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Are there any guides out there on this feat and any expanded lists of plants you could create?

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Looking for some advise on how to build a savage technologist for PFS. Build must take Gunsmithing feat to be allowed to have firearms.

Thanks in advance!

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So I was reviewing the Shaman and saw something that might work for this class. The nature mystery gives them a familiar/animal companion combo.

IE They get an animal companion with the special abilities and intelligence of a familiar. That would be perfect for this build. Extra skill points and abilities on the animal companion would definitely help. Also the higher intelligence would explain how these animal companions understand and know how to do teamwork feats.

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So what does this class do that I can't get from Ranger?

Weapon and Armor: Limited list compared to Ranger.

Animal Focus: This is the same thing as shifters blessing from Wildshape archtype of Ranger.

Animal Companion: Ranger + Boon Companion

Track: Ranger gets this at 1st level.

Wild Empathy: Ranger gets this at 1st level.

Hunter Tactics: None to replace but I see very few teamwork feats I would want to use with my animal companion anyway.

Teamwork Feat: See above. To make this class viable at least at the low levels maybe follow the way bonus feats work allowing access to some without the prereqs at lower levels like Target of Opportunity and improved feint partner at 3rd.

Doing this actually shows the weakness of teamwork feats as if we were to do the same thing again for 6th I just dont even see any other feats that I would even consider that I would need early access for. They all are just too weak.

Woodland Stride: Ranger gets this at 7th. So you are getting this 2 levels early...

Swift Tracker: Same as Ranger.

Druid Spell List: Only item on this hybrid taken from druid and it just doesnt fit on the concept. The druid list is more support. The ranger list is more designed for a hunter.

So looking at that analysis this really is just a poor man's version of the wildshape archtype of the Ranger with a druid spell list.

Lets look at this another way. To make a hybrid of druid and ranger what does the Druid have to contribute that the ranger doesn't already have? Spell list and Wildshape.

So if they really want to say this is a hybrid of druid one of those two things needs to stay. So to fix this and make it a true hunter class:

A. Either give it Ranger spell list or none at all.
B. Follow this up by giving it Wildshape. Its the only other thing the Druid has to contribute.
C. Give it an ability to hunt!

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I was definitely let down by this class.

A. Doesn't feel like a hunter. Like someone said earlier this is more a wildshape ranger take 2.

B. Weapon selection doesnt include weapons a hunter would use.

C. Animal aspects. Not that useful especially since half will be replaced by magic items. Maybe change these from enhancement to unnamed bonuses.

D. Animal companion selection. The way it is worded you are only allowed to select the short list from the phb. I would love to see this opened up to animals in the beastiary as well.

E. Maybe instead of the Druid spell list we use the Ranger spell list and let him get spells at first? This definitely would up his combat potential and the ranger spell has way more of a hunter feel than the druid list.

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Rogue Eidolon you stated exactly what I was thinking with the proposed system.

The problem will get worse. I know we dont allow bullying but what if then the 4 Level 6s decide they will sit this round of the con out so not to punish/negatively effect there character. Now you are left with your level 3...all by himself.

Now I know some of you might think this is extreme but I can tell you I have seen it happen at a con and will become more prevalent.

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After playing the Runecarved Key I really was wondering this myself. Are the higher ups in PFS corrupt?

Runecarved Key:
My table was seriously considering having "a talk" with our higher up about her methods and the way she was acting. Who knows maybe she was possessed or something.

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So I am going to be purchasing some flipmaps soon and was wondering which ones you think I would get the most use out of for pathfinder society?

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I definitely agree with the fact that killing characters drives players away from the game IF the player thinks he was cheating. This is even worse when you can prove it when you end up running the module yourself.

This has happened to me. The judge was so extreme he was actually bragging about the number of tables he had TPKed on the convention.

Sadly the only way I have found around this is not to let certain people be your GM. Talk to the coordinator and let them know you are not comfortable with them being your judge.

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Jit wrote:
"A Magical Medieval Society: Western Europe", expeditius retreat press

Zeigiest's Blackmoor Book Core book and Tad Kilgore's Riders of the Hak also by Zeigiest.

Riders of the Hak easily is one of the best written and balanced book I have ever read for gaming. The development given to the Hak is amazing. The Hak are plainsdwelling people who are one with their horses.

Oh plus Tad is somewhere on theses boards...