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I will be trying both Starfinder and Society for the first time at GenCon2019.

Does "The Commencement" have enough action in it to be interesting?
Should new players go through Commencement first?

Basically, I am thinking that Commencement sounds a little boring while Ashen Asteroid, for example, looks like it will have more fun to draw me in.

I have a lot of PF experience, just not Starfinder.

Thanks for any advice.

Silver Crusade

Hello everyone, feel free to dot in.

Silver Crusade

Welcome to the discussion thread! I am very excited about this adventure and I think it will be something fun and different.

1. Please take the time to get your characters ready, and feel free to make modifications to your class decisions and purchases if you already created a character in full.

2. Please roll for your level 2-4 hit points on your own. Re-roll 1s yourself. Afterwards, you can decide to use my roll instead and I will roll (let me know which dice you want me to re-roll). You have to take my result if you ask for the GM roll instead of yours.

3. Quick adventure overview: You'll be mostly on a boat for about 1/2 the adventure and then you will be based out of a jungle trade depot. Be prepared to not be able to do a lot of shopping. Crafting skills, especially minor time investment ones (potions, scrolls, etc.) may come in handy.

4. Backstory. You are all in Bloodcove for some reason consistent with the selected campaign trait and will start off together, though you may or may not actually know each other (your choice). Your backstory should not rule out taking a job on behalf of the Aspis Consortium. Their more nefarious dealings are generally not known to characters, and not even well known among rank and file Aspis members, and they are the major players in Bloodcove and the Mwangi in general.

5. Before we get started, I will drop a bunch of Knowledge check results for Bloodcove, Aspis, and whatever else you may want to know.

Silver Crusade

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The Vanji river meets the Fever Sea like an open wound, the iron-rich clay dying the waters rusty red. Legends hold that the blood-tinted waters issue from the wounds of the Gorilla King, who lives in the hearts of the dark jungle. The ramshackle town of Bloodcove clings precariously to the enormous roots and scaffold-wrapped trunks of a gigantic mangrove tree that grows at the edge of the river mouth. This port maintains its existence between the laden trade ships with their cargoes of kahveh, ivory, precious metals, and exotic woods from the interior, and also through the customs paid by the visiting pirates from the Shackles offloading stolen goods and booty.

Expeditions up the river for the rare commodities the jungle holds end in disaster as often as success, but the lure of a quick fortune ensures a steady flow of traders and speculators despite the danger. Whatever their goals, all who head upriver leave port with one final admonition from the locals ringing in their ears. “Anything can happen on the Blood“
-Pathfinder Chronicles

I am trying to flush out a concept for a butcher turned hero.

My first hurdle is that I obviously would want to utilize a meat cleaver for my weapon but this isn't a standard listed weapon.

I think handaxe is the most clear cross-over to utilize with respect to weapon stats and feats and such.

Does anyone have a case for something other than handaxe? Or better, does anyone know of a Paizo source with a meat cleaver stat'd?

Quick question about the interaction between Feiya's ability to reduce the check on a monster by X and the abilities of the two villains in Plugg's Uglies (S&S Deck 1).

Each of the two villains have an ability that says something to the effect of, "before you act succeed a <something> check or <villain name> is evaded".

Officially, can we use Feiya's ability on the first check to not auto-evade the villain?

We went with yes, mostly because this was our 5th attempt at Plugg's Uglies and frankly we were getting tired of running out of the blessings deck all the time.

I was just curious about what the "right" answer was.

I have to admit I was highly skeptical of this card game when it came out. However, during the holiday break, I started playing the Serpent Skull base scenario with my kids and we love it now.

Of course, questions abound now ... (sorry if any of these are commonly answered already, I did scan through the first few pages of posts)

We do not plan on utilizing the adventure guild anytime soon, I am just playing with family and friends (if that helps answer any questions).

Collection management: For the following questions, I have Skulls and Shackles box, all 6 adventure decks for Skulls and Shackles, the 5-6 player expansion for Skulls and Shackles, and various iconic character cards ...

  • (1.a) Can / should I mix in everything from the 5-6 player expansion even when there are only 3 of us playing? (We are mostly using the characters from the expansion). Assumed yes
  • (1.b) When we move on to Adventure Deck 1 in the AP, do we mix in all of the Adventure deck 1 cards into the collection to populate the locations, items, weapons, etc., or do we only use the adventure 1 cards for henchmen and whatnot?
  • (1.c) When we move on to adventure 2, do we remove all of the adventure 1 cards from the collection decks (if we were to mix them all together from the previous question)?
  • (1.d) Depending on the above answers, could we mix in all of the items, henchmen, weapons, etc., from all 6 adventure decks right off the bat for starting adventure 1? How about when just playing the base scenario?
  • (1.e) We probably missed this in the rules, but when do we get to build a new deck without utilizing *only* basic cards?

    Iconic character cards:

  • (2.a) None of the ones I have say 'basic', so do they have to get mixed into the collection and encountered to be found? Or, is there an overrule here if you are using the iconic character they belong to?
  • (2.b) Can only the specific iconic character (each card shows its owner) add the card to their deck (during building)?
  • (2.c) If someone other than the iconic character owner encounters the card during play, can they use it during that adventure?

    General Gameplay:

  • (3.a)Can you choose to auto-fail a check when encountering a card (without having to roll)?
  • (3.b)Does the same character have to complete all adventures in the scenario to get the reward, or just the same player? (i.e., Is the reward for the player or the character?)
  • (3.c)Can a player play a later adventure in a scenario without first playing the earlier adventures (i.e. can someone new join in with a new character)?

    Skulls and Shackles questions:

  • (4.a)Does Jirelle's ability to prevent one structural damage to the ship work when she is not on it?
  • (4.b)Rum Punch adventure reward says something like "gain all allies in the ally pile"? What in the world does this mean? When we have been banishing an ally (or any card), we are putting it back onto the collection and not keeping it separated out during the course of the adventure. Are we supposed to keep banished cards separate during the adventure, and so this means only gain "all of the allies encountered during the course of the adventure"? Or, are we correctly banishing cards back to the collection and completing this adventure really lets us choose from all allies in the entire collection? (This seems too powerful and so I assumed not; we just tried to remember as many of the allies we could and used them for deck building at the end.)

    Story Enhancement:

  • I like how the electronic game uses cut scenes scripts to make the story more immersive. Are there commonly known scripts that people have created out there for the various adventures?

  • Hello, I placed an order today around 2-2:30 pm central time, but it is not showing in Pending orders and the items are still in my cart.

    When I completed the checkout process it went to the "successful checkout, your order will ship in x days", etc. Unfortunately I did not take a screen shot or anything as I expected an email to show up.

    Can you confirm whether there is any order in the system or not please.

    What were the developers thinking with the A-8 encounter?

    Cursed Halls:
    A wight (with 2 zombies!) for a first level party in PFS? That is near instant death per hit by the wight, which then results in more wights.

    There are plenty of other undead that would have made sense for this room and better survivable by a first level party (Ghoul/Ghast/Skeleton King/Zombie Lord, etc.). You could at least have made the wight and zombies cursed to never leave this room (and thrown in some treasure from the sarcophagus for actually beating a wight at first level).

    Story-wise, how would the goblin who has Garhal's armor buried under rubble have made it out of this room without triggering the curse for them to rise as undead?

    We are going to be running this non-PFS soon and I am pretty sure I won't be using a wight - though it might be fun just to see how they do. After they all die I will just make them awake, all lying on the ground from what seemed like a bad dream, with goblins looting their stuff.