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Please cancel 1x Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Buff Deck, $9.34

I picked it up at my local game store today.


Also, I didn't get my kickstarter email, but it looks like you are going to resend the emails.

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What is the recommended number of ability score points for an AP? Also, what is the recommended player count? I didn't see it any of my books, I probably missed it. Any help is appreciated.

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I have two separate, "Late July" shipments coming, well it looks that way at least. Is there anyway to get them combined? I really want that $10 off of shipping. Pretty please.

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At higher levels do 2handed users get to make more than one attack? If my base attack bonus is +14/+9/+4 would I be able to take a full round action and attack 3 times?

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Does Mirror Image stack with other effects, like blur or displacement?

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how do I determine a mounts carrying capacity?

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Do non- cleric classes get any advantage with a chosen deities favored weapon?

Searched but couldn't find and answers. If class matters I'm a halfling cavalier.

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Just looking for clarification on this.

If my Halfling Cavalier has spirited charge and uses a lance while mounted what is the multiplier on the damage?

While charging.

If you are unmounted the Lance 1D6 damage.

If you are mounted the Lance is 2D6 damage.

Spirited Charge gives a triple damage with a lance. [while charging.]

So if I understand this, which I don't, I get 6D6 on a mounted charge. Is that right?