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just curious to see what kind of atmosphere you promote at your gaming table and is there a limit on how 'lively' you let things get?

I have really enjoyed reading some of the session reports in here. Just a random question that popped into my mind, are most of you playing theatre of the mind or using maps/minis etc? what set up do you guys run with.


My friend owns a games store and last year ran a successful 24 hour gaming event for the sophie lancaster charity. he is looking to repeat it this year but after feedback will be doing two events 12 hours each on a saturday and sunday.
ill likely attend one. I am currently running a successful pathfinder campaign weekly at the store so I have been able to build my confidence a little doing that.

Now he has asked me to put something on for that day if i would be so kind. I am now thinking as to what. It would be easy just to run board games all day but I would like, if possible, to do something with pathfinder.

-a tough dungeon with a leaderboard of who got the furthest with a prize.

-some event set within my own campaign world but would be approachable enough for anyone just to join in. some gigantic monster with a changing , evolving battlefield , super hard that countlessheroes will fall to but hopefully at the end of the day it will be defeated. each hero will have hi sname etched on a monument of recognition.

are there any resources or modules i could check out suitable to this? changing groups of palyers over the course of a day?


Since there are only two players will buying and using mythic be a good way of giving them a much needed edge and how much re-working to the campiagn will this bring?

I have DM'd for a long time but due to life and what not we only meet once a month and my free time isn't what it once was. I want to give two players a bit of an edge , maybe make them feel like up and coming bad asses but not give myself a mountain of work to work it in?

thanks for all your advice :)

I have a player who on the whole is a good sport and he is one who always likes to think well outside the box often where the rest of the party is happy to keep things simple. Most of the time this is fine, keeps me on my toes but now and then I need to reel him in a little; sometimes this causes him to act a little defensively but we often get to where we need to be. I always keep these talks off the table.

He plays a monk and loves being atheltic and acrobatic; i mean this character is all over the place with maneuevers and as we're a easy going group it's generally fun to watch.

Now a few sessions ago he spent some money on our facebook page-rp-time which is hwere we handle shopping and what not as we only game once every 3 weeks. he ended up with some magical rope and what is essentially a comabt hook to craft something akin to mortal kombats infamous weapon used by scorpion.

He hasn't really used it but the last session the players fought an undead dragon turtle and he wanted to use the item to snare the beast and hook it around a natural stone column: in theory fine.

However when i tried to work ON THE FLY to resolve the beasts chance of escape i factored more into the magical rope snapping or it pulling free from the monster itself. it is a strong creature and huge. but he became quite defensive and started reeling off the stats of a huge stone pillar and that i would need to damage that enough to free itself. as the DM obvioulsy i took it into account and am usually very easy going on the rules and we met in the middle.
now with this item he has nothing written down about it and is more or less improvising it. on our facebook page i tried to get him to work with me and look at a combat grappling hook-combined with magic rope so that he would get his item but we would also have some parameters to reference in situations rather than junt wing it each time.

he felt i was unreasonable and was trying to 'nerf' him when all i want is for him to work with me on outlining the specifics.

am i being unresonable?

thanks for taking the time to read this i apprecaite it.

Currently I run a pathfinder campaign once every three weeks but looking to join one as a player hopefully.

Any gamers looking to for a group in my area.

My name is Steve and I am 31 years old :)

Not really no. As long as everyone is enjoying themselves. my group, due to life and such only play every three weeks and thus we roll with the following:

no micromanaging of things such as ammo etc. if you use weapons that use ammo it is assumed you have enough ammo for the session.

sessions are pretty action/exploration focused with anything rp heavy saved for our facebook page.

shopping/crafting does not take place at the table but on the facebook board. time is precious and for us faffing about in towns is a waste of our game time.

the campaign is fairly focused but with lots of options for the party to determine direction and outcome. for example one players actions has switched the focus of the main enemy from one group to another but still handling the reprecussions of the previous enemies too. its been a great success so far and people are haing fun.

some players want to be really invested and contribute to play by posts some just want to turn up on the night and roll.

legacy feats: at various important and often very heroic moments in the story a legacy feat may be earned. this may be adding a story related effect to a weapon or an ability to a character. it really hits home a characters involvment in the tale and one character started with a mudane short sword that now is an artifact that tells a story and really highlights this characters accomplishments in battle.

I have run campaigns over many years I've been in the hobby. After a few years off I've returned.

This may be a silly question but I want to run combats with a recurring villain, a barbarian who is stirring up a revolution. The party will run into some close quarter fighting him a few times but don't want him to die if I can help it but without it robbing the players of the chance of an early kill if they are clever.
I just want effective ideas of him making escapes when the tide turns against him.

Thank you for your advice

Thanks guys. I am going to go with not allowing a coup de grace on a concious tied up foe and state they are still able to at least wriggle to try and avoid some of a blow. As for his rope I guess a length of hemp rope cut into several lengths will have to do. I am just trying to make light of it as much as I can so we do not bog the game down with his personal crusade.

So I have this player who is playing a monk that spends a lot of time grappling enemies with the intent to pin and tie up. Basically he wants to carry short lengths of rope to bind enemies and I am unsure how many he could realistically carry, weight and length of them.

I have spent time getting my head around the grappling rules purely because of his obsession and it is kind of fun in a rp sense for his character. However the rogue piped up and asked if a coup de grace is possible on tied up enemies but I ruled it as a no for now.

Might sound a silly question but some other input will help my thoughts and feelings on the matter.



I have just ordered the BB and am looking forward to jumping in. I have a group of friends ready to play. We used to play AD&D up until 3rd edition before life got in the way. Looking to host a monthly session now first using the BB and then moving up to the full rule set.

Couple of questions though:

I am in the UK and aside from the limited selection on Amazon I am struggling to find places to buy PF products. Any intel on this?

Also is there an expected date on that Rise of the Runelords hard bound book and the pawn pack? Really interested in those but can't find any where to pre order them in the uk

Thanks :)