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I would be coming in a car, and if a friendly group would be interested in doing a few things together, I wouldn't mind being the driver. A couple of the things I'd like to do:

- Space Needle
- Pike Place market
- One or both parks: Olympic or Discovery
- Waterfront walk

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What do you guys think about this:

Learning Languages:

-Learning additional languages is not automatic. Character must spend time immersed in target language to acquire fluency.

-Common is not a language by itself, but a pidgin. You have to have a mother tongue.

-Max. languages = INT modifier;

Levels of fluency:

Rank 0: Common; -3 to Diplomacy & Bluff;
-Requirements: None

Rank 1: Elementary; -1 to Diplomacy & Bluff;
-Requirements: 5 hours of study

Rank 2: Intermediate; +1 to Intimidate, Diplomacy & Bluff;
-Requirements: 2 days of study (20 hours total)

Rank 3: Fluent; +3 to Intimidate, Diplomacy & Bluff;
-Requirements: 5 days of study (50 hours total)

Rank 4: Master; +5 to Intimidate, Diplomacy & Bluff;
-Requirements: 20 days of study (200 hours total)