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Please visit Warhorn to sign up for recurring events in San Diego.

You can email or message me for more information.

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Looking for players for a brand new Pathfinder campaign. We would play regularly on Sundays, probably at At Ease Games on Miramar Rd. I'm thinking 1pm-6pm weekly. I've got a ton of adventure paths, I'd love to run Rise of the Runelords, but others are possible.

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Hello all,

I'm arriving in Indy on Tuesday the 12 and was wondering if any other early arrivees for Gen Con would be interested in some extra Pathfinder on Wednesday? The Stink isn't until 5pm so I have pretty much all of Wednesday available. I could GM or play or both if we did a couple of scenarios.

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Will go here

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I am planning on starting a weekly low-tier PFS group online. We'll be using's VTT. We'll be starting with The Confirmation, if you've never played PFS this is the perfect intro. Day and Time hasn't been set in stone yet although I'm leaning towards Thursday afternoons/evening (maybe starting at 4pm or 5pm PST). Also, as it is vacation time for many, I wouldn't mind running a couple of extra slots spread out over the next few weeks. If you are interested please post and include a general statement regarding past PFS play, what character you'd most likely bring, and what you enjoy most in RPGing (roleplaying, rollplaying, etc.).

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There were nifty write-ups for other iconics in the NPC Codex, anyone know where the non-core write-ups like samurai might be lurking?

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I am preparing to run Rise of the Runelords for my home group and we were thinking of playing it as a sanctioned event. Now after reading the guidelines posted online, am I right to believe my players can use whatever level appropriate characters they want but save the Chronicle Sheets to apply to other, PFS-legal characters? I ask because I want to run them through the whole AP, not just the sanctioned portions. Any advice would be helpful as this would be this first time I'm doing something like this.

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So I've just recently started to get my gaming group to try Pathfinder. Everything is going quite well, however, one of my player's loves his Warlock. Specifically, he loves having the Eldritch Blast ability and a small list of repeatable spells, i.e. he can can a few things over and over. There's also some fluff for the class he likes, but I can figure a way around that.

So what's the best way to help him create the warlocky PC he wants? Any help would be greatly appreciated.