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played the game the the -5 on the second attack almost had know effect on the attacks hitting or missing. tho this is normal the case at low levels the roll on the d20 swings things more. are dps fighter was doing on average 10 a hit rolling d12 for damage and his 2nd attack would still hit like 50% of the time thanks to things like sweep and flanking

and as the caster vs fighter this is a argument as old as time and the grass will all ways look better on the other side

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at low levels you do get a lot of damage with duel wielding but if you are looking for raw damage most players i know will tell you its a trap a good two hand weapon build dose more in the long run. i have not done the math tho as i play caster for the group

so i think most do it for the fondness of it but i do agree it would be cooler if you could do all that parry or feint with stuff

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well i have play tested it i played a level 1 druid so some things i like

the flat hp every level
the point buy
the back grounds
the skills being combined tho they may have go a little over board with this
the races seemed fine maybe pick 2 races feats at level 1

things i'm mix about

the charter sheet like the spell page hated the first page lay out may me feel like i was looking at a test in school

druid did not feel like a druid more like i was a spell sword tho this may just be low level and the order i picked was storm / may have had a different fill if i had picked animal or wild

things i did not like

the combat and spells i feel like the spell casting is lacking
why cast a ray of frost for a 1d8 when i can attack for 1d8+2 and than attack again for 1d8+2 at a -1 to hit the 2nd time

also having to raise your shield was a pain and and just feels like a wast it did very little for me

complaints form the others in the game
alchemist was out of bombs and elixirs very quickly (may fix its self at higher levels)
barbarian hated that rage was a action
that it only last 3 rounds.

gm wanted the attack profile for the bad guys to have the - for the 2nd and 3rd attacks fill out

he also did not like it when i cast burning hands and had to check the saves vs 4 DC's to find out if they took no damage, half damage , full damage, or double damage as he said you ten guys in a fire ball it going to take some time to work all this out for each guy

all in all it has some good points we had fun with the game but we all fill at the moment p1 is for us but will give this a try when they release it for real with hopefully a bit more flushed out rules

thank you for the rules in jade regent players guide more options are all ways good

as for WBL my GM dose not use it but tends to control the item we can find as to keep thing with in the right power levels

after talking about it with my gm he just going to use the rules to make gold noting but that as to keep thing easy

so after looking it all over and taking LordKailas advise on the mater we think we have it worked out thanks for all the input

LordKailas wrote:
lock wood wrote:
that a great idea and i will look in to that that in the Ultimate Campaign. right

yes, a wagon could probably be treated as a 6 block building that consists of a storage area and a store front (basically a store without the office or lavatory rooms).

Glancing over the rules, it looks like such a "building" would give you a +15 to your profession check and a +2 bonus to gp. You would earn money equal to

((your check)/10)+2 gp

So, if you had a +5 and you took 10, you would get

((30)/10)+2 = 5gp per day.

that could work with 2 wagons i would make 10gp a day or 300 gp in 30 days with is how long the trip from town to town takes

that a great idea and i will look in to that that in the Ultimate Campaign. right

so i'm playing a merchant have ranks in the profession. spent 2500 gp for wagons horse. etc. joined a merchants guild

the guild will sell me goods at a lower prices then i take them to towns and sell them.

sounds great but after every thing is said and done i have to make money theirs tax, travel cost, have to pay npc/pc etc my gm want to keep it easy so i was want to know if there was a formula out there for this. in any of the books to make it easy

also their could be the problem with me having a higher gold % then the rest of the group they to are picking up professions but its still a possibility as i should make more as i have invested a lot in to unlike the blacksmith who is just going to the towns local black smith and working for him as a work hand.\

so if i buy 500 worth of goods at lets say 60% book prices and i can sell them at 90% book price what should i net what should be my profit after all bills are payed?

this seems low when i brake it down for gross profit any input would help

thank you

can you give a page on that rule plz as so i can show it to the group

ok thanks we were unsure if that worked i said it would.

the other GMs were unsure

tho level 7 seems a long way to off for the spell to deal with it when ghouls are CR3

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i know i misspelled in the header don't know how to fix plz forgive me as i am already being nagged about it by my girlfriend who has a 4 year English degree

ran in to the problem my level 7 group could not get out of being paralyzed. they got one save then they had to sit there till it ran out

no skill we found work to remove it

only a 5th level spell (forgot spell)

which made me question are we missing something, or is this a over sight

i am using monster from pathfinder like ghouls but there are rules to convert which i am doing (maybe not right) so this maybe a compatibility problem

thanks for all the input

this seems about what he would be looking for its even there level
PRICE 16740
Huge land and air vehicle (10 ft. wide, 20 ft. long, 7 ft. high)
Speed 10 ft., full 450 ft., 50 mph (ground and fly)
EAC 16; KAC 20; Cover Total Cover
HP 90 (45); Hardness 8
Attack (Collision) 7d10 (DC 13)
Modifiers –4 Piloting, –3 attack (–6 at full speed)
Systems autopilot (Piloting +13), planetary comm unit; Passengers 7

but a bit smaller to hold one maybe 2 people only he want a helicopter

as for crafting rules all i can find is put gold in vile shack time pass pour out you have item of same value as there is no restrictions other then level and gold it seem you can craft anything out of anything

so i feel the pain of this lack of rules for it but i don't want to take the fun out of it for the players

party level is 8

i was planing on keeping him from having it at all time aka dungeons and the like it want fit

so one of my player wants to build a personal flying battle tank. by the rules of crafting this should be know problem. but i am worried this will make a untouchable pc in combat that can just handle all monsters any thoughts on how to let him have his fun with out braking the game?

i have a few but would love to have others views

after looking over his sheet, i can fully say that he could not do this with the computers he had.
he is also a technomancer he trying to use a computer that was built for scanning for life forms with in 100 ft and give him sniping targets.

he also clams to have a AI built in but i see know were this is pay for/even marked on his sheet.

if he shows back up i will work this out thank you again for all you in put

thank you for all your in put the player want to use the shuttle in combat by remote hacking it and slamming it in to the orcs :{

the point is a level 3 pc should not able to do this

ok thanks

ok thank you

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player wants to remote hack shuttle and fly it
the player want to do this i said no that it need some one at the controls he said auto pilot there is know auto pilot in the book and even then it would not work like that as auto pilot is like cruse control.

dose this seem right or are there rules i'm missing

if you have 2 in your hand can you trow both. do you need two hands to use it do to having to pull the pin?

and do you take a -4 to the DC

1 dwarf i love the role play they let me act like the old man i am be coming

2 ratfolk i love this one great stats for wiz but it plays so well to being under handed most people disregard you as in the way not worth paying any mind to. also i played warhammer table top skaven for the win still have 300 rat man the chaos whispers to me (eat warp stone)

3 Dhampyr it band form are group two many rewrites to much debate over its rules (between 3 gms and 15 players) and how they works so yea..
no agreement could be made that would not leave people mad it a long story plz don't ask

My Self wrote:
Paladin Alternate Favored Class Bonus, d20pfsrd wrote:
Human Add +1 to the paladin's energy resistance to one kind of energy (maximum +10).
You're actually a bit behind on the game.

this is for all class not just paladin and there's no max

well i thinking that force resistances would be to powerful now as at level 5 the player cant be damaged by magic missile

and think i go with the prime 5 fire, cold electric acid and sonic

i was think of letting people pick between 1 hp/1 skill point or one point of a resistances per level of fav class

so the thing is

you have base energy's
then you have other energy's

so the do i go with the short list or the long one. i don't see much in pact to the game form this but maybe there some angle im not seeing

if there any energy that i missed let me know

this is what most of my wiz are
tho with less spells buffing the ranged attacks
keep gravity bow
take a level in ranger not fighter go trapper from Umagic which give you trap finding so now your a back up trap spotter(or in my group the only one)
as for races any dex+ int+ will do

plz stop point out how good hunter is i am scared my players may read your post and all play one at the same time:}

the only down side is how mad they are

i like warprest i will have so much fun hitting a pc with a dagger that dose a 1d8 only for them to find out after the fight it just a dagger

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shampoo i think a new game might be in order if they complaining about pron shooter candy land anyone :}

all realy good one that i have never see before keep it up

done the 50/50 split there are problems with both groups the fighter group is just more in you face

look if you raise the casting time of spells, then pick spell 1 to be at a lower time even tho it in ench it will bring headache.

player won't know that spell is lower time to cast why be case wiz and caster have a tone of book work to keep track of and most people don't do the work this is why i see players cast sleep as a stander act and the gm don't know any better so they let it happen.

that being said i do have a idea for wiz if you want to go down that path

i say we put all spell at a casting time of 1 round but if you are a necro then the spell form the necro school cast as a stander but all others don't

soc and cleric would be harder but maybe you could do a blood line thing or domain thing

but i think pathfinder is on the right track for spells most new spell i see come out do not put the core spell to shame unlike 3.5 where at the end know one want to use any but spell for other books as they were better and op look at you wrack

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Boon Companion is one i really like for rangers

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Makarion wrote:
lock wood wrote:

wow these are good

i had a toon that would have loved flensing strike

fey foundling i wonder if they also take the trait rich parents ?

Why would you? Rich Parents is terrible, and in that combination wouldn't make a lot of sense, either.

i was making a joke on the rich parents for all the reason you stated

wow these are good

i had a toon that would have loved flensing strike

fey foundling i wonder if they also take the trait rich parents ?

Aelryinth wrote:

A simpler method of favoring certain schools for speed would also do that.

If all Evocation damage spells were standard actions, 'normal' spells were full round actions, and anything longer then that was a minute or more, that would also change emphasis on combat from save or dies to improved blasting. "Combat" magic would actually mean something.


really don't like this i mean what would call combat magic?

theirs not one school that i don't use some spell from for combat.

it just seem like one more thing you have to stop the game for so the caster or gm could look up

just my to cents we need combat turn speed up not slowed down

communal spells so good

wow that good that second part is even better it just keep giving

not sure why were looking at Ultimate Magic spells i never saw anything worth casting in that book.

now ultimate combat has some good spells

that being said the one thing i love in Ultimate Magic is the ranger(trapper) which you give up your spells for go weird right?

i just saw the up date to the wing and am said for all :(

it not a trap i mean trick ;)

i like the wing defect arrow for swords

skill focus is a good one

and toughness just look better every level

cornugon smash is cool to not my cup of tea but i really like the feel of it sum big guy hit me with a axe i may be demoralize

really good

i just see all these thing about a lot of feats being bad and wanted a list of feat people liked beside the standerd

what are some feats that are good, but get over looked because were are picking up the basics like point blank, and ,power attack. (step up)

some that are just good but for some reason just get over looked(Nimble Moves)

feat that should help one class but seem to work so much better for some other class (i like die hard for a Clerc)

some time you have to look throw a few 100 bad feats to find one really good one like "Nimble Moves" way to good at higher levels but i bet i will be the only one to take it

the rest of the party has to give attacks of op to the frost giants just to move up a squire trow the snow just so they can hit.(this is how it been the last two game)

i can get behind more feats that have some meat the bones

we have to keep in mind, how much of a pain it must be coming up with all those feats. so writer i thank you for all the content good and bad i rather have it and never need it ... etc

1 light cross bow rock in the hands of my wiz and every one keep giving him up grades for free of the mobs. it beat ray of frost

2 i saw stats for a str 5 caster that fine but just pray you gm dose not make you calculate how much you can care because 13pounds is not a lot of wiggle room 51 and you can't move more then five feet

3 i am a casual gamer because the i seen 27 year-old man have a heart attack over the bull s** some player where bring in to his game because they thought they were pro gamers

it seem to me this topic has gotten of topic was it not about spell being op

banned for banning me be case only i can ban my self

i cant believe that orisons/cantrips abuse is really a issue i'm sure there some one out there trying to flood a room with create water but all it take is a dm just saying no not happening

i had more problems with this when it came to warlock in 3.5 as you could take acid for your rays and then use it as much as you want so here a player is hit a door with 5d6 acid and like why the door still there

some time you just got to look at players and tell them know your not going to acid a way ever door and wall in the place

i know it not the best way to do thing but some times it the only way

wizard i like being in control of the battle

i really like going 1 level ranger(trapper from ultimate magic)with give you trap finding so now your the trap finder.

then go wiz but pick up a bow and the spell gravity bow

then in to EK so you can fire a arrow when a spell would be a wast

mark is banned for showing his age buy bring up charlie brown

i trow out there that if a player want to use guns then bad guys have them rarely do i see a gun we have the same rule for some spells if the player don't cast them i want have the bad guys cast them.

that being said i have had a few with guns

a pc with a gun seem to be ok as long as the pc is not playing a gun based class like a cleric we has with a gun it was a lot of cool role play i even gave a five shot clip.

had a wiz, ranger, and a pirate. with a gun that was fine

but gunslinger with a gun is just wow sorry dragon you ac mean noting ad the best touch ac in the bestiary 1 is like ac 21 on a cr 20 demon i do think some of the latter book fix this

because then cursed item that change gender would have no effect on then and we know :)

just a thought don't know if this has been covered but if two dwarf where gay it would more come of as a strong bond of brotherhood like to warrior you cant separate in battle so most people would never know.

an with they way they ten to be like a rock showing little to people about what going on in side it a surprise we don't just believe that they are grown form the rocks them self's

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