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Support told me I wont be receiving my pdf until after 2nd. So much for a subscription.

Tectorman wrote:

*Crosses fingers for an extra page, paragraph, sidebar, or something that gives a satisfactory answer to why shields and armor work they way they do; i.e., why your shields don't take damage until after your armor has already failed to do its job despite shields being traditionally envisioned as OUTSIDE and IN FRONT OF the armor.

It's not a gameplay issue at all; it's a world immersion issue.

Your armor value takes into account your dex and ability to dodge attacks or move out of the way.

Ok so the thirteenth gate has been out for a week? Maybe two? I still haven’t seen my order change from pending. Can something be done? My first thought is that I’d like to cancel all of my subscriptions, but I’ve thus far been enjoying the content and I’d like to resolve this. What gives?

My old card was used, and now I can't change it to the new one.

Haven’t recieved my pdf or shipment

not sure how to have that set up so it works.