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Hi Erik.

FYI: I haven't read the ability.

What are thoughts on throwing flour on the floor? Foot prints.

We have a winner!

Great stuff so far Sean! I'm really looking forward to this series continuing.

like the spymaster idea. Is there a mechanic for size of thieves guild anyone knows of? Perhaps from different game? Like the leadership idea also.

Gritty, dark thieves guild with political intrigue. Maybe just story arc of 3-4 modules.

Wanders past.

More is better. I'll take what works and leave out what does not.

Pirate ninja zombies!

Kamelguru wrote:
Open Excel, create a spread-sheet containing vital info (casting time, range, targets/area, save/SR, mechanical effects), kinda like the old 2e AD&D spell record sheets. Great aide for newcomers. Kinda like the 4e reference cards, only less gimmicky.

Great idea!

My $0.02:
By knowing what your players are capable of you will be able to better tailor the game and encounters for them. So, I guess I'm saying that you should have an understanding of what they can and can't do.
At the same time, you shouldn't have to explain their character to them either (provided they aren't new of course). They should come to the table ready to play.

the above idea would be a great aid to use.

Happy Holidays!

Hi Phneri,

where would I find the resource you mentioned? Can never have enough mooks.

ciretose wrote:

Is anyone with me in the "If you read the rules and play by them the game works great" camp?



I've played with the same group for a while. We use:

2 action points.
Max HP at 1st lvl.

The group knows sometimes it's better to run and live to fight another day. If they hear about the Dragon North of the swamp and want to go there instead of something more appropriate to their experience then it may go poorly for the group.

Wow you guys have done something really special!
You should all be proud to be helping people out like this.

Take a bow.


Happy Eric Mona Day everyone!!!

Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
Gorbacz wrote:
A really good urban sourcebook....

That's a really interesting idea ...

However, that's a lot of material to cover. Would you (and everyone feel free to chime in) be interested in buying each section, as it got written, as small, cheap pdfs? Or would you want the whole thing done as a short prudct including all those topics before you'd be interested in getting it?

My opinion: Break it into sections but make it books. I'm much more interested in a paper version. They could be magazine size.

My $0.02.

Welcome to the boards!

A family that plays together = pure awesome!

Can't stress Core books including Bestiary enough. APG later.

Have fun.

Nice character sketches. I'll be lurking as well.

Agreed on perspective. I'd want items to have a unique feel like in Baldur's Gate, where many of the magic items found had a backstory and history.

Thanks Admiral.

Rules set=3.5
Swarm size diminutive (SP?) - Weapon damage immunity yes. But the fire damage caused by the torch would still be effective. One of my main questions was if they should have had to roll to hit, touch attack maybe, to score the fire damage.

you're right Urath DM, highly effective vs. low level group. The encounter worked well, everyone had a lot of fun, but I want to make sure that going forward, the encounter runs properly should they encounter another swarm in the future.

Thanks for the reply.

Black Tom, Mikaze (love the popcorn), Thank you.

Do we agree it should have been a touch attack roll?

Okay,looks like the above is resolved. I'll post my question here and hope for help from the group. I appreciate, in advance any and all help provided. (Threadjack in progress...)

Group dynamic: 1st level party of experienced players from previous additions; group is inexperience with rules core mechanics of 3.5.
Background: Exploring a long forgotten burial mound the group agitates and then enters combat with a beetle swarm and another creature. One of the characters was created as a bookworm type who has multiple knowledge skills maxed. Rolls are made and the character explains to the rest of the group the qualities and skills of a swarm. Players look at studied spells and quickly realize they are going to have a problem. They break out torches and begin lighting them so that they can do fire damage to the swarm.

How we played it: I was able to find rules for throwing something at a target but not for holding a burning thing and burning someone. Although I’m just now thinking it should have been a touch attack (might have just answered my own question) unable to find a reference point we decide that fire damage from the torch = 1pt of damage and you are required to either throw the torch or be able to threaten the swarm from an adjacent square. Characters as a group opt to threaten the square and do 1 point against the target. Players begin to think of carrying multiple torches to do more damage. I quickly rule 1 torch per hand max. I let them know that this is how we are playing it this session because we don’t want the game to drag to a stop while everyone reads rules. I explain I’ll have a formal ruling for next session and explain it so that everyone is on the same page moving forward.

Questions/reason for posting: Should the characters have had to roll ‘to hit’ with the fire from the torches? Also, does anyone think that a swarm of beetles would attack the source of the problem or shy away from until backed into a corner? This didn’t actually happen but I can see them trying something like this in the future.

Again, thanks a lot. I appreciate your time and effort. I’ve found this site to be a priceless resource in my gaming arsenal.
Thank you.

Taking myself out. Sorry. I don't think I have the time right now and don't want the group to constantly be slowed up waiting for me. Have a great time. I'll be reading of your adventures.

Have a couple ideas brewing. Setting info would help with background and a finished character concept. Also, will the game be combat or interation driven. Wilderness or City environment?

Nice horns.

Thanks, I'll get to it.

Hi Zahara,

I'd be interested if posting 2x/week is what you are looking for. I would be unable to post every day.


Is character creation point buy?
Is it level 1

+1 on the average person.

I'm sure you understand what I meant.

Found the rubrick discussion interesting. Thanks for that.

I like the idea of a system for explaining xp for the common man. I would have it generate slower. IMO adventuring hero's should reach for the sky in relation to levels, the average person probably doesn't exceed... 5th, 6th level. Certainly not everyone in town of an older age group. Some sort of 'gatekeeper' required for xp @ 'higher' lvl.

Spes Magna Mark wrote:

"Convince me that metamagic feats are worth taking."

[Lights dim. Eye-level hypnotic pinwheel activates.]

[chanting] "Metamagic feats are worth taking. Metamagic feats are worth taking. Metamagic feats are worth taking!"

Mark L. Chance | Spes Magna Games

This really made me laugh. Thanks.


Personally, even if its tied to Golarion, it’s worth the $ to pick up. You can cut and paste to suit your needs in your own homebrew. The high level of quality that Paizo continuously puts into their products makes them must haves, IMO.

I know that's probably pretty vague but honestly, I'd go through the various boards looking for something that catches your eye and works for your gaming table and pick it up. Cut and paste, change the name of the town, city, whatever, you're good to go. Quality is what you want and Paizo supplies it.

He who cannot be named.

Channel Magneto as an example of the end justifying the means. your friends don't understand how far you need to go to get the job done.

Consider handing the character off to become an NPC at the end of the campaign. He/she could become a reaccuring villain or thorn in future adventuring company's side.

Think of it like one of todays high society clubs.

Initiation fee - Lots of money. 'Oh please can I be a member of the club.'

Yearly membership dues - Now that I'm a member I need to pay this to stay in good standing and prove I make enough money to hang out here.

monthly food and beverage 'tax' - You pay it up front monthly and it covers whatever you and your guests eat and drink.


I'm on holidays with the family am in Placida Florida - 20 minutes from Port Charlotte. Need Gaming connection while I'm here.

Any help thanks.


Please cancel both subscriptions.

Game mastery and Pathfinder.

Thank you.


Matthew Morris wrote:

I sense a grave disturbance in the force...

As if my tax return cried out in terror, and suddenly vanished.

LOL!! I almost spit coffee across the room.

Give 4th edition the once over and a try before writing it off.

Less work more play.

Cut debt load by 33%.

Wishing all my fellow Pazoians a Happy Holidays!!

Cheers everyone!

Hope your Holidays are everything you want them to be.



Having a place near home to check out/try new beers is always a bonus.

The Trip Pub?

Where's that?

She reads these boards, doesn't she.

It just keeps coming back, doesn't it.



All items in order showing pending. Was thinking my card might be on the warning track for maxed out (christmas and all) so I put a wack of cash on it. If that is what was delaying the order, it should be fine now. If its something else and you need me to do something, let me know.



Thanks Corey.

Much Appreciated.


I would like to add 'Haunted Forest'adventure by Greg Vaughan to order 737599. Trying to keep shipping costs down if possible. Not really sure how I would add it. Can someone please explain it to me, or add it to the order.



Rambling Scribe wrote:

So it's not reasonable to ask people to use titles like "Problem with Burnt Offerings main villain" or "RotRL 1, final encounter" or something like that?

Just my $0.2, but I believe the above isn't unreasonable. To that, when posting with spoilers I'll be keeping them out of the title.


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