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It all depends on the story being told. Rise of the Runelords, the only AP I have run to completion is spectacular, but Book 5 felt like filler and Book 6 was a mess.

Age of Ashes feels like a 6 volume epic, whereas Outlaws of Alkenstar was only three books long and still managed to outstay its welcome (despite having an awesome theme/setting).

IMO, Blood Lords should definetely not have been a 6 book project.

I have read a lot of threads/articles on other forums discussing how best to convert Pathfinder APs to other game systems, and one thing that comes up over and over again is to cut all the pointless/speed bumps encounters and fluff text. One poster over on the Pinnacle forums suggested you could cut as much as 80% of the AP and still run a fine campaign.

Perhaps Paizo could consider releasing 3x 4 part Adventure Paths, which would still feel like a epic quest, without having to dedicate whole books to seemingly pointless filler content.

I want to love your stuff Paizo, but by God, in comparison to other adventures available from Drivethru, they are often over-written, meandering and dull.

That's my two cents, for what it's worth.

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I've not finished reading 'A Taste of Ashes', but I just wanted to leave a shout-out for whoever wrote the inspirational rumour table in Part 1.

The PCs may come across several random rumours in their search. Roll a d12 to determine which random rumour they hear;
1: The High Priest is up to something.
2: The High Priest is up to something.
3: The High Priest is up to something.
4: The High Priest is up to something.
5: The High Priest is up to something.
6: The High Priest is up to something.
7: The High Priest is up to something.
8: The High Priest is up to something.
9: The High Priest is up to something.
10: The High Priest is up to something.
11: The High Priest is up to something.
12: The High Priest is up to something.

You dedicated an entire page to this, when you could just as easily have the PCs overhear someone mention that THE HIGH PRIEST IS UP TO SOMETHING.

Review forthcoming. :D

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I've not read books 5 or 6 yet, but upon finishing 'The Ghoul's Hunger', I feel you could run a pretty satisfactory, condensed version of this AP by running books 1 > 2 > 4 and having Blood Lord Hyrune be the main antagonist of the AP.

I forget who suggested it, but someone had the great idea of dropping the whole "You work for lastminutebooking.com now" angle altogether, and having his group hijack an airship in order to reinforce the Outlaws theme.

I got the distinct impression that the only reason you are recruiting passengers at all is too add more suspects/red herrings to the sabotage plot that follows. I planned to fix this by having one of Mugland's agents stowaway on the ship.

I am only two pages into this monster, but was immediately inspired to rush out and buy books for Basic Fantasy Roleplaying Game, so I can (at some point) run a high lethality, old-school dungeon crawl with my group. Thankyou for taking the time to record your adventure! :D

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LoreMaster GM wrote:
It hasn't started yet. They just announced it last week (?) and it is run by Jared Logan. I believe they want to start it off in January and are already recording. Cast is Skid, Joe, Mary Lou, and Paula Deming. The biggest down side is that it is locked behind a $10/month paywall.

No Troy, no enjoy. :(

Behind a paywall? Guess I'll go AWOL.

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Leon Aquilla wrote:
I don't like saying this, because I love Starfinder and have been a supersubscriber to it for years but clearly its other fans are either not numerous enough or don't put their money where their mouth is and just suck on the SRD.

The sci-fi fans on the Pinnacle forum are clamouring for a Starfinder for Savage Worlds kickstarter. They're saying they would likely buy Starfinder lore books and Starfinder adventures from Paizo to run in Starfinder for Savage Worlds, if that ever happens.

I would love to know if PF1 books saw a boost in sales following the very succesful kickstarter for Pathfinder for Savage Worlds.

Just saying, the customers are there, if Paizo want them.... ;p

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They become a SUPER GHOUL!!!

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That is infinetely better and I am stealing it. :D

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CorvusMask wrote:
Geezus people, stop having bombing war in the review scores :'D I want to read other people's opinion on this x'D

IMO, Blood Lords might have been better as a three-part series. I have been following the PF AP line since Skull & Shackles, yet this is the first time I have been genuinely weary of a specific AP. I'm not even that excited for Gatewalkers, I just want Blood Lords to end already.

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Stick with it, Book 3 is awesome. :D

Sounds like a grand idea to me; the world is reacting to the actions your players take. Maybe give them a Perception/Notice roll to hear/see the flies approaching, giving them the opportunity to duck back inside if they would rather not fight.

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I'm aware of it, but I'm not backing it. I haven't read anything about the rules/adventures that come with it, but this feels like it exists just so they can slap a recognisable IP onto a generic system and make a mint off the nostalgia factor. Fair play to them if it makes money, but none of it will be mine.

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CorvusMask wrote:
it ends up feeling like filler book where none of three chapters are strictly related to each other

This was my problem with it. You could have a clue dropping Kemnebi's name at the end of Graveclaw and the PCs immediately summoned to Mechitar for their efforts against the hag coven, and skip this book entirely. I buy the AP books for the adventure and don't factor the back matter into my reviews, and Field of Maidens was (IMO) a pointless slog.

I did finish reading the book after submitting my 1 star review. The doll house was a tonal U-turn that had me rolling my eyes, but Gristlehall was fine. The medusa villain semed poorly conceived and hard to take seriously. Her dialogue when she's first introduced reads like it was written for Berline Haldoli, then she gets locked in a cupboard by her own minions, before the inevitable betrayal at the end of the adventure.

I also find it hard to swallow that two good aligned tribes from Holomog would just give a group of ghouls and goblins the run of their camp/s and offer them cooking lessons (or why a party of undead would give a flying F about getting involved in their business). Admittedly, I did not read the Holomog article, because it did not interest me.

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I backed this and the new Ancestry & Class options in the Advanced Players Guide greatly expand player options for the game. I cannot wait for the opportunity to actually play it. :D

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Wow, that is a phenomenal bargain. These little books are great for rules-lite gaming across multiple genres, but they are grotesquely overpriced most of the time. I would be all over this if I hadn't already bought dead tree copies of most of these books.

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While Abomination Vaults or Quest for the Frozen Flane probably would be better suited to a parade of murder hobos, there is nothing stopping you adapting Strength of Thousands to fit your preferred play style, especially if your players are vibing with the magic school theme. Sure, the AP encourages diplomatic & non-violent solutions, but there's nothing to stop you running these events as combat encounters, if that's what your group will enjoy. There are already some pretty memorable combat set-pieces in the first book; fighting armoured leshy's in a Robot Wars style fighting tournament, and defending the campus from giant bugs that come crashing through a wall mid-graduation/masks ceremony.

Also, not all combat encounters need to end in bloody dismemberment, you could emulate an 'anime' style and have characters resolve their arguments through fisticuffs, then emerge from the battle as unlikely friends.

Honestly, there are already too many NPCs in book one anyway, I would limit it to one named student per house and whichever instuctors the PCs show an interest in developing.

Congratz on completing your campaign!

Now convert it to 5e! *cracks whip*

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Maybe. Second Darkness is not exactly beloved of the community and I recall reading somewhere that the creative team would like another bite of the elf apple. You can't have drow as the bad guys anymore cos' of Racism, but an AP where you all play as dark elves and adjacent ancestries, focused on GoT style political maneuvering/backstabbery could be interesting, but is maybe too similar to the underlying themes of Blood Lords to happen anytime soon.

There were some dark elves in book 3 of Abomination Vaults, right? What were they up to? Might need to revisit that section for possible hints to future drow action. :D

Alternatively, reference to spiders and worms could point to a Rovagug resurgence.

Rust could link to the recently announced Plane of Metal.

When I hear Paizo talking about Worms, I think Kyuss, or whatever their off-brand, discount version of Kyuss would look like. I would be down for a spiritual successor to Age of Worms with the serial numbers filed off.

Spiders could be drow and/or Lolth, but book 1 of the Gatewalkers AP mentions "an enigmatic bogeyman who pulls the strings from a coterminous plane of spindly shadows", which also has spidery connotations.

Alternatively, Kingmaker meets Out of the Abyss, managing a drow 'house' and navigating underdark politics.

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Traum13 wrote:

Any suggestions for how to play Arghun? I think it will be fun to run it like Thing from Addams Family, but the description seems to imply it talks? That seems strange to me, and I think takes away from some of the mime-like charm of that character.

My idea so far is that it will introduce itself by using a finger to write its name in the dust on the table, and then maybe keep the description of it making whistling noises from its stump to communicate a little, but stop short of letting it produce actual words.

I was also unenthused with the "communicate via air squelched from gory stump" angle, and was veering towards replacing the hand with the a ghost of the dead fellow. I was also going to add ghosts of Qhallaqh (despondent artist) and the Zon-Kuthonite cleric in the dungeon, as live-in neighbours for the PCs to interact with.

I do wonder how much time the PCs will spend in the mansion/developing a home-base, as the rest of the AP seems to have them meandering all over Geb.

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Ckorik wrote:
Let me try re-pitching the idea - I would love to see them come up with a big grand 'meta plot' - that trickles at a slow burn with hooks into many adventures, something that would only wrap up after a decent length and while it wouldn't *require* any of the AP's previously to be played - it would reward groups that did due to richer understanding of the background/etc.

If PF1 is any indicator, they are likely already doing this, it just won't become apparent until years down the line when all that subtle foreshadowing pays off. :D

With the amount of Norgorber-adjacent stuff in the first few APs, I was convinced he was going to be the PF2 BBEBG for a while.

I guess you could have a Good character in Geb to maintain the status-quo, for as bad as it is having a ghost king on the throne, it could be a lot worse if one of the more powerful Blood Lords managed to usurp him.

That's a Feature, not a Bug!

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Yes, shop broken.

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I'm having the same problem, and I've seen posts from other people saying the same thing. I was able to download the leshy file OK, as that was a free download, but the store will not let me spend actual money on Zombie Feast.

I tried clearing cache, to no avail.

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I've been trying to complete purchase for PDF for the last hour, continuously getting error message;

The requested URL was not found on this server, or you do not have permission to access this area.

Clearing the cache has not helped.

I just wanted to leave a scathing comment about how great your web store is for non-subscribers.

Because, y'know, it really isn't.

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Just found out Games Workshop in UK is now selling D&D merch, presumably to draw in those filthy casuals and then try to flog them some tiny plastic elves, or whatever. Guess what they are not selling? I'll give you a clue, it rhymes with math binder.

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This fellow is talking sense, heed his sage wisdom!

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Here in the UK, GAME and Waterstones are the only two brick-and-mortar stores I have seen selling physical RPG products in the last few years. They both sell D&D5e books, and I saw the WFRP (4th edition) starter box in GAME the last time I was in there. GAME also sells dice. I have only once seen an actual Pathfinder book in the wild, maybe ten years ago in a grungy little shop in Birmingham, which I never went back to cos' it was kinda' grim in there, which has subsequently closed down.

Maybe it is different in the Colonies? Northern America is defo Paizo's stomping ground, so perhaps they get a bit more shelf space stateside.

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Totally Not Gorbacz wrote:
mikeawmids wrote:

I no longer buy your printed books and will continue not to buy them.

it would be nice to get access to them a little early as a way of saying "Paizo appreciates your brand loyalty and repeat custom".

So hold on, you've reduced your degree of customer loyalty by stopping to buy product X but you at the same time want to be rewarded for your customer loyalty? That's not how it works.

I stopped buying the print+pdf subscription bundle, for similar reasons to those highlighted above (ie: cost of shipping). I continue to support Paizo in a manner more affordable to me, by purchasing the PDFs only. What part of that was unclear, or demonstrates a dirth of loyalty?

Or are you being antagonistic for the sheer giggles?

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Tomppa wrote:
If there was a subscription service for PDFs, especially if it had the perk of dropping the PDF a bit before the street date like it often does for physical subscribers? I would immediately sign up for the AP line, modules, lost omens, and rulebooks. It would save me trouble and effort, it would be convenient, and it would feed my desire to get my hands on the nice cool stuff immediately, preferrably Right Now.

Seconding this. It would not change my print buying habits, as I no longer buy your printed books and will continue not to buy them. I did previously, just to get the PDF file early, then sold the books on E-bay for a fraction of their worth.

Let me subscribe to PDFs only. Let me download and read the PDF when they start going out to physical subscribers (at the same time they get access to the digital copy). I still love the Pathfinder AP line, even though (IMO) the quality of the adventures is in decline. I'm invested in the setting, in the world and in Paizo as a company and I would love to continue supporting you by reactivating my monthly AP subscription for PDFs only.

In all honesty, I'll likely continue buying the AP chapters when they become available regardless, but it would be nice to get access to them a little early as a way of saying "Paizo appreciates your brand loyalty and repeat custom".

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I doubt it, since he seemingly ceases to exist after the events of book 1.

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I've not read book 3 yet, but I will merrily list (some of) my (many) gripes with books 1 & 2;


Adventure Path spoilers:
1: It does not feel like the city of Alkenstar and the wider setting of the Mana Wastes were used to their full potential. Sure, both books contain trap-laden workshops, but there was so much more that could have been done with this setting. I was expecting something akin to the clockwork mansion from Dishonored 2. In book 2, you confront one of the two main villains in... an underground thieves den. What, like every other underground thieves den in every other urban adventure ever written? Yeah, like that one.

2: You spend book 1 trying to contain/suppress the secret formula of Pyronite. You spend book 2 trying to contain/suppress the secret formula of Pyronite. As far as I can tell, you spend book 3 trying to contain/suppress the secret formula of Pyronite. Yawn.

3: Book 1 introduces the kooky inventor behind Pyronite. Book 2 does not mention him again, because some other kooky inventor (who looks like he got lost on his way to Strength of Thousands) has replicated the formula and run off to hide in a cave. But this is not just any cave!! No sir!! This cave is a forgotten temple to the goddess of time itself, where Kooky Inventor #2 plans to travel back in time to stop Pyronite being invented by Kooky Inventor #1. Now that does sound pretty sweet! Except it is all just one big bait and switch, the cave does not facilitate time travel and he's just chilling in a big quartz ball, waiting to be rescued.

4: Something about an impossible bridge?

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Wow. What a rollercoaster.

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Hurrah for Jim! Hurrah for Paizo! I am very much enjoying your team-up with Shane Hensley and the Pinnacle Entertainment Group and look forward to future collaborations! Starfinder for Savage Worlds, you say? Yes plz!!!

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Pinnacle have just launched booster campaign for their Pathfinder for Savage Worlds Kickstarter, including the Advanced Players Guide, new archetypes and the Curse of tbe Crimson Throne AP converted in its entirety.

Kickstarter link

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Leon Aquilla wrote:
"it's probably more like "You live in Geb, you have no rights, I'm a Blood Lord, go do this thing or I'll turn you into a zombie your life basically sucks now".

They should have put that guy on the cover, he sounds awesome. :D

Also, where is new Iconic zombie character? The world needs an Iconic zombie character for PF2!

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That is a garbage cover. The bland grey backdrop looks like they colour matched the wallpaper in a dentist's waiting room. I was expecting more red, cos' of all the blood the PCs will be lording.

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Ooh. 5.5.

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It took my group three years to complete Rise of the Runelords. I dread to think how long it would take to complete something double that size.

The old 12 part 3e AP campaigns from Paizo ran from 1st to 20th, so it is possible, but not necessarily wise.

Cool. Looking forward to more.

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VampByDay wrote:
So we started playing this game today. Had lots of fun

That's all that matters, as long as everyone at the table is enjoying themselves in your shared interpretation of the AP. What works for your group might not work for others, but as long as you are all having fun, then shine on, you crazy diamonds.

I wasn't super impressed with 'Punks...', but I will happily follow your campaign progress if you choose to update this thread.

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You could always lift level 6 of the Emerald Spire super-dungeon (the Clockwork Maze) and Frankenstein it into Abomination Vaults.

Hello all. Sorry for long absence. I had an accident at work that kinda' messed up my hands. I can still use them, which is awesome, but long posts for PbP are beyond me at the moment. Regrettably, I must put this game on hiatus. Apologies to everyone who had invested in the campaign amd their characters. It was a joy and a privilege to game with you!

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"Great. We're not gutless, we're incompetent."

Elder Yiszco returns Dominic's friendly gesture, dipping his snout toward the smoldering coals.

"We bought these three eggs from a merchant at the Dusk Market, paid for in the metal coins that the humans hold so dear." Yiszco explains, "We hoped they would grow into strong allies and guardians of the tribe. Without your intervention, they would have been lost. You could have taken all the eggs and sold them yourself, but instead you bought them home. I would offer you a gift, choose one egg to raise yourself, a companion beast to aid you, as you have aided us."

The Iruxi elder carefully removes the three eggs from the thief's bag and lines them up in front of the party, waiting for Sobok to take his pick. The first egg is large and bumpy, with a reddish tint. The second egg is smaller, smooth and blue. The third egg is even larger than the first, and is pale green with livid orange spots.

If Sobok does choose an egg, it will hatch at some point in the future, at which time I'll ask for a roll on the Dinosaur Egg table I posted to the Discussion thread.

"As for your friends, please make yourselves at home. For tonight at least, you are all honourary members of the Stonescale tribe."

This presents an opportunity to try out the Interlude rules (SWADE, p130) if anyone is up for that.

The interior of the elder's tent is claustrophobic and stuffy. Charms and talismans dangle from the supporting poles, and it is almost impossible to move without triggering a cacophony of jangling beads. A stone brazier of smoldering stones casts a sultry orange glow upon the yurt's single occupant, a wizened Iruxi shaman leaning heavily on a gnarled bone staff.

Reverently, Nasha places the thief's bag on the ground, beside the elder.

"Aaaahh," Yiszco sighs, nostrils flaring, "That which was lost has been found once more. See Nasha? I told you not to worry. These things have a habit of working themselves out.

Sobok, my old friend. It has been too long since your last visit. What brings you into our camp, so close to nightfall? Not even the most young and foolhardy Stonescale warrior would risk being caught out after dark.

Do not worry. The camp is protected by wards, upon which the shadow beasts may not encroach. You and your friends will be safe around our fire, this night.

Dominic Artu wrote:
A question for the GM since I don't see it after a quick search. Does a +1 weapon just give +1 damage or does it add to the attack roll at all?

+1 attack roll & damage. :)

One of the Iruxi warriors paddles his coracle closer and takes the bag from Sobok. He blinks in surprise, as he opens it up and sees the three stolen eggs nestled within.

"The eggs!" he shouts, holding the bag high for the other warriors to see, "Friend Sobok has returned what was stolen!"

A cheer goes up among the Iruxi, even those that had been lurking amid the ruins emerge from hiding to join the revelry. Nasha uncrosses his arms and gestures towards the lizardfolk village.

"Come! You and your friends are welcome around Stonescale fire this night! Elder Yiszco will want to meet good humans who return treasure. Big thanks! Come!"

The Iruxi escort you the rest of the way to their village, a squalid ring of ramshackle yurts, huddled around the edges of a flooded courtyard. A bronze statue of Aroden rises from the murky water, heavily bearded with slimy green moss. Iruxi children splash around playfully and tug on each other's tails as part of some infantile game. What looks suspiciously like a giant rat is being roasted above an open fire. Several of the older lizardfolk hiss when they see humans being ushered into their camp, but Nasha raises his arms and addresses the crowd in their native tongue.

"Rejoice! Good humans return eggs! Stonescale tribe welcome good humans, share food and fire!"

While the Iruxi celebrate, Nasha gestures towards the largest yurt.

"Follow. Elder Yiszco will want to speak with friend Sobok and good humans who return treasure."

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