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Three Great Taverns!


I've received this book for free as part of Taig's Third Partymas, which is over now. Thanks to both taig and Dire Rugrat!

The first tavern described is the Angelic Imp. The Angelic Imp is a fancy establishment, unlike most taverns. Its mostly visited by couples on a date, or people looking for a place to conduct discrete dealings. The events and rumors tables provide several hooks for side quests as well as social encounters.

The second tavern is Blackberry Bill's. It's a tavern owned by a former adventurer, who makes delicious deserts. Like the Angelic Imp, the events and rumors provide some hooks, as well as social encounters and one combat encounter.

The third tavern is the Plattering Platypus. It serves stuff like fried chicken, burgers, steak, etc, and serves different meals depending on what day of the week it is. The events have a small bit of humor injected into them, which I enjoy.

The NPCs for all three of the taverns were exceptionally well crafted. The ones with stats have interesting abilities that reflect their background well.

The formatting for this book is well done, with no mistakes I noticed. Overall, I rate this a 5/5.

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Has good background and tactics, formatting is off.


The first problem with this book is one with the stat-block. Deiro lacks a spell book, and as a magus, without a spell-book, he cannot cast spells. The second one is minor. Bulls Strength; as in Transmutation-Bulls Strengh, is not in italics.

Diero's saves are low for his level, which; as another reviewer mentioned, make him vulnerable.

The good parts of this book is Diero's background, as well as the tactical advice. The background presents a dark twist on the peasant hero/robin hood concept. The tactics include things Diero would do, in response to the PC's, as well as tactics for the enemies in the lair.

In conclusion, the tactics and Deiro's background are good, but the errors let it down.

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Good book!


Disclaimer: I received this for free (as a review copy).

This issue of Letters from the Flaming Crab has 16 pages; one page title, one page credits, and 2 pages copyright. That leaves us with 12 pages of content.
This issue honors International Women’s Month. It features 8 incredible women from history. Each one has a short biography and some crunch inspired by them in the book.

Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed: Elizabeth has an Inquisitor Inquisition based off of her in this book. The BLOOD INQUISITION!!! An inquisitor with the blood inquisition gains HP from their enemy’s blood.

Queen Boudicca: Queen Boudicca has a magic item based off of her. The War Queens Chariot. A Tiny Chariot that can turn into a full sized chariot (and horses!), and provides buffs to people with the tactician ability or Leadership. Also provides bonuses in mass combat.
Saint Clare of Assisi: A new inquisitor archetype; the cenobite. It has abilities like Sacred Performance (like Bardic performance, but gains limited performances), Merciful Weapon, and Compassionate Weapon. Saint Claire also has several new creeds inspired by her. Examples include: Abstinence, Chastity, and Poverty.

Marie Curie: Marie Curie has several discoveries based on her. A radioactive bomb discovery, several discoveries that improve on that, special weapon properties/materials like lead (material), radioactive (property), and leaded glass (material). A trait, called Chemist, is also based off her.

Hatshepsut: Hatsheput has a new archetype for the paladin based off of her: the Noble Priest. Basically a member of the aristocracy that joined the clergy.
Joan of Arc: Joan has a paladin archetype based off of her. The Visionary. Visionaries choose an oracle mystery, and at a higher level, can enter a trance that can give them mysterious insight into the future.

Osh-Tisch: Osh-Tisch has a cavalier archetype based off of her. The Order of the Crow, which is centered on the cavalier’s tribe or clan. A magic item, the Coup of Great Medicine, and three teamwork feats based on charging are also included.

Mary Shelly: Mary Shelly has her creation; Frankenstein, statted out as a CR 11 Unique Flesh Golem. Frankenstein has a chance of going berserk, until calmed by his creator.

Conclusion: Editing and Formatting are good, with few mistakes. If you are interested in any of the stuff listed, buy this cool book!

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Here be a (great) book!


Disclaimer:I got this book for free.
This book is part of the Letters from the Flaming Crab series.
This part focuses on pseudo dragons, and includes 6 pseudo dragons, two dragon focused archetypes, two archetypes that familiars can take, and a kewl new magic item, the dragonstone!!!
This book is 15 pages long, 1 page title, 1 credits, and 2 copyright info. So, 11 pages of content.

The pseudo dragons presented here are all different. The packice dragon looks to be made of glacial ice, while the ectoplasmic dragon(my favourite) has been touched by occult forces. Some other examples of the different pseudo dragons are the coral dragon, which lives in coral reefs, and the koi dragon, which has beautiful shining scales which it can use to attack with.

The Bonded Oracle (Oracle Archetype)
Bonded Oracles gain familiars with special abilities, in return for getting curse benefits at higher levels than normal.

Tiny dragon tamer(Witch archetype)
The Tiny dragon tamer gets a lizard familiar, that can be improved by adding spells as spell-casting abilities. Later, the familiar turns into a tiny dragon.

The intermediary(familiar archetype)
Intermediary familiars gain a ward that they can communicate with(via speak to master and emphatic link).

The scavenger(familiar archetype)
The scavenger can track people and find objects.

The Dragonstone
The Dragonstone is a magic stone that can do a lot of useful things, like purifying water to creating light. Before it can do this, it must be unlocked by a dragon (this could create cool plot hooks or side quests(get the dragon something in order for it to unlock the dragon stone)). The powers of the stone depends on the HD of the dragon and the type of stone.

Editing and formatting is good, with only a few mistakes.
If you are looking for a flavorful dragon as a familiar, then this book is great!