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46. Cynical- Refuses to look at the good side of things or see anything as particularly surprising. Always ready to make a rebuttal disregarding the silver lining of any situation.

47. Sarcastic/Smart Alec- Always has a rude remark, arrogant in a subtle (or not so subtle way).

48. Fashion Slave- A victim of the latest fashion trends in the realms. Always on the look out for what's making its way through the noble courts and the nicer marketplaces in regards to silks, velvets, and splendid attire. Will cling on to almost any worthy amount of jewelry, no matter how much the character needs to invest in gear. Will often complain about ruining their best doublet in the course of battle.

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40. Timid Romantic- Though bold and brave in combat, the character becomes extremely nervous and timid around members of potential romantic interest.

41. Minstrel Hobbyist- The character has some rudimentary ability in singing and/or playing an instrument. The individual cherishes this hobby and often wishes to play and/or sing in front of others but is not quite as talented as most bards and profession minstrels.

42. Vegetarian- The character has sworn off meat. It is likewise possible that the character does not eat milk or egg products either.

43. Nail Biter- The character has a bad habit of biting their nails, particularly if nervous.

44. Rabid Furniture Collector- The character has a heavy interest in furniture and accessories. When raiding old manors, towers, and such, it is likely that the character will come across a particular chair, tapestry, rug, canopy style bed frame, etc. that they "Simply Must Have!" It doesn't matter how heavy the item is, worth in valuable coinage to the party, or difficult to cart back to home...or even if the character has a home to keep such an item in.... the character simply must have it. And if its in weathered shape then that's something else to spend gold on... the local woodworker can be paid to have it restored (or the character might actually want to delay the next track into the dungeons so they can restore the item their own selves).

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20. All Around Filthy- Unkempt and uncouth. Words out of one's mouth are as dirty as the character's unwashed tunic. Foul mouth and horrid body odor.

21. Intentionally Hateful- Has some mysterious chip on their shoulder and out to be enemies with the world. Hateful in behavior for no real given reason.

22. Picks Nose- Picks nose constantly. Also digs in ear, picks teeth, scratches bottom, and tends to use the same hand to do all of the above.

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18. Relentless Comic- Will place a chamberpot on one's head, even a half full one, if it generates a laugh.

19. No Sense Of Tact- Has no sense of proper social behavior. Been known to use the fur of the wizard's feline familiar to wipe dirty hands on and has no qualms about pinching the bottoms of passing attractive nobles if the thought hits them.

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14. Paranoid About Rocks- Was picked on as a child and had rocks and pebbles thrown at them by bullies frequently. One such rock hit the individual in the forehead, causing a serious wound and leaving a nasty scare. As a result of the experience, the individual feels uncomfortable and paranoid whenever anyone picks up a rock or pebble for any given reason. If attacked with a rock the individual becomes particularly aggressive and determined in their defense/response to the rock weilding/hurling attacker.

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12. Annoying Laughter/Giggle- Has an extremely annoying laughter or giggling sound... which wouldn't be so much of a problem except for the fact that the individual laughs at nearly everything, including things that aren't really funny.

13. Vain Around Mirrors- Has an obsession with checking out one's hair, face, smile, and/or general appearance whenever the individual comes into immediate contact with a mirror or suitable reflective surface (such as a body of water).

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9. Boorish- The kind that has to build their selves up and rattle on and on in an attempt to impress. Desperate yet in an arrogant sort of way. A gentlemen (or lady) loser that is rather full of their own selves.

10. Chain Pipe Smoker- Has burn marks on their fingers and a discolored pipe from allowing the vessel to get too hot from frequent, repeated smoking. Will smoke the cheapest weed or blend available to keep habit going.Goes through a new pipe in a matter of a few weeks where most might make such a smoking vessel last for several months, if not years.

11. Herbal Tea Fanatic- Always steeping and brewing something found by the trail sides. Most herbal shops fear the character's arrival as the individual has been known to browse (and if allowed, sample) for hours on end before making a purchase. Has poisoned their self accidently before while brewing up the leaves, flowerheads, and/or berries of an incorrectly identified plant.

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5. Grandiose- Believes that they are destined for greatness, through some self-created/imagined/delusional theory that draws a bit on the divine, a smidgeon on some questionable distant bloodline to royalty, and some half baked connection to a fallen hero.

6. Posessive- Takes a liking to another party member or reoccuring NPC and becomes quite the jealous type. May or may not have an actual romantic relationship with this individual.

7. Raw Tastes- Has a particular fondness for very undercooked to raw meat, particularly one category or variety of meat (such as raw steak or most all red meats). Gets a craving for this often, despite having become sick from consumption on more than one ocassion.