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I wanted to thank the entire team at FGG and this seemed a pretty good place to do it. I am currently deployed to Afghanistan and have been trying for weeks to download the concluded KS Northlands Saga Complete PDF. I couldn't do it, for whatever reason, time out, or corrupted file, it was no go. So I shot an email to FGG, explaining my situation, and Chris, and the entire team at FGG, sent me a package with the PDF in it. I can't share with you how AWESOME this was. I can't wait to read me some FGG goodness, and this will keep me occupied for a long time, 600+ pages is a lot of reading!!!!

My deepest thanks to the entire FGG family for brightening up my holidays!


I should have bought more than 1 box also!

Opened my large box this evening, and was very happy:

Swords and Wizardry Dice Set
Swords and Wizardry Encounter Deck #2
Swords and Wizardry Hireling Deck
Swords and Wizardry Introductory Adventure
Swords and Wizardry Coloring Book
The Slumbering Tsar Saga Coloring Book
L2 Vampires and Liches
SF9 Splinters of Faith Adventure 9: Duel of Magic
SF10 Splinters of Faith Adventure 10: Remorse of Life
M3 Maze of Zayene Tower Chaos
F1 Vindication
K4 The Coils of Set
K5 The Six Spheres of Zaihhess
H1 The Bonegarden
The Mother of All Treasure Tables
The Tome of Horrors III
Rappan Athuk Button
Rappan Athuk Side View Poster
Rappan Athuk Bestiary
Rappan Athuk Player's Guide
Rappan Athuk Battle Map
Hall of Bones

Lots of goodies, and the kids are happy about the coloring books.

I believe I also picked the incorrect shipping, please let me know and I will correct the error posthaste.

@PathfinderFan64, I know you have had a bad experience, but these guys have bent over backwards for me a couple of times in the past. Just realize it is some folk doing this after they get home from their real job. The quality of FGG is awesome, so hopefully, you will get your stuff soon, enjoy what you have received and will get more.

My Two Cents,

Full disclosure
I am not employed or otherwise paid by FGG to represent them in any matter. Nor do I live in Texas anymore, which sucks, cause, I can't go to the North Texas RPG con, or BGG con. Oh well, will retire there in about 11 years or so.


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Kickstarters. The main thing is that KS is not a store. I have always looked at it as a gift for someone, to hopefully get me something in the future, that approximates what they originally promised. So far, batting 85% or so on getting that stuff. I have backed every FGG KS and Tsar and have never been disappointed, actually, blown away is a better description.

Also, when a KS is a few weeks late, who cares. In 5 years time, are you going to remember and be angry that it was two weeks late, or that the authors delivered an amazing product, and an amazing experience for you and your dead players, err, depends on the product.

FGG makes wonderful products and I try to support at the highest level I can. I have ZERO doubts that we will get all of what we paid for in the KS and all of the add on the subscriptions.

Patience, Orcus wasn't built in a day.


Counting the days!

I am so looking forward to this. I am looking into a titanium carbon fiber matrix type book shelf system. This system is good to about 50 kips, so, hopefully, since this is a relatively static load, will be able to withstand the load of all of these awesome books. Scraping some $ together for this. I am really interested in the collectors editions of these books. Hopefully I can afford one this time around!

Get it right. That is all that matters, period. My address is changing though, lol.

I was worried you got hacked or virused.

I received several replies from Liz Courts saying she was out of office. Ok, that isn't to strange, but these were from emails I sent over 1.5 years ago. Just a heads up.


Wow, great maps!

I bow down to your obviously superior gaming skills!! Unfortunately, Uncle Sam, and the Family seem to eat up a lot of my time. Last night, was the first time I have been able to game in 9 months. :( Getting sent to far away places puts a crimp on things. I am just happy that we had a great time last night, and look forward to more gaming goodness. I also didn't have to GM, which was a nice change of pace.

I hope everyone is getting their game on!


Arggg, still need to run Slumbering Tsar, Rappan Athuk and now this?!@?!?!?!? I need to clone myself.

This is great, thank you for sharing!

I absolutely love the Hero Lab. Worth the $s, I get to spend more time playing and GM'ing than generating NPCs and big bad guys. My two cents.

First off, Congratulations!! I own this and look forward to either running it or getting to actually partake in this adventure.

So, how about a Kickstarter to publish all 6 in a single hard back bound book, with all errata, if there is any, and additiaonl artwork and maps and cool stuff? I know I would back this at quite a high level!

Good luck on your continued success.


Off to pledge! Great news and thank you for listening!

Looking forward to getting some great goodies from the Kickstarter. It is a heck of a deal, without all of the extras, the $100 level is worth the pledge, just for all of the extras.

On another note, I am happy to just receive what I pledged for on a Kickstarter. I have done product development and construction for almost 20 years. Nothing is ever on time. What people remember though is a great product, not that it was 2 weeks late. I would rather it be late and great than on time and crap. Don't forget, Kickstarter isn't Wal-Mart.

My two cents. Hope to see a successful Kickstarter in a few days.

I really would like to take a cruise, but would probably get divorced!

I have to agree with Mr. Smith. All of the extra goodies in RA were awesome, and same with the Swords and Wizardry Kick Starter. I look forward to supporting at a higher level, once some of the bonus content is put out there.

Also, thanks Lou for a description on the players book. I think this helps solidify the value in the pledge levels, and look forward to more details on the forthcoming booty.

I also own Herolab, plus just about all of the expansions, I have not seen the benefit of using it to run games, but I play in person, not online. However, IT IS AWESOME, to create PCs and NPCs. I could never go back now that I have it. Great tool. Helps to keep everything straight, no matter how many expansions etc.

I place a very high value on having these files, and I have upped my pledge before to get them.

Great customer service, great products, great communication, good prices, definitely Frog God, and another gaming company that is also very successful. Hmm, sounds like a recipe for success. I know where I spend my disposable income.

I can't wait to open my box in late April, very excited!

I liked this one so much I ended up buying it twice.

Looking forward to some more greatness from Gaming Paper! I have thoroughly enjoyed what I have gotten so far. Good luck.

Ditto, what is another week to wait for a book that we will have for decades. Doesn't make any sense to me to not fix everything that can be located and corrected.

My two cents.

I am hoping the book is wrapped in bubble wrap, packed with solid styrofoam corners, injected with peanuts, and then the entire thing is duct taped into a tight, bullet proof package.

My two cents.

Signed up, I love your stuff, looking forward to more goodness.

Cheers and good luck!

I have seen some of the negative comments on the PDF. So I printed one out, and it didn't seem to eat up too much ink. The only page that used a lot of ink was the equipment page, with the black silhouette depicting the locations of the various pieces of magical gear. Another note, I have refillable ink cartridges, pretty much a must for printable terrain, so I really don't care about ink consumption. I like the look of the printed out PDF, I have not received the original yet, looking forward to comparing the two.

Your mileage may vary.

Love the product, are there plans for this to be an output option for HeroLab?


It is all about the art. I really like Crystal Frasier's work on Kingmaker, others not as much. I am not saying though that anyone else's artwork is bad, it is just a style preference.

I would love to see common animals, summonable monsters, and more of the low level monsters in different poses etc, as opposed to just different colors. I realize much easier to recolor a piece of art as opposed to generating a new one.

I own a lot of the paper mini products. I usually use the paper minis for bad guys, and my players use plastic/metal minis for characters. My two cents.

Another huge benefit of Kickstarter is that it allows for risk mitigation. I want copmanties that I enjoy purchasing/consuming material from to stick around for a long time. If by using Kickstarter, they are able to offer products that woulnd't be normally offered, and added cool stuff to it, then by all means, go for it. Example of the MMO recently kickstarted, the goodies got me to bid much higher thatn I thought, because the goodies were awesome, and it will help them start a cool MMORPG. Darn kickstarter and their ever increasing goodies. My two cents.

I am just glad that there is this amount of $s out there to support 1st tier 3pp. I am going to copyright that phrase!

I backed both, and very excited about both! FGG did take a lot more $s though! Can't wait to get more great material from the Frogs.

I had a Wilder in my Kingmaker campaign. She was well balanced in capabilities and damage output. As long as the encounters were more than 2 a day, there were not any issues, sometimes she ran out of PP, and then wasn't terribly effective, same for magic users. The top damage dealer was a spell less ranger. I actively encourage my players to use psionics if they wish. Just adds more flavor and coolness to the game. I have only seen the wilder though from level 1 to 13, no other classes, but reading through the books, not really worried.

Random question. I am conflicted about owning a cool and normal copy of this, but would like the PDF before Christmas time. Any way to get the PDF early without ordering both books? I am on the fence about getting both anyways, one to use, one to look at, I enjoy collecting collectible things. Maybe pay for this early when the PDF for the collection comes out next week? When I pay is not a big concern, but having the PDF of the collection before I deploy would be nice.


Great price for this folks! I have bought this twice and well worth the money. I enjoy having the hardback on my shelf, the spells for my players, and the data in Hero Lab.

I have no financial affiliation with Rite Publishing :)

Very funny, I don't think the OP was trying to hammer reviewers. Text is such a poor way to convey humor.

Arrggg, was waiting to win the lottery to pledge that!?!!?

I would love to see the option of just the leather upgrade to the book. I don't know if this is doable, but I think the book would be worth it. I play off of the PDFs regardless, but a genuine leather book on the shelf is priceless!

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Hopefully we will get to the hardcover, glad to support.

How about multi color, magnetic bases, so we can easily attached conditions to them, or somehow easily attach conditions? My two cents. Not sure that it would work do to the size constraints, but who knows.

Looking forward to being able to add some more pre-made special sauce to my games.

Great material = great support!

Keep on keeping on!

#197 made it to Guam in great shape. What an awesome book!!!!

Well worth the wait!!!

I foresee another new product.

I buy both PDF and books, but I print the majority of the PDFs I purchase out, and put them in binders, if there is no book option. For running the APs, I print out the module and run it from the print out, I can keep notes, write on it, etc. without ruining my investment into the original AP. I like to use the PDFs when doing research, but love having the printed version on my shelf. I figure if it is good enough to purchase, I will spend a few extra dollars and try to get the hard back version. That is one thing about Kickstarter that I really like, I am able to get hard copies of many of the books. I also really like the extra $s Frog God puts into their binding, but they most likely sell more hard covers than the average 3pp, I don't have any data, just a guess. My wife has an e-reader, I don't know if I will ever go there, still love reading fiction via a paper back or hard back.

I didn't know that the costs associated with the POD, while not high, for a single book, adds up if you do multiple books over a year.

Great thread, I enjoy reading everyone's opinion on this subject, no real right or wrong answer here.


One cool thing of re-visiting the catalog is that it allows them to fix/change all of the things that have bugged them, and the product is even more polished.

Well earned! Hopefully this propels you to make more cool classes.

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