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+1 Irrisen

Can't wait for this one.


I would love to be a play tester, thou my life is going to get very busy in 5 months due to work.

I like the idea where we get the product sooner, then you release a small .pdf with any updates later.

when do we get a preview?

I'm also a sucker for more spells to choose from. Thou at the moment paizo products are all that i'm looking for.

low int should not know lots of facts or do the math.

High wis should make choices that are going to good over all.

example of crossing a damaged bridge with wis is not to take the risk unless the possible fall is some thing you have to do.

example of crossing a damaged bridge with int is to examine the bridge's condition to determine if it can support your weight.

I talked to office Depot and it would be about $20 all together to buy cards and have them printed for summoned creatures and spell (1000cards)

Leave the .pdf with them and come back tomorrow that way you can save time. Its about the same cost as doing it at home maybe a little cheaper.

I plan on getting some nice card box the the alphabetical order sections so my total cost for storing and printing is about $40.

Captian Sir Hexen Ineptus wrote:

1. Paizo already admitted they were week.
2. Too late, they are already have better powers for the barbarian in the APG.
3. Blindly stating such with out support vs. pages of counter arguments isn't going to hold.
4. How about some supporting points so I can see your point, as I would LOVE to see this as well.

I stand corrected and will welcome any new options paizo offers. My group has... tactical barbarians which now that i think of it seems very odd. I concede

I have not faced any of thous problems at my table, and the player that brings his had .PDFs so he always has his own books. If some one at my table was that disruptive laptops would be baned with out a second thought.


Currently we're running more of a free flowing game where every one is a pathfinder. In a bit we'll be running King Maker

We try to play once a week, some time we miss a week, other times we might meet up more then once a week. It just depends on everyone's schedule/how fun the current game is.

Most of us are in college

sounds great.


Oni (evil spirits bound into the flesh of a humanoid form)

PLEASE make a book on Oni in the near future

When do you think you'll have this product done? I need to get it as soon as possible. Next campaign I'll be playing a wizard :)

+1 for low-templar, but sense I already have that class a new one would be cool as well.


waiting for this book sucks I need it now... any word on a book for Nex?

Maps would be nice

hehe, I was going to say some thing like "yeah i like the NPC guide and what are you people talking about?" but the above mention off topics where interesting.


I for one like the NPC guide. Thou epic is a waste at my table, a book that helps with feat choices and spell lists would be great, and some equipment lists for the next levels up to help fill out my NPCs that would be wondering around.

A tool box of mid level could save me a lot of time. A few ways I can see it being made:

-A list of monstrous NPCs around the world that are higher Challenge rating

-same format but part two leaning on 4-7 generic NPCs and level 6-11 full write up NPCs.

-Some full write ups, and a tool box of paths/premade regional options

-screw NPCs give me Asian Adventures NOW XD

1. i call everyone who said they would be coming over and tell them to head over. Every one shows up and hangs out till Steve arrives who is always late by an hour or more.

2. Set up books and screen hand out characters, i talk about what everyone wants to do, and i think about what is going on in the worlds.

3. Next I have to decide what books to get handy based on what everyone is planing.

4.a. When game starts I roll list of gods in pathfinder and declare which one is watching over group for the session.

4.b. Adding Harrow cards to this affect. My group always has a blast dealing with the heavy hand of fate. That and what GM doesn't want a reason to hunt one player all session?

5. Game & eat food is always at table.

6. bonus xp awards and review, I try to see what players liked or don't like and offer xp for the habits i would like to see more of. See what they are wanting to do for next session.

New world

more info on this world

anything that will save me time would be great

Mirror, Mirror wrote:
What's the deal with all the "-1" entries for the Bard? Typo?

The bard's xp is very easy to get, and if they lead the group with antics or actual motivation there xp is very good, that and they get can double dip on the general xp. The bard in my game is one of the fastest leveling PCs.

Option C

The mental work for Augmented is minimal compared to that many extra cards. I also would be happy to see a supplementary set for Bestiary II

I say barbarians being bad at holding down a day job is great. If you want to play the amazing trades man then try a class is consistent, valued around the world, and good with people.

The barbarian doesn't need nor should he be the master of the 40 hour work week.

James is right the math makes little difference in the long run. A Barbarian, in time and dedication could be an excellent and very productive employee/business owner.

Does any one know when we will get a peek at 2011?

Wicked K Games wrote:
...make each card seperate (ie - Hawk, Celestial Hawk, Fiendish Hawk, Augmented Hawk, Augmented Celestial Hawk, Augmented Fiendish Hawk)

i think this is best for simplicity, but if there are going to be more then 300 cards some compressing would be nice.

ok looking at the Experience Point Awards (Page 399) I find CR to equal the level of character and I treat individual exp awards as if it where a party of 1-3.

So it is 135xp awarded to the Sorcerer for rolling playing.

One of my buddies who owns Modern was very interested. Don't know if he'll pre-order thou.



I like the idea of summoned creature cards, and every summoner PC or NPC in any game I've ever run picks up "Augmented Summoning" so having thous stats available would be very helpful.

I told my group about your cards and they like the idea a lot. So It looks like we'll have at least one complete set. Maybe two but that has more to do with how much the cards cost.

Now I'm thinking about how I should manage the cards for passing them out and putting them away. I'm seeing a binder with card holding pages and alphabetical order right now.

Ok I wanted to know all the ways every one awards house-rules exp awards. I'll post my chart which is inspired by AD&D 2ed. I use slow exp progression and as a rule don't give much extra exp for numbers of opponents just what ever there base CR is.

I base exp rewards on the characters level. The individual rewards are given out at the end of the session and before meal breaks at my game.

Everyone has a chance to get these exp awards

Role Playing LvL
Cleaver Idea LvL
Idea that saved the party LvL+2
Campaign Specific (what ever flavor the current game is about) LvL

These awards are class specific. For multi classing &/or prestige classes I'm assign one that works best for the character.

Barbarian: in my game barbarians level a bit faster but tend to weaken them selves in areas of tactics and tools as a trade for fast leveling.

Do it the hard way LvL+2
Refuse Magical Aid LvL+2 includes not using magical weapons and Armour.
Destroy magic item 20% of GP value max exp LvL+2
-this doesn't apply to destroying other players equipment, and it counts if he just hurls it in to the sea or otherwise gets rid of it. This leads the dumb barbarian to smash the "evil" mage's staff before party can claim it.
Defeat Magic User/Beast that really isn't some thing the Barbarian has any hope against example = ghost vs bare hands. If the party defeats it while the barbarian hurls him self at certain doom this should be awarded. LvL+2

Use skill to over come a problem LvL-1
Gain Significant Treasure LvL-1
Use magic to over come a problem LvL-1
Was entertaining and Role played above and beyond LvL-1
Created new story Arc LvL+2

Don't Compromise values LvL
Guide community LvL+2
Diminish other Ethics LvL

Maintain Sacred Grove Lvl+1
-sacred grove being a extraordinary location worth protecting with slight magical affect for those who know how to access it. examples: fay ring, grand farm estates that always has bountiful crops, spring that can cure poison and disease, a city that has no parasites. Never forget a druid who hates civilization is the same a druid who hates bees for building a bee hive.
Use in indirect means to Victory LvL+1
Gain Ally equal to your level or better LvL+1

Victory LvL+3

Once per level study under a greater Martial Artist/could be monstrous LvL+4
Achive or Surpass new physical limits/goals LvL+1

Paladin: I hold paladins to a very strict code, deviating even a little bit means the paladin is so full of shame he wont use his class features for several months because he doesn't see himself as worthy in game thou atonement spell can speed this up if the church needs him right now. And willful disregard for the paladin's code is permanent status of ex-paladin. If your paladins are not as noble then reduce the xp awarded

Victory with out Violence LvL+3
Sacrifice self/items for others LvL+3
Convert others to lawful good (HD total = level min required) LvL+3
Promotion/Join an organization LvL+3
- don't for get the groups actions represent and can shame the paladin thus lose of class features for a time and he should work towards fixing the his and organization's reputation.
Respecting others beliefs and customs LvL+1

Used Animals/environment to help LvL
Defeated Favored Enemy LvL+3
Used Skills/Class Features successfully LvL

Got something with out earning it LvL+1
Use skills/class features to over come problems LvL+2

Roleplay racial heritage LvL+1
Use Magic to Roleplay LvL
Used social Skills to gain victory LvL

Use magic to solve problems LvL+2
Create Magic item 10% of GP value max LvL+1
Learn new spells: spell levels = to wizard level, then maintain and review older works. Spells gained from levels don't count. LvL+2

Always open to tips, other options, and any other way to encourage players to have personality and drive.

I'm having fun with them in my group. Though I slow them down a bit, I give them a trait that is related to the feat they want then let them pick up the feat once they can place it. It makes my game much easier to run because my players spend some time creating plot threads for me.

That and I don't give them a list of what is and is not part of the achievement system. That way after they work for some thing i'll give them a feat that already exists or a achievement feat or some thing custom that I think really fits there character and how they have been playing there character.

looked at some of your samples and they look like they are going in a good direction to me, but how are you planing on making this available to us?

Second, i'm understanding your making two complete sets: raw and condensed?


Thous links would be a perfect fix, but I don't normally run my game at/near a PC.

for now I guess I'll have to wait for the spell cards to be finished, I'm hoping they wont cost much to have them printed out at Staples.

Oriental Adventures NOW!

I want the entire world detailed as soon as possible. Plus more options for building different regional characters would be great.

One of my players constantly asks me when they we are going to play a game that heads to the east. Plus I don't like staring at a map that has an edge where I do everything I can to halt any travel that direction. I run a very free flowing game and a complete setting is ideal.

Plus a Oriental NPC guide, and along with Oriental treasure cards would be an requirement.

Actually I was thinking and even the idea I thought of last night would still be horribly unwieldy. So maybe you guys could come up with a deck of wild magic, with art similar to Harrow. Wild magic was always fun in my past games. That and what gnome couldn't benefit from wild magic?

Another idea that would help my dread of creating spell lists would be a deck/book of spell lists. The NPC guide helped me out, and I'm hoping the Advanced Game Mastering Guide is an amazing tool as well.

Anyone know of any other products that help a GM get around making spell lists?

I would also like spell cards because they would save my players time and more importantly save me some time. I could just pull out the cards and have them ready for a reminder or rule check.
Now every spell description couldn't fit on a single card. In fact most could not fit on a single card even if the font was rather small. Default format on the back would be a nice alternative This way I could still make on the fly spell lists and have all relative information at hand.

something like this would be very nice:

- - - - - - - - - -

Name of Spell

Class level
Save & SR
Casting time
GP costs?
flavor & crunch
page# & book

- - - - - - - - - -

Things I would like to see
-color coded borders by class

-Bard deck first

-complete spell lists of core spells as per class

-divide decks into spell levels 1-3, 4-6, 7-9

-spell level 7-9 decks should have lower level spells from other pathfinder products to fill them out.

Talking to Paizo directly now, I buy tons of your stuff the only reason it doesn't say subscriber of this and that is because I patron my local hobby store and love watching the Pathfinder section get more and more selfing every couple orders. I have a personal goal to see it get more shelf space then 4e. I would buy multiple of each set