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Do you recommend any good third party modules? I'm just not liking the feel for any of the adventure paths I see from Paizo for my current group.

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One of my players is wanting help to build a Gray Paladin for my campaign. I am struggling finding a build where I just don't feel it is underpowered. They are all 5th level and 25pt buy. She wants to be a two handed weapon style fighter.

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I was just rereading some items as I am DMing a home game in the first time in a long time. I was wondering how long does it take to disable a trap? Usually from playing PFS they always treated it as a standard action however rereading the disable device description is swaying my opinion.

I attached a sample trap description to help us with the discussion. Note it doesn't give a time frame.

Type magic; Perception DC 27; Disable Device DC 27
Trigger proximity (alarm); Reset none
Effect spell effect (acid arrow, Atk +2 ranged touch, 2d4 acid damage for 4 rounds)

Reading the description of disable device it says:
Simple Device: Disabling a simple device takes 1 round and is a full-round action.
Complex/Intricate Device: An intricate or complex device requires 1d4 or 2d4 rounds. Attempting to open a lock is a full-round action.

But does not give any guidelines for magical traps.

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Would they also have a 10ft reach if they were using a weapon?

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So I have a new player who has been watching The Last Air Bender and wants to play monk of the four winds. Sadly our group already has a monk of the four winds and it wouldn't really fit the party composition for the world I am creating. I honestly didn't want any monks in my game.

Do you have any suggestions for other class archtypes which might fit what this player is looking for?

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We want to animate a keelboat (the smaller one from skulls and shackles) and make it fly.



Based on this it keeps its HP when animated. Using the animate object rules I am having trouble calculating the cost.

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Making a Cruoromancer cohort and had a few questions. Character will be starting as 5th level and is a cohort. I have read multiple guides on here regarding animating dead but still feel like I am missing something.

1. Blood Command Ability: What is the point of this ability at 5th level if they don't get animate undead until 7th level?

2. What are the best feats, traits and cheap items to raise:
a. Caster level for animate dead.
b. Bucket size for number able to control at one time.

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I am currently playing in a kingdom builder campaign where my DM has decided to give us all Leadership at 7th level. We all just leveled and are trying to decide what cohorts to build.

One thing my entire party decided is all of our followers and cohorts are going to be builds designed to either help with building an army of building a city/castle.

We know the two obvious routes with Undead creation and crafting constructs but haven't been able to figure out much more than this. Anyone have any nifty builds or ideas that could help us?

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Are there any guides out there on this feat and any expanded lists of plants you could create?

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I am playing in a kingdom builder home campaign and will be playing a 6th level kitsune mesmerist spirit walker.

Feats: realistic likeness, fox shape, cunning caster

I plan on spending a lot of the time pretending to be someone's familiar. Any suggestions for equipment for this build? We have 16k to spend.

Only definite so far is mule cords.

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Say I have a character who finished the first box in skulls and shackles and part of the 2nd. I convert him over for Wrath. Do I get anything for completing the first five for Wrath?

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Anyone know what it is and where it can be found?

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I would definitely like to say I appreciate that we finally get a connection between PFS and the card game.

Just wish it would have been something more unique.

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Am I the only one who thinks this game may have sustainability issues in the near future?

-If they do not release new and approved character decks with a wrath of the righteous I believe people may get frustrated and bored.
-lack or known connections to Pathfinder Society. The two games truly need to be linked. Linking them will cause amazing growth for both.

I know there is discussion that both will come sometime but for this game sooner will be a lot better than later.

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Anyone have any clue what this is?

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How does Banish work in Guild play?

If I banish a deck upgrade in Scenario 2 what happens in Scenario 3?

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Is there a way to be able to play the gunslinger in Society play?

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Where does it state I gain the ability to breathe under water and lose the ability to breathe air as it relates to a druid wildshaping into an animal with the aquatic subtype.

I can't seem to find anywhere where it states you gain the subtype.

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So would this allow you to flurry with a ranged or a two handed weapon if your diety's weapon was ranged/two-handed?

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So we all know the first part of the impossible domain that it allows us to use mind affecting spells on constructs.

I am more interested in the next part:

"Constructs are treated as living creatures for the purposes of determining which spells affect them"

So I was hoping for a little brainstorming help for some fun ways we could use this little additional ability it gives!

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Looking for some advise on how to build a savage technologist for PFS. Build must take Gunsmithing feat to be allowed to have firearms.

Thanks in advance!

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Is this going to be converted to PFS?

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How does this work with spells which require you to say something or give a command.

Examples: Suggestion, Hideous laughter

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If I buffed a claw attack would the rake attack be simularly buffed? My example for this would be a dire tiger.

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So far I have:

Cleric 7

The rest that I have found are 9th or higher:
Wizard/sorceror 9
Summoner 10
Rune:5. 9th

Am I missing a method?

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I was wondering if there was somewhere you could read what has happened in the storyline so far from seasons 1-4 from an outside view and their affects on the world?

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They are just down right scary.

1. Can get an animal companion. Limited list but does include tiger!
2. Can replace Dex with Cha for AC bonus and reflexes!
3. Can take wild-shape at 7th. Instead of getting the ability to turn into elementals/plants they get the ability to turn into magic beasts.
4. Can get any natural attack type they want to add to their attack set. 2 at 11th.

I can easily see this becoming the new druid.

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If you were limited to:

Which would you choose to play as a melee druid for pfs?

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Is there a class that can create undead other than cleric prior to level 7?

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So I am helping a friend with a build for a new character. He wants to play a necromancer. We have come up with the best starting combo for it I am just unsure which route (sorceror or bard) would be better. This character would be for PFS.

Race: Kitsune (have boon)

1. Dirge Singer Feat: spellsong
2. Dirge Singer
3. Sorceror Crossblooded Fey/Serpentine and Tattoed Sorceror:Enchantment
Feat: Realistic Likeness

The build at lower levels is more about being able to affect undead and contol them. Im just not sure where to go from here. Diabolist seems like it would be amazing at higher levels but not sure what would be better 4-9.

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How do bite attacks from different sources combine?

Currently I am wondering for a kitsune with the serpentine bloodline and the bite attack that comes with the bloodline.

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If you wanted an alignment change how are these possible? Do you just retrain like anything else?

Or should you treat it as evil per the guidelines and just have your dm document every time you did something "lawful" or "chaotic"?

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Ring of Spell Knowledge states you can add one spell to your spell list but at a one level higher caster level. What in your opinion are the best limited access spells to place in a ring of spell knowledge?

My thoughts:

-Blistering Invective
-Bless Weapon
-litany of escape
-sow thought

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What are the best ways at lower levels to hide that you are casting this and to avoid the -5 to your dc?

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How does this work?

Lets assume:
A. Riding a horse is two ratfolk (can share same square). One archer, one lancer
B. Both can tap a dc 20 ride check
C. Weight is not an issue.

If lancer goes first, does a ride by attack how does this effect the archer?

-Would the bad guy get an aoo on the archer?
-Can he shoot at all? Per the rules he has to shoot in the middle of his movement. Or was the mount's movement considered the lancers?
-What negatives would he take?
-Do you see any benefits to this?

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So I was reading through the threads and noticed a lot of people are upset about people playing more then non-core races than the core races. (Side note: I love the additional races! Just wish I could actually get a boon for one!)

So I started thinking what type of boons would make people want to play the core races. I came up with two ideas.

1. Bonus 1st level feat for only core races (minus human).

2. Special Race specific Archtype!!! Great way to either create a halfling outrider archtype or introduce the Sable Marine Archtype.

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Can you use the mounted combat feat or other feats/skills like this?

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I cant find anything stating if this archtype posted in the piazo blog is valid for PFS. I see the role is approved but not sure if this is.

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So the girlfriend wants to play pathfinder and has a concept to play a mounted flying archer who rains down pain. Ive been working on the build but trying to fit all the feats in is just very difficult.

i realize the best way to get a flying mount will be to dip into druid for a level and then boon companion it up.

i was given two rules: no bards (she played one before) and no dumping charisma.

Any suggestions on how to build this character? It would be for PFS.

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I am trying to find the different divine SLA that you can get to qualify yourself for Mystic Thuerge.

I currently know of:
Fate Inquisition (augury)
Aasimar (Summon Nature Ally II)
Oracle -Wood Mystery -Bend the Grain (Warp Wood)

Did I miss any?

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Do any other races other then Human and half-elf have the ability to get a bonus skill focus at 1st?

How about a class at 1st or 2nd?

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Okay so this build is for PFS. My theory behind this is that my enemy should be my friend. Now it isnt as Enchanter focused as some but I think it does well.

So here goes nothing. Any help is appreciated!

Agathion-Blooded Aasimar
-Summon Nature Ally II (2nd level Divine)

Lawful Neutral

STR 10
Dex 12
Con 16
Int 12
Wis 8
Cha 19

Persistent Spell, Extra Revelation, Spell Focus-Enchantment, Greater Spell Focus, FEAT?, FEAT?

Magical Lineage: Charm Person (I will prolly retrain this at higher levels)
Wayang Spell Hunter: Charm Person

1. Oracle -Lore Dual Cursed Legalese/Lame
-Sidestep Secret
2. Sorceror -Crossblooded Serpentine/Oni
3. Sorceror
4. Sorceror Oni -Alter Self (2nd level Arcane)
5. Mystic Theurge
6. Diabolist (For imp)
7. Diabolist
8. Mystic Theurge
9. Mystic Theurge
10. Mystic Theurge
11. Mystic Theurge
12. Mystic Theurge

Key Magic items:
-Thanatopic metamagic rod
-Pages of Spell knowledge -Blistering incentive, curse of disgust, frost fall

Spell list:
Work in progress.

Cool ideas:
-Page of Spell Knowledge -Blistering invective. First off the pages make the loss from crossblooded painless. Second this spell is amazing. Add the Oni bonus ability plus the high intimidate I will have it just rocks.
-Love the imp. Easily worth losing a spell caster level from oracle.

Things I am questioning:
- Dual Cursed (lame) -is losing 10ft movement and a feat worth what Misfortune gives me? I am iffy on this.
- 2nd level of diabolist. Theurgy could do same if I hadnt dumped Wisdom. Only reason taking is for hellfire as at higher levels I am expecting to see a lot of demons.
-What feats to take.
-Ways to get my enchantment dc higher.

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What are the different parts of the bloodline based off of level wise?

-Sorceror Level, Sorceror caster level, or just your level?

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So I am thinking of making an Enchantment specialist for PFS. I have the framework for a build but need some help fleshing it out and your thoughts if it is viable.

Traits- Magical Lineage-??, Wayang Spellhunter-???

Race- Aasimar or Teifling

1. Evangelist Cleric of Asmodeous
Domain-Trickery (copycat)
Alternate Channelling-Contract (Negatives to saves vs Compulsion)

2.Evangelist Cleric

3. ????????

4. Mystic Theurge

5. Mystic Theurge
6. Mystic Theurge

7.Mystic Theurge
8.Mystic Theurge

9 Mystic Theurge(maybe 1 level dip Diabolist?)

10.Mystic Theurge

11.Mystic Theurge

12.Mystic Theurge
PFS play mostly ends here.

I would be using the rules to get into Mystic Thuerge early hence the trickery domain. The reason i think you only need a level of Evangelist is because you get all the benefits up front. I am just unsure what class would work best with it and archtype and how to make sure I have a second method of doing damage. This character is going to be used greatly in demon based campaigns so having things that could be effective against demons also might be helpful. Thanks in advance!

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I have an idea for a chelaxian lawyer. He would be all about making binding contracts, dominating, legalese, and control.

Kind of like the Sarishian Binder from arcanis.

I am just bewildered what class/build/race would work best for the class. This would have to be pathfinder society legal and would be played mostly with the year of the demon mods in mind.

Thank you for any advice in advance!

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So trying to make sure I dont double play a mod I was wondering if someone had an easy to use checklist for all the scenarios.

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So I am going to be purchasing some flipmaps soon and was wondering which ones you think I would get the most use out of for pathfinder society?

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