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I would like to cancel all my starfinder subscriptions please.

I would like to cancel my subscriptions to the starfinder accessories, starfinder maps, and starfinder society scenarios. Please continue my subscription to the starfinder role-playing game and adventure paths. I'm at the point where the amount of maps and pawns is unwieldy and losing functionality.

I want to see quick generation for starship stats like we received for npcs in the alien archive. That is all.

I purchased three core rulebooks and a limited edition, and all but one have the binding issue where they have separated from the backing. I sent an email with pictures and received an automated response saying you're really busy. This, I understand, and I'm not trying to nag or rush a response, but I wanted to know if there is anything else you will need from me so that I can get replacement copies. I read the blog post that says the limited edition reprint won't happen until mid November. Will the core books be shipped at the same time? I feel like doing that would save you guys money, so I'm good with that, just curious.

Thank you!

I have two orders with the same status under tracking info, "Not yet shipped. Items have shipped." I haven't seen an email confirmation that either order has shipped, but all the pdfs are in my downloads page. Is this just more pre-gencon crazy that I shouldn't be concerned about?

Thank you.

Awesome. Thank you.

So, I subscribed to everything and ordered the Limited Edition book. Last week, my card was pre-authorized for order 4383909, which showed as pending and in the order details said the pre-authorization would expire on Friday. In my subscriptions page, it shows the same order not shipping until November. The pre-authorization has expired. I emailed customer service asking if the subscriptions page was a known bug or something on around the 4th and still haven't heard back. Please, tell me I won't be waiting until November to see this game. I know it's a crazy month, and I want to be patient. I just also want to know that my order isn't stuck in glitch limbo or something. Thank you in advance for taking the time to help.

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As someone who's already committed a few hundred dollars to starfinder (multiple copies of the core for my players plus subscriptions), I feel the need to point out that I never dived into pathfinder. Part of what drew me to invest in starfinder was the setting, part of it was the reliable reputation of paizo, and part was the release schedule. I hope they continue at the advertised pace for a good long while, and am grateful so many have voiced similar desires.

On the product schedule page of my subscriptions, it says my order with the core book and everything first wave will ship in November with the alien archive pawns, but in the my orders page the same items show as a pending order. If you accidentally send me a second copy of everything in November, I won't be upset, but please don't make me wait until then to receive this fabulous product.