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I guess I'll have to wait until the Windsong Testaments is published by Paizo!!!

I'll say again, I'll buy any book that deals with this topic!

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I would buy a hardback book called the Windsong Testaments if Paizo put this out.

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Asgetrion wrote:
I agree with Tender Tendrils and Gleeful Grognard. As a professional in this field it takes a bit of time to sort through your thoughts and memories, to draw on experience and . Add in the observation part, the general pandemonium and noise of combat, and it wouldn't be a stretch to say that you'd realistically have to spend several rounds to recall specific pieces of information in the middle of an encounter! :)

I do find it hilarious that many think it takes the brain sooooo long to process information. Our brains are made to utilize visual data extremely quickly (just see sports). If I see a gorilla charging at me, I'm going to know he's going to either beat me down with his fists or bite me. Doesn't take 3 seconds to think it through- and that's me being a non-combat-trained layperson who sits at a desk.

I'll be making that action a free action for my players in light of the lack of credible evidence to the contrary.

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Paradozen wrote:

Not a perfect time comparison, but each action takes about 1.5-2 seconds. You spend 1.5-2 seconds thinking about the thing you are recalling knowledge about because it could be a lot of things and you could easily get things mixed up about the creature. Especially in an inherently hectic and confusing environment, such as a combat where you need to constantly be prepared to avoid attacks and look for openings to move and attack yourself.

For instance, let's say you are fighting a blue-grey creature 3' tall with tentacles and a football-shaped head. Could be a Grindylow or a Mutant Goblin, one of these can shoot ink and swim super fast and the other is drawn to fire and pickles, it might take a second to determine what the creature is and which features it possesses. Now, if you are a lifetime expert on goblinoid physiology you can probably do this more reliably (using Goblin Lore) and faster (using Automatic Knowledge) but if you are just a travelling wizard who knows a lot of things about a lot of things, it probably takes a moment.

Yet the listed free actions take just as long...including casting some spells and speaking; drawing a weapon which could certainly take longer than the synapses in your brain firing; speaking. Besides, it makes sense that adventurers are "trained" (not in the technical use of the word) to think quickly in combat- hence no facing, too. Just like horses can be combat "trained" to maintain some semblance of control. I don't really buy the cost of recalling knowledge when the PC is basically just thinking. It's not like they're doing a math problem or counting from 1-100.

I think concentrating on a spell is even a free action!

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I'm trying to wrap my head around why it is necessary to use an action to recall knowledge during combat. It does seem a bit silly to have an action for this. Any particular reason other than to use an action?

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Despite sort of despising big melee characters in full plate, Hellknights of all sorts are my absolute favorite.

Cheers to this news. I hope Elaine and Paizo can work something out for more novels.

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Please let this be a prelude to a few more novels from her about hellknights...

Diego Valdez wrote:


I have removed the PFS number from your account. If you can send me pictures of 3 chronicle sheets with the correct PFS number on them I can get that number migrated to your account.

will do!!!

What are the chances we get a list of the monsters before January?

I plan on converting Mummy's Mask to PF2 and running it in January! I suspect many monsters I will just replace with similar ones from B1 and B2...


I've had serious issues with my account for several months, and my last email asking for help is now nearly 3 weeks old awaiting a reply.

Somehow my account and email got screwed up with someone else's account and email and my account and email do not match my PFS number. I've played PFS for a very long time and want to keep that number and get my account fixed, especially in light of the new PFS PF 2 reporting/buying services that will be online now.

Who else should I contact to get this fixed?

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Errors in printed material is expected, as is the errata to fix found errors. I'm fine with this, as long as they are able to put out an errata soon and not wait until the 2nd printing. Does anyone know when the 2nd printing of PF1 CRB came out/how long after?

The PF2 CRB does contain a lot of errors, which is always disappointing. It's amazing how many errors don't get caught in premiere printed materials.

Has anyone with Paizo stated anything concerning an errata? It would be nice if they could start one immediately.

On buying the Playtest- people knew they were purchasing a playtest and that the rules in that book were going to be changing. No reason at all to complain about the rules not be useful now.

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pjrogers wrote:

As someone who has created a strength-based dwarven monk, I decided against taking Mountain Stance because of the "touching the ground" requirement. I understand that flying will be less of a thing in 2E, but this is a restriction that makes me nervous. For example, is standing on the 2nd floor of a wooden building considered to be "touching the ground?" Under most definitions of ground, I don't think it would be.

Thanks for this mini-guide though. It provides much food for thought.

I'm certain "touching the ground" means a flat surface wherein you are able to brace yourself and "ground" yourself. I don't think "ground" in the RAW literally means the ground with dirt.

Without armor, a character will have to put stats into DEX or rely on magical items to boost AC- especially if they are melee- in order to survive.

Can't expect to be in people's faces dealing damage without the ability to dodge or take damage yourself.

Easy fix for those players who min-max and only take TN...

NPC healers won't heal/raise/resurrect as TN character if that character doesn't fit their deity's alignment...

Could even begin to apply modifiers to certain rolls when interacting with folks who distrust TN...

Is that too harsh? Perhaps.

I believe there is a chart in the book that addresses how far/fast things fall!

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shroudb wrote:

I see it as a major problem of the core design of magic items if a whole core group of said items are better sold that used simply because their cost:value is so abysmal.

So i trully think that this is a core problem that will lead to actual gameplay disappointment.

Loot should be exciting, not "oh another 50gp worth of pots to sell"

And as pointed above, you don't even need to search for magic-mart, with current crafting rules you can keep breaking the items down yourself.

Hmmm, this thread is interesting.

My experience as a GM with regard to parties using potions is this: they often simply forgot they had them. When we finished Serpent's Skull, the party literally had a total of 43 potions stored which they never even bothered to use. The cost to sell them was only 25gp, so they often just kept them.

My own characters which I play usually keep a pot or two for utility, but I usually sell them for the gold in PF1.

We haven't played enough of PF 2 to see how pots will work. I do agree on principle that it would seem reasonable for a consumable to cost far less than a permanent item...but I'm also on board the "item-restirction" train which seeks to limit the amount of magic and prevent christmas tree-ing.

GeneticDrift wrote:
Ashborne wrote:

*** Caution - - - - Rant Ahead ***
All the complaining about spellcasters being too powerful in late-game forget that in order to get to that point, they had to suffer agonizingly to get there. They deserved to be rewarded for not having the same amount of fun as the others for most of the game. Also, when you look at the practicality of it, they should be anyway. Martials are mortal, bound to the physical world. Spellcasters, as they progress, shuffle off mortal constraints and draw closer, metaphysically, to becoming ascended beings, and a fighter or barbarian can't, and shouldn't be able to compete with that. Also, a GM should be able to balance fights to keep a spellcaster from dominating the playing field, or any class really. Either by specific enemies that spellcasters can't...
[edit] I reread my post and decided to just say I disagree completely. From experience and my understanding of character class assumptions. Casters start strong and become OP and have since at least dnd 3.0. I’ve never seen fluff on casters being beyond mortal flaws and limitations. Sounds like you are thinking of Gandalf and other divine beings.

It's been my experience (ADnD through PF1) that wizards sucks at early levels compared to martials, then either reach a balance or eclipse martials depending on the player. There can be no doubt that casters are nerfed in PF2 overall, but I also (as a player who prefers casters) have kept a very close eye on the disparity of caster/martial power. As I said, it's very clear to me and my players that martials have an overwhelming ability to DPS, while a caster, in general, does not. I would agree a caster in PF 1 at level 20 is often better then a level 20 martial (IN GENERAL). Player type offers variables. This is also a function of those who play casters, in that they are typically more in-tune with all the rules and strategies. That being said, I do think we casters still have some good things going in PF2. Grappled doesn't work like it did in PF1 and is quite benign now. Also, no Attacks of Opportunity from everyone, plus spell damage has been increased with additional dice and crit features. My group and I have yet to reach high level play with PF2, but I can handle the nerfs to casters so far.

That being said, it's hard to quantify "power." Most view it as damage, but how does 3 strikes compare to a grease spell, or flurry of blows to a charm spell? Something I'd like to point out that is often forgotten is that a martial can do his attack and damage multiple times per TURN, whereas a caster usually has only one shot all day.

At GenCon, our group only faced one caster vs. other enemies. I had my monk charge him and grapple him. I withstood all the spells he threw at me and we killed him. From just one battle it's hard to tell, as I was rolling rather well and our group was good.

A few questions after playing our first scenario at GenCon:

A druid in our party had the heal spell and was confused about how it worked. GM wasn't certain either. The spell says heal 1d8. Two Action says "increase by 8" at 30', 3 action doesn't list up. Question is, does the 2 action spell do 1d8+ 8? And what does the 3 action do, just d8 for 30' radius?

Monks ki strike... If I use a focus point and miss my attack, does the ki stay until I hit? Or is it expended?

Flurry of blows says I get multi attack penalty on strikes. Is it referring to the two strike actions after the flurry, or is it meaning the second flurry strike takes the penalty?

How would I charge and tackle?

Thanks all!

If a Monk enters a stance with an action, does he have to then again, on the next round, enter the stance again at the cost of an action?

Does moving change the stance?

lordcirth wrote:

I don't have my book yet, but doesn't Martial Disciple grant Cat Fall if you pick Acrobatics, and something else (Combat Climber?) for Athletics?

Also, no, you can't get your lore to expert. The class skills day that you become trained, not that you increase a skill by one step.

You're correct; I picked Acro and then put a skill point into athletics!

Marc Radle wrote:

Kind of concerned about the volume of errors and typos I’m hearing about here and in other threads. Some are certainly to be expected, but does it seem like this book has more than what might be considered normal?

Starting to think I might cancel my order for the hardcover and wait until the second printing comes around. Archives of Nethus will have the rules once the book officially releases, yes?

There are typos, but not enough to force yourself to wait to buy a 2nd printing which won't come for a while, nor to wait until Archives posts them.

tqomins wrote:
CRB p.278, Critical Hits. This section misstates the rule for critical hits, saying that any nat20 attack roll is a critical hit.

I'm certain you're incorrect and that the text is correct. A Natural 20 is a critical success.

I had trouble wrapping my head around the whole "degrees of success" thing, too, especially with the "by 10 or more."

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I just created a monk I will be using in PFS and wanted everyone to see how my process worked and how, I think, there were plenty of tough choices to make in building even a level 1 character, something I was concerned about going into the Playtest. I have to say I'm happy so far and look forward to playing him at Gen Con.

I've always wanted to play a Shoanti in the likeness of a Native American Indian, and since I've never played a Monk character and wanted to go the martial route (I favor spellcasters) I thought Monk would be an excellent choice.

The Playtest's CRB opening chapters on creation were dismal. However, 2e is wonderful. The wording is very clear and concise (but see below for some issues with matching words). Being a long-time RPGer I am already familiar with the opening points of the CRB and dove straight into character creation.

Creation is done simply by going down the “ABCs,” or following the numbers 1,2,3, and so on. I’ve already covered #1: Create a concept. However, the CRB also has points for religion, allies, etc., which I have not yet fully developed. I’m leaning toward an alignment of Lawful for certain and either Good or Neutral. Being a tribal person, I think my Monk would have an affinity for anything nature, have a strong tribal tie (especially societal morales and tendencies), and have a sense of honor.

]#2 sets out how to start building ability scores, which all start out at 10. I think I’d like my highest scores to be in Strength, Dexterity, and/or Wisdom (coming from PF1, I know Wisdom is a big deal for Monks). I’m leaning more towards a quicker Monk than brute strength. Let’s go into the ABC’s.

A=Ancestry. I already know I want to be a human. What does this entail? I just look up the Human Ancestry and it gives me everything I need to know.The sidebar is very clear: I get 8 HP, I’m Medium sized, Speed of 25’, two free ability boosts, and the Common Language. I wonder if picking a location to be from garners me the language of that area...for instance, if I’m from Osirion, do I know Osiriani? Makes sense that I would, but I’m not seeing anything of that nature in the opening chapters. Thinking about this brings me to Heritages, which maybe these local languages might be a part of in the future. I see a list of 4 to choose from: Half-Elf, Half-Orc, Skilled Heritage, and Versatile Heritage. I already know I don’t want the first two, so I look at the Skilled and Versatile. They are fairly clear. Skilled gives me one skill to be trained in of my choice whereas Versatile gives a General Feat of my choice. These are both very interesting, in part due to not knowing how many skill points or selections I get as a Monk.

I turn to the Monk and see my skills are 4+INT, not too bad when I compare that to other classes. But looking at the skills listed on the character sheet that I can do, there are a lot, more than 4 I’d like to do! So maybe I should take the Skilled Heritage. But wait! I might want that Versatile Heritage, so I head over to the General Feats and write down a few I might want to have. I like Diehard, only because I’ve seen how deadly encounters can be in live plays of 2e, online with Oblivion Oath, and my playtest experience. I also like Feather Step, as I expect to move around far more than any character I’ve ever had before. Toughness looks good, but with the Toughness Feat from PF1 being sub-par, I’m hesitant. As a player who likes to use skills as much as possible, the Untrained Improvisation sounds nice.

I go ahead and decide to take the Versatile Heritage and choose the Diehard Feat since I will be a melee character. I’d like to point out a key difference I think is superb and will make the game better. They’ve decided to split feats into General and Skill feats, something I think will make the game play better, make players play better, and help get rid of stat-dumping and allow people like fighters to contribute out of combat. I now need to choose an Ancestry Feat. There are two options I glom onto: Natural Ambition or Natural Skill (because I’ve already stated my propensity to like skilled characters). However, Natural Ambition allows the selection of a Monk Feat, and knowing Monks, their class abilities are usually very powerful. It’s a no-brainer and I pick this and then select Ki Strike as my Class Feat.

Having completed my “A” of ABC, I move onto “B,” Background. There is a wide variety of these. Some of them, such as Acrobat, are very interesting except Circus Lore. I am not a fan of circuses at all, and being a member of a circus is not something my Shoanti Monk would ever do. So I’m unsure if I can select this. Could I change the Circus Lore to something that aligns more with my character’s concept, as long as it makes sense and does the same thing as Circus Lore? I think so, especially since I’m a GM. I could, for instance, take a lore in Shoanti Rituals (wherein an acrobatic dance is to be performed for religious or societal purposes). I then see Martial Disciple and Warrior, both of which would fit my Monk. However, Warrior has an ability called Glare which uses Intimidate, which isn’t something I found too useful in PF1 for myself and not how I envision my Monk anyway. I go with Martial Disciple, which gives me an ability boost to Strength or Dexterity, Trained in Acrobatic or Athletics (chose Athletics), and the Catfall Feat, and Lore Warfare.

I can already see I’ve made several choices that got me thinking. I hope other classes have these kinds of decisions. Then I realize I haven’t even completely finished my ability scores to where I’m at in the ABCs. I assign my Ancestry 2 Ancestry boosts to Strength and Dexterity. My Background gives me a boost to Strength or Dexterity plus one free boost. I choose to go with Strength and Dexterity again. Current: ST 14, DX 14, CN 10, IN 10, WD 10, CH 10.

Now onto “C,” Class. Monk gives me 10 HP + CN modifier so I think my next ability boosts should at least be to Constitution. However, the Monk Class gives me a boost to Strength or Dexterity only, so I put it into Dexterity. Current: ST 14, DX 16, CN 10, IN 10, WD 10, CH 10. I get training in Perception, simple weapons, unarmed attacks, and Monk Class DC. I get Expert training in all saving throws and unarmored defense. I realize I also have 4 more free ability boosts to use! So I put them into Strength, Con, Wisdom, and Dex, bringing my final scores to:

ST 16, DX 18, CN 12, IN 10, WD 12, CH 10.

I then get to pick 4 skills to train in. I did have a question about this and had trouble finding an answer. I wondered if I could put a “rank” into Lore-Warfare, since this was not granted by my class, and make it Expert. I did not do this, however, just wondered if such a thing was possible. I went with training in Acrobatics, Deception, Medicine, and Stealth.

I then filled out my character sheet with my decisions and wrote in Flurry of Blows and Powerful Fist. Moving on, I looked through the Monk Feats, which contained enough choices to make me think and try to plan ahead. Dragons being my favorite fantasy creature in real life, I went with Dragon Stance automatically.

This done, I move on to step 6, which I realize I’ve already done- putting in the final four boosts. Step 7 I’ve already begun, which is writing on the sheet, and Step 8 is Buy Equipment. As a Monk, I’ve no use for weapons and armor, but I can’t hit something with my fist at range, so buy some javelins. I purchase some more equipment and fill out my skill scores, with Acrobatics and Stealth being 7, Athletics being 6, and Medicine and Thievery being 4.

I did have some questions as I looked through the various options. The Warrior background lists “Glare” and a Feat, yet there is not feat called “Glare.” There is an “Intimidating Glare,” so I’m assuming this is referring to that. I did also notice some grammatical errors, more than I would have liked for a new shiny book that’s been worked on for so long. Not sure how these things get by so easily (don’t have the writers and company people edit their own stuff).

If anyone sees any errors on my part, feel free to let me know!

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Just to check, I'm assuming the "Glare" skill feat mentioned under the Warrior background means "Intimidating Glare?"

Also, when computing the strike modifier, we use Proficiency bonus and Strength Bonus (for a monk). Since Monks are Trained in Unarmed Strike, does this mean the bonus to his strike would be +6 (2+Level for Trained and then +3 from 16 STR).

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All the more reason to keep buying Paizo products- this company may have made a goof talking up Ninja Division, but they are making good on finishing the kickstarter, and that's all they can do. As backers, we do share some responsibility for risk.

A well-deserved hat tip to Paizo.

Got the new coer book, wanted to double check and see if the squeeze action under Acrobatics indeed takes zero actions

It's Sir Owlbear to u wrote:

Now THIS is the main reason I'm coming to PF2e after years of dismissing 1e and playing mostly D&D: the monsters! While many people have come - primarily - for the tools that this new edition has for players I fell in love with the way creatures are presented, by only reading a creture's stat blocks you already know its history and place in the world (and also how cool they are to throw at your players). Of course I'm excited to let my players customize, with an obscene amount of possibilities, their characters to their heart's content and the 3 action system is AMAZING, but "monsters" and magic items are what gets me going while being a DM.

Can't wait to get the books next week!

I placed a preorder for the books last month, but it appears it's on backorder now. Is it possible to find out if it will be shipped before GenCon? If not, I'd rather just pick it up there so I can have it by the time I play PFS2

Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
Zwordsman wrote:

I lack all context for all of this~ (paizo con event and all that. No clue~).

But thanks for answering and interacting a lot over the years.
Are you moving to a separate company or leaving the RP industry?

Most of the news was on my blog and social media, which I'll repeat here since folks seem interested.

"An Announcement: Change of Course
Well I don't like TOO much preamble before getting to the point of the announcement, so here’s the tl;dr version.
My wife Lj has gotten a job in Indiana, working as an Executive Assistant for Lone Wolf’s vice-president. As a result, she and I are moving from WA to IN.
In fact, Lj is flying out to our new apartment (if you need our new address and don't have it, drop me a line) on Saturday. June 15th. In 3 days.
I’ll be around for about a month in Redmond, and then go out to join her.
Inevitably some folks will have questions, so predicting them as best I can, and in no particular order:
Starfinder isn't going anywhere. Paizo has lots of amazing, hard-working, and talented people on that game line, and they have known I was leaving for a bit now. We don't know exactly how everything will get sorted out, but the game line and its products will continue.
I remain a huge fan of Paizo, Pathfinder (both editions), Starfinder, the Adventure Card Game, and even things I can't talk about yet. I was a freelancer for Paizo for years before I was a full employee, and I expect to be freelancing for them again in the future.
While Lj getting a job is the reason for this change, yes, I have plans that involve other companies. But I’m not announcing any of them just yet. Rest assured, I am not leaving gaming behind.
Yes, this is why Rogue Genius Games is taking a short break. But in the long run, it’s not going anywhere. I have plans and plans, yet, for my tiny little gaming company, and its partners and allies.
Yes, that’s why I will be at Gen Con this year. I had decided not to do any out-of-state conventions in 2019. But that won’t be...

I'm in the Indianapolis area, Owen! If you're looking for a group, my group and I play every Saturday.

Christian Dragos wrote:

Slotting boons, spending playtest points, using achievement points, prestige, fame, and now... School Points?

Making a character for PFS 2e with all of this extra stuff just seems too overwhelming.

While I personally love the deep dive stuff, this is still a lot to keep track of for new players, players who don't care for deep dive stuff, and GM and PC tracking.

Factions within factions? Hmm...

ChibiNyan wrote:

Is it me or Brutish shove is awesome? Yeah, it is Press but you get a full strike + 2 riders on it for no cost. Even on a Failure it causes flat-footed? Will be spamming this every turn!

Also, can the guy from this blog cast Shield while holding his 2h Maul? Are "free hands" not needed for somatic components again?

Making an opponent flat-footed is always great, but I've never found it useful to be able to move an opponent...but this is due to my mainly liking casting classes and not having much strategy on movement around a combat encounter.

Can someone tell me examples of how moving your enemy on the board would be advantageous, especially when not everyone gets attacks of opportunity anymore? Can this be done similarly to PF1's Push CMB off a cliff? I can see that being beneficial, but that doesn't happen often.

John Lynch 106 wrote:

Assuming a 60% chance of hitting with his first attack, I just dont see how power attack is better than 2 normal strikes with -5 on the second strike. Given that, I'm confused why Kaliban would like Power Attack so much. He isnt dealing more damage with the same action economy. He's dealing, on average, the same.

Has the crit system fundamentally changed so much to change the calculations making power attack a good choice? Or is it assumed lots of enemies will have resistance 5 or greater with little chance for Kaliban to overcome it?

Brutish Strike is a but nicer. Although I'll be interested to see how well "effect on a miss" plays out with the community. This was one of the most lambasted features of 4th ed martial characters and I'm surprised to see Paizo has brought it back with PF2e.

It's nice to see Bravery actually does something worthwhile in this edition.

I'm thinking they want the damages to be roughly the same, but have a tradeoff for damage to attack roll. To make things equal, easily striking twice for 10 (5 each i.e.) damage or taking one hard strike for 10-11. Make sense to me for balancing.

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RicoTheBold wrote:

Agreed 100%. None of my players give a hoot about weapon quality. There's only normal weapons and magic ones. Simple.

Doktor Weasel wrote:
Ediwir wrote:

Tbh we don't have the full details on minion trait and pets - near the end of the playtest, most pets would take an action even if not commanded to do so. It could be a general rule for summons and an extra line under animal companions, and just leave Familiars as the slow ones you dislike.

Or you could be right. Dunno. We'll see.

But that ability to act without being commanded is limited to a single action that can only be stride and strike, is either Animal Order Druid only or only works while using Hunt Target and takes a feat (although it's a feat you're going to take anyway for animal companions, because as Captain Morgan said previously, Animal Companions are now just a feat chain instead of a creature). That's still pretty bad. Yeah, maybe there's some unrevealed bit that counters some of the suckage of the minion trait. But based on what we've seen, I'm not holding my breath. Or maybe one of the optional rules in the GMG will be Non-useless companions. At the very least, the ability to have one action without a command should be the default of minion trait. And then get abilities for them to have two actions if you don't command them. And probably up their actions to 3 if they are being commanded. Then the fact that their stats are bad can compensate for the action economy.

I dunno, I actually think it's a good thing for pet-users to have to use an action to command/control their pet. Especially since we're on the 3 action economy.

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I, for one, welcome the change in PF2 in how archetypes work and incorporate the additional class features. It's a refreshing difference from PF1.

Will there be PFS 2nd edition at GenCon, actually?

I think I know the answer but I wanted to double check anyway as I'll be attending both PaizoCon and GenCon.

Is it possible to play the special, Siege of Gallowspire at both PaizoCon and GenCon if playing two different PCs at two different tiers?

I wasn't sure if the special was "special."


Will there be anywhere to ship items back home on hotel grounds?

We'll be arriving at 1:30am...would you suggest walking at this time?

How do I subscribe to the a forum category? I'd like to at least have a chance to sign up for newly-posted events and get alerts for them when they are posted.

Sorry for the resurrection of this thread, but I was wondering if there would be an updated version of this before Paizocon or GenCon?

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Thought I'd post this:

Hotel Shuttle Service

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Seattle Airport, WA - Hotel Entrance

"The shuttle leaves the hotel every 20 minutes from 4:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.; if you need a ride between 1:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m., call 206-246-8600. Need a ride from the airport? Follow the 'courtesy vehicle' signs in baggage claim wait at island one or three. Our white DoubleTree shuttle displays a large #1 in the front window."

I'm a bit disappointed in the way the event registrations take place. I'm so use to GenCon's system I've got that down pat. Add to that many games have only 4 players max and I can see some really disappointed people.

My group and I plan on heading to downtown/pier Seattle (none of us has ever been to the Pacific NW).

My group and I will be coming from Indianapolis for the first time to PaizoCon on late Tuesday night, staying a full week. Figured we've been to GenCon so many times it was high time to visit PaizoCon.

We plan on taking a day out to the pacific and the next day down to Mt. St. Helens.

I apologize for all my questions, but i have one more:

about how long before the con will the game registration occur? I know for GenCon this usually occurs in May, so I was just wondering the timeline for Paizo.

Will there be the end-game, or retirement scenarios, offered? It'd be a great way to retire my PF 1 guys as we move to PF2!

Azothath wrote:

You can link PaizoCon accounts or gift admissions to other accounts so you sit together AFTER you purchase a PaizoCon badge, however, you also need to submit the same selections from each account(it's not automatic). It's easiest if one person does it all. I've had good luck with the lottery seating two but odds turn against you with larger groups seating together.

Thanks for this information. When I go to pick the games, will I be able to select more than one spot if the 3 of our accounts are not linked?

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