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Shisumo wrote:
Qa pla'!


neH jatlh Qapla' HeghDI' ghorgh nuv'e' reH tlhuH ghoplIj tIq qeng SoH!

and for people who dont know about english to klingon translation websites:
Only speak of sucess when when you carry your foes still breathing heart in your hand

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[pours a six pack of cure critical's on the curb]

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[looks at Occult Adventures]
[looks at the D20 masque of the red death rulebook]
[Smiles an inhumanly wide smile, and walks off into the mists].

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Folkish Elm wrote:
Charles Evans 25 wrote:

So: did that go well?

Well, that was my first paizocon uk and I had a blast! Just writing this on the train home :)

2) horn of aroden was a lot of fun and forced us to think about combats in a different way:

** spoiler omitted **

3) merchants wake when...

** spoiler omitted **

I thinks i may have been on the same table as you on those two - Remember the squire? [*twitch*twitch*]

Other than forgetting to bring my dice [and the very VERY nice GM who let me borrow some of his for the weekend] for me there is one highlight of the special on saturday that made the event special for me -



The player involved will know who they are.

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Charles Evans 25 wrote:


Stoke-on-Trent – Birmingham
Overnight engineering works are expected to take place between Stoke and Stafford, resulting in diversions of services and/or replacement bus services between Stoke and Stafford. Officially the work is due to finish by 11:00.

Is that 11 am or pm?

Also concerning the dinner on Friday, I was planning on returning to Aston afterwards to get an early night for Saturday - can anyone tell me when the dinner will be wrapping up?

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As reference for the FAQ team, Blessing of courage and life is from the advanced players guide, page 205.

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As a PFS player I've found the Blessing of courage and life to be a life saver at times however i do have a query that i need clearing up on - especially as I'll be going to Paizocon UK in a few weeks.

basically its this: Would a Barbarian, who has received Blessing of courage and life, be able to convert it to gain the healing whilst raging?

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con place - booked
room - not at the uni, but at a nearby pub.
leave -booked
I'M GOING TO MY FIRST PAIZOCON!! [engaging happy ferret dance]

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...when the the only active and non-paralyzed member of the party who can fight the encroaching ghouls is the cleric.

...a cleric who took the Merciful healer archetype.

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id be interested to know more about the combat medic squire and how it would stack up against a merciful healer archetype - would it be worth getting the squire feat AND dipping into a level of combat medic?

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I'll hopefully be there but because of trains [if i stay all day sunday im looking at a late return home or another night at a hotel i can little afford]i may have to leave after the first slot on sunday.

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Ah, fair enough then - thought id better check beforehand.

Thanks for everyones help.

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I was looking into a backup character, and i was looking at playing a catfolk - are they legal to play? or do i need clearence to play one?

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Me'mori wrote:

So there's the Fighter(Bowman), Archery Ranger, Rogue(Sniper), Monk(Zen Archer), and the ever-present Cleric and Paladin, even before getting into Arcane Archer...

Oh my, that's a lot of hurt... Is there a Raging Archer build?

urban barbarian archetype, and focus on ranged attacks?

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Id love to go, but like so many things in my life ATM, it all depends on my funds.

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Nickademus42 wrote:
Start saving for a phylactery of positive channel (11k). It adds 2d6 to your channel for healing. Also look into metamagics for your cure spells.

As a pathfinder society character would i be abler to get that legally?

Secane wrote:
Merciful healer seems pretty powerful as a healer, but as I would suggest you look into other Domains that provide buffs that protect or assist your allies in not being hit in the first place or get them out of trouble if they are.

Except that as a merciful healer i can ONLY access the healing domain.

Rhorek wrote:

Hi - I`m currently creating my Merciful healer myself.

I was also looking to maybe later on dip into paladin but Ncikademus42 is right. A paladin stands at the front fighting off the evil armies of doom while the merciful healer is specifically designed not to engage in combat - also why he can't channel negative energy or damage with positive energy.

fair enough - it was only an option i was thinking about at the time.

Rhorek wrote:

I was wondering Macloud, what stats did you give your Merciful healer. I know that clerics in general have mainly make use wis, int and cha as but I`m on the fence between giving him more cha (better channeling) vs giving him more int (wider spell-selection per day).

I was thinking of going with something along the lines of STR 10, Dex 12, CON 11, WIS 14, INT 15, CHA 17.

Tell me what you think and what you did.


mine is the following:

STR 11, DEX 12, CON 12, INT 14, WIS 16, CHA 12

while im probably not the go to guy for advice id initially say take a point from STR and pump it into WIS - again the merciful healers ideally a non combatant, so a high STR aint gonna do much good to you.

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howdoo - i recently started playing in PFS as a halfling merciful healer [ a cleric archetype from Ultimate Combat] and im currently 1 adventure away from 3rd level.
Basically i was wondering if anyone can give any advice as to further character progression that can maximize my characters merciful healer abilities -

- should i risk dipping into another class? maybe paladin?
or should i stay focus on merciful healer?
- are there any feats i should be gunning for specifically?
- are there any items/treasures [apart from wand of cure light wounds and healers kit] that i should keep an eye open for?

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and if in doult remember WWGD - What would Gygax do?

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FallofCamelot wrote:

My Wife's PFS character has Profession (Poledancer)

She does it in Full Plate...

tapestries, or it didnt happen!