

A little clarification is needed for me, Thanks in advance for replies.

Overall a great 1st level scenario I thought our group loved it, Thanks to Mr. Kortes on this one!!