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Anyone have either of those files? The links are dead.

It's already on the main blog post.

https://zenithgames.blogspot.com/2012/11/the-comprehensive-pathfinder-guide s.html

ekibus wrote:

So odd question if you go half elf and take the racial arcane training, I could use a wand as if it was 1 level higher? Ie would I be able to use a wand of Frostbite as if it is a second level spell?

No. You can use them as if YOU were 1 level higher. It does not change the item in any way.

Basically, a 4th level wizard with the half-elf arcane training could use a fireball scroll. Any other wizard 4 would not be able to.

Another example, a level 5 wizard using a scroll of fireball with a caster level of 6 would need to make a caster level check to see if it worked, or might suffer a mishap. A level 5 wizard with the half-elf arcane training would not have to make such a roll.

Weirdo wrote:

High optimization? Unchained Monk.

All good saves, full BAB, 4+Int skills (passable), good Wis synergy including Wis to AC, excellent mobility, can deliver touch spells or domain powers through unarmed strike.

Also, do you mean 28 point buy?

Unchained Monk is not all good saves. For some reason, it is poor Will.

JuliusUK wrote:
I suggest human (extra feat) Extra Hex. Evil Eye and Chant. At level 1 you can inflict a whole range of nasty on your enemies and there is no save. Evil Eye works automatically for one round even if you make a saving throw and Chant then keeps it going indefinitely (providing you can keep chanting). You will always have something to do and you don't even have to worry about the Hex having a meh saving throw.

Shaman do not have a hex at level 1, so do not qualify for Extra Hex. Human doesn't help here.

They are Hybrid classes for Spheres of Might and Spheres of Power.

We appear to be off topic here.

I'm working on this, this is why I ask. Can someone check what I have done so far before I find I'm doing it wrong after I get all the classes done?

I can see how this can be read this way. Well crap.

Ok, so it appears that the "this replaces X" or "this alters y" is just for convenience.

In other words, Vivisectionist and Dimensional Excavator are not compatible because they both add formulea to the ones the alchemist can use, even though neither mention anything about altering the formulea list.

Is that correct?

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When does something count as modified?
Lets look at the Vivisectionist and Dimensional Excavator Alchemists for an example.


  • Bombs is definitely replaced because it says so.
  • Is the formula book considered modified because of Torturer's Eye and Torturous Transformation? It doesn't say it is...
  • Is the discovery list considered modified because of Bleeding Attack? It doesn't say it is...
  • Is Dimenstional Excavator compatible with Vivisectionist?

Please cite rules.

Thanks. I'm not sure why it broke. I pasted the same link as the url and the text.

Look here: zenithgames.blogspot.com/2012/11/the-comprehensive-pathfinder-guides.html

Broken Zenith doesn't seem to be updating atm though.

Philippe Lam wrote:
On the other hand, why should developers handle it instead of fans is for me very simple : fans are biased when a throurought neutral check should be needed. Those who made the rules are those who are better placed to change it because they have the two sides of the problem, not only one.

Lets be realistic here. The devs play too. Thus, they are fans. How "neutral" can they be?

N. Jolly wrote:
For those of you interested, here's the change log for the SoM errata. It contains just about everything aside from small changes discussed in the chat.

I love you!

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1H7vPvR9jY22K_u7PBGlyL_mcuenOjkbC6HbY3ZL JERM/edit?usp=sharing

I added your account.

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Orbicularis wrote:
Looks like Rogue Eidolon's cleric guide was removed from google drive for ToS violation. Anybody happen to save a copy?

I have it here.

I backup (almost) all of them daily. Let me know of any others are missing.

Ancient Dragon Master, just request write access. I made you a tab.

Some GMs allow things that modify the same class feature, but not the same part of the same class feature to be ok. Hence the yellow.

The bottom part is just data. I can move it around to where it needs to go.

You are working on Investigator, right? I'll make one up as soon as I can. Everything up to alignment should be the same for all classes anyway.

I'll be doing Paizo and SoP/SoM (and maybe psionics) as I do the classes because I actually use all that stuff. I'll add in the rest after that.

I've not figured out how to color the whole line yet. I've got the individual conflicts highlighted though. Take a look see.

Near as I can tell, if I am going to color the entire line, I'll have to have a conditional formatting entry for each column from G to AV. That will likely slow the sheet to unusable once done.

Edit: It indeed gets very slow. I tested the alchemist tab until from column H to N doing full row with just one of the two colors, and it was scary slow.

Heather 540 wrote:
This seems like it would really be helpful. The chart the link takes you to doesn't have any hybrid classes. Do you think you could do Hunter and Swashbuckler archetypes?

I only did Alchemist because A. I'm working on one, and B. I was gauging interest. I plan on doing all PF, SoP, SoM, Psionics, and PoW. Any others would be included if someone else does them. I'll do the spreadsheet work.

Ancient Dragon Master: I'd love the help and good suggestion about graying out. I'll play with it on the alchemist sheet tonight.

Note that I have 84 classes on my list right now. Wow. At least I'll know all the Archetypes when I'm done.

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Is there any interest in me continuing this, or perhaps advice?

The top couple are archetypes you're interested in. The bottom block are all the archetypes. Filtering doesn't seem to be preserved between users, unfortunately.

The purpose is so you can list the archetypes you want at the top, then use filters to select ones below that to that are still compatible. An update with some automation for [PF] Archetype Combos: Doing all the work b/c reading charts is bloody annoying

Also with 3PP support.

Archetype Combination Helper Sheet

You will need to make a copy and setup your own filters before filters will work.

I'm working on it. Thoughts before I start working on the other classes?

Yes, I know some of the d20pfsrd links don't work. Please comment on them when you find them so I can see what gives.

Also, comment on any mistakes I've made on the Alchemist.

Spirit Ridden is better. It gives you the same benefit, but you can change that skill every morning.

Bugger. I knew about Martial Focus and didn't look for it. Thanks.

And yes, on the left.

In Swashbuckler, Knife Tosser could use a link on the left.

Also, how does it qualify for Ricochet Toss?

Swashbuckler@ArchiveofNethys wrote:
Swashbuckler Weapon Training (Ex): At 5th level, a swashbuckler gains a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls with one-handed or light piercing melee weapons. While wielding such a weapon, she gains the benefit of the Improved Critical feat. These attack and damage bonuses increase by 1 for every 4 levels beyond 5th level (to a maximum of +4 at 17th level).
Ricochet Toss@ArchiveofNethys wrote:
Prerequisites: Quick Draw, base attack bonus +6, weapon training class feature with a ranged weapon.

I emphasized the possible problems.

Many of the guides are also no longer being updated. It's best to catch this on new ones.

I would not mind getting write access to some of the old guides and taking some time to put in the stars.


Perhaps can be done by a Rogue/Achemist/Investigator archetype.

And no, the Tinker Alchemist archetype doesn't do it for me.

Grizzly the Archer wrote:
The Ring of Revelation can be used for a different mystery using the emulate class ability feature. Mark Seifter made a comment on this http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2r7kg&page=37?Ask-Mark-Seifter-All-Your-Que stions-Here#1802

Well, that isn't entirely official.

Perfect Tommy wrote:
You can't UMD ring of revelation

Could you please include the source?

OPs last post was in July, 2016.

Bodhi's Paladin guide got hit too.

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DungeonmasterCal wrote:


While wading through muddy water have them feel things moving and bumping against their legs.

Bonus points to actually have something brush against their legs while giving the description. How loud is that remote control Roomba?

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Boomerang Nebula wrote:
miscdebris wrote:
Boomerang Nebula wrote:
102. GM: you all succumb to the confusing maddening scream of the otherworldly horror, everyone swap characters.
Ha! I'm running that right now. The PCs love it!

Did they say "oh f-" ?

They were stunned for a moment, then "That's f-ing awesome!"

Ravingdork wrote:
To be fair, my math never checks out. That's why I use spread sheets to track most everything. :P

That counts. ;)

Tels wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:

According to my notes, I spent 465gp on 75 masterwork shuriken.

(1 / 5 + 6) * 75 = 465

I don't see how that's possible. Shuriken are sold in bundles of 5, so masterwork shuriken are likewise sold in bundles of 5 as you simply add the cost of masterwork (300 gp) to the cost of the weapon (1 gp). So 1 bundle of 5 masterwork shuriken costs 301 gp. Even crafting them will only reduce the cost to 1/3 the amount.

The cheapest method I could think of to get around the masterwork cost is abuse the masterwork transformation spell. This allows the spell to affect "50 pieces of ammunition" which shuriken are considered to be in every way except "technically a thrown weapon."

So pay a caster 60 gp (spellcasting services is CL*SL*10) to transform 50 shuriken into masterwork weapons. The cost would be 10 gp (to buy 50 shuriken), 300 gp for the material compenent, and 60 gp for the spell itself, totaling 370 gp for 50 masterwork shuriken.

d20pfsrd wrote:

A masterwork weapon is a finely crafted version of a normal weapon. Wielding it provides a +1 enhancement bonus on attack rolls. You can’t add the masterwork quality to a weapon after it is created; it must be crafted as a masterwork weapon (see the Craft skill). The masterwork quality adds 300 gp to the cost of a normal weapon (or 6 gp to the cost of a single unit of ammunition). Adding the masterwork quality to a double weapon costs twice the normal increase (+600 gp).

Emphasis mine. RD's math checks out.

Boomerang Nebula wrote:
102. GM: you all succumb to the confusing maddening scream of the otherworldly horror, everyone swap characters.

Ha! I'm running that right now. The PCs love it!

avr wrote:

Cool. Just to note - fiendish heritage isn't required for tieflings to take rakshasa-born etc. any more, though it was originally.

If you're playing around with metamagic like your runeguard does I'd start with an arcanist. They're even better at that than wizards between the options to do so prepared or spontaneously and their exploits.

Which book changed that?

Nutcase Entertainment wrote:
cappadocius wrote:
Luthorne wrote:

A druid archetype that ditches shapeshifting?
Thank you, not everyone has every single book.
What Luthorne said. Also, d20pfsrd has nice tables showing what the archetypes trades (granted, it really needs an update).

Just don't use the tables with authority. There are mistakes, and missing archetypes.

N. Jolly wrote:
While I'd love to get back to guide writing at some point, I have at least 3 projects on which I'm working now as well as other obligations. I'm at the point where I should be trying to pass these guides off to others who will be able to maintain them better than I am.

Working so much, you don't even know how many projects you're on. Make sure you take some time for you.

Is there anyway we can suggest things to your guides, an if so, how?

Ravingdork wrote:
Karcinal Eschatar wrote:
Would a half-orc qualify for the Racial Heritage feat, and by extension Paragon Surge?
If a half-orc took Racial Heritage and chose half-elf (or elf?) then they would qualify for paragon surge.

Only Half-elf.

Ravingdork wrote:


Ovoridani Chorster, adopted sister to Araonna Chorster, is a kitsune oracle with the ability to keep those around her safe from death.

Because of a combination of archetypes and abilities, she gets twice as many channel positive energies as a cleric of the same level, and has numerous magical items and feats that help her utilize that ability to the fullest. She can channel as a standard action, move action, and as a swift action, allowing her to heal her comrades three times in a single round (for roughly 31d6 healing). When channeling positive energy, she can also set an enemy ablaze for 11d6 fire damage AND grants those she heals a +2 morale bonus on saving throws, attack rolls, ability checks, and skill checks for 5 rounds simultaneously.

What's more, she has ultimate control over her channel options, able to channel in a radius around her up of up to 75 feet, a smaller radius a distance away from herself, or in a line or cone.

For combat she relies on the powerful cold ice strike/flame strike spell combo and her enchanted weapons, while using dust form, magic jar, and a variety of other spells to keep herself protected.

As with many divine casters, she is also equipped with numerous buff abilities for herself and her allies, as well as several powerful condition removal spells.

To round out the character we have TEN bonus feats that grant her a host of fun spell-like abilities and unusual weapon proficiencies. :D

A big thank you to PossibleCabbage for bringing this amazing build to my attention.

I'll be honest, I'm a little turned on right now. heh. (I'm playing a human life oracle of Milani in Kingmaker right now). It would take a huge amount of retraining to get there. I do, however, have an undecided feat next level...

Anyway, those 10 bonus feats, let me see if I can track them down. Craft Wondrous Item is from the Spirit Guide Hex, Tails are easy enough as they replace mystery spells, and Exotic Weapon Proficiency is from Kitsune Favored Class?

ConanTheGrammarian wrote:
O.J. Pinckert wrote:
The best way to make players say "Oh F-"... As they are looking around, calmly say "You hear an audible click..."

My players would point out that you can't, by definition, hear an inaudible click. They would then ask if they saw any invisible people or smelled any non-olfactory odors.

At this point, someone would break into "To Dream the Impossible Dream," substituting "To Hear the Inaudible Click!"

And then I would probably be the one saying "oh f---".

Because that. Is how. We roll.

Emphasis mine. (Your username demanded correction. heh)

Temple Charletan's Improved Familiar is invalid, it can't have the Valet archetype, as Improved Familiars don't get Speak with Animals of Its Kind.

PhD. Okkam wrote:

And on the hunter and occultist will guide, or the guide is already abandoned?

I don't think it's abandoned, this guide was largely outsourced, and no one has stepped up to write those sections.

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Matthew Downie wrote:
Gaurwaith wrote:
102) Your group of level one adventurers falls into a "Pit of 102 Housecats"
Careful - that's 10,200 experience points you're potentially giving them.

So make it a swarm?

Lady-J wrote:
Isonaroc wrote:
River of Sticks wrote:

79. GM: There's a door ahead.

Rogue: I check for Traps. ... Looks like a 34 after bonuses.
GM: You look the door over, but do not FIND any traps. Do you want to open the door?
I usually go with "see" as it's slightly more paranoia inducing.
if you go with see then that opens the player up to asking if they can smell/hear a trap if you say they cant see one

You are not aware of any traps on the <thing>.

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