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Paizo guys... any chance of selling the poster map on its own? I got the book as a gift and love the maps but I wish to hang both up... which is hard to do since it is a double sided map.

Considering the issue with the glue, has Paizo considered printing and selling just the map? That way, those who don't want to risk damage to their book/map can leave the one in the book.

This is a mini of Dovan from Nisroch (p49 from Stolen Land (part 1 of Kingmaker AP))

Has anyone seen Wizkids announce a street date for set 3?

If you can paint (or know someone who can) you can get Lem unpainted from Reaper in their Bones line for less than $2. Or places like MiniatureMarket.com sells (and has in stock) the pre-painted Lem from the Shattered Star set for a heft price.

I know it isn't Paizo's product and so they don't have control... I just ask because I really really want to support my FLGS but they routinely tell me something isn't on the street yet but I see it available on Paizo, Amazon, Ebay, etc... I want to shop local... but they don't make it easy.

So has this hit the street yet? I see it is no longer listed as a "pre-order".

Well, it's April... when do I start harassing my FLGS to get me a box?

Man... after getting set #1, I'm REALLY looking forward to set #2! Is there a street date yet for this set?

Is it still looking like 2/25 for the street date?

I see that the Pre-Order date has changed to Feb 2015. So the 1/28 date is no longer the street date?

That is per Erik Mona on a thread about issue #7 (but a different cover)

There is *NO* map in issue #7