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Looks like the Deathstar's days are numbered :-)

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The ONE D and D VTT is looking more and more like an online videogame with potential for microtransactions. My prediction is that this HASBRO VTT will attract peeps from the World of Warcraft online game seeking to be labelled as table top players. Whilst, the true table top players will migrate more and more to PAIZO and third party games :-)

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With inflation in the USA at 8%, this increase to cost should not be a surprise. Taking this inflation into account, PAIZO's price increase is moderate indeed and could have been even to conclude, I am glad PAIZO kept the price increase as low as possible considering everything that is happening to the economy...once again PAIZO is placing their fans first :-)

I am a Fantasy Grounds Unity there any hope for me...I desperately need to know whether the Kingmaker will come to Fantasy Grounds....need help...gulp ....gulp.

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Onkonk wrote:
Ched Greyfell wrote:

I have not really looked at Foundry that much (I use Fantasy Grounds Unity).

But we're thinking of trying something else for running an older AP using PF2 rules. How easy is it to add the maps and what not to Foundry?
Our plans are to run Second Darkness in PF2 and do a podcast of it.
From my experience so far from the maps you get, it's somewhat tedious to align the grid as the grid wasn't made for VTTs, which means it can be something like 73.424px or something similarly annoying. It is not insurmountable but it requires a bit of work to set up.

I use the module "Grid Scale Menu", it makes setting up/aligning the grid a breeze for maps in Foundry.

I absolutely luv PDFtoFoundry for pathfinder 2e. Now that PAIZO will collaborate to make official pathfinder 2e Foundry modules, I can already predict that my bank account is gonna hurt bigtime lol.

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You are not alone Maggie, DISNEY has also made a huge push to make transgender visible. They have promised to make half of their new characters belong to the lgbtqia2s+ spectrum :-) Great things to come indeed :-)

Did I miss something. Is there a free downloadable player guide/intro to this adventure?

Very impressive that Galactic Magic was also released on Fantasy Grounds today (26th January 2022). Very very nice indeed :-)

The pdf being unavailable today has to do with the supply chain shortage....sigh.

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I have been purchasing almost all my PAIZO-FANTASY GROUND modules for PF2 and Starfinder from Steam.

I just realized that by linking my:
1) Steam account purchases to FANTASY GROUNDs and then
2) linking my FANTASY GROUNDS account to my PAIZO account,

I get ALL the pdfs as well.

So so cool.

Thanks to PAIZO and FANTASY GROUNDS for making this arrangement with STEAM.

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Rysky the Dark Solarion wrote:

lol what, they are not overpriced.

I buy the pdfs so that I can also have the discount when I purcahse fantasy grounds equivalent.

Aaron Shanks wrote:
mordigo wrote:
Anyone know for sure if Junker's Delight will be converted to a Fantasy Grounds module ?
They do not give me a list or a timeline, but I expect so. It is still very new.

A response from the "marketing and media manager" Aaron Shanks is very reassuring. Thanks. Now I will just wait for the FG module and not bother converting the module myself :-) As always, I will rather pay the FG module fee then spend the hours creating the module myself. Also, FG always does a better and more comprehensive job than I ever can.


Anyone know for sure if Junker's Delight will be converted to a Fantasy Grounds module ?