Anyone familiar with Warlock!, the OSR / Stripped down version of WHFRP?

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Warlock is a rules-light roleplaying game that aims to emulate the feeling of old-school British tabletop games of wondrous and fantastical adventure. Warlock looks to reproduce the play style of its illustrious predecessors but in a light, quick and simple manner, with a consistent rules set that is easily hackable and adaptable as desired.

Anyone here familiar with it? I bought a truckload of supplements etc and wouldn’t mind some discussion on it, and maybe running something.

Someone posted some house rules I like as well.

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No bueno?

I think you're posting in the wrong sub forum for this...

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Posssibly. I was gonna lead it to pbp but in this case I think you’re right.

I have it, and am quite fond of it, since I like British fantasy games of that vintage. I've not really looked into the supplements.

I bought Warlock! after I saw Warpstar! advertised on EN World. I'm planning to run a streamlined version of The Enemy Within campaign in January 2024.

I would say Compendium 1 & 2 are nigh essential, and I'm hoping the career expansion (Earn Your Crust) is reduced over at Drivethru for Cyber Monday.

If you do decide to run something on the PbP forum, I would be interested in playing.

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