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Looking for players for a brand new Pathfinder campaign. We would play regularly on Sundays, probably at At Ease Games on Miramar Rd. I'm thinking 1pm-6pm weekly. I've got a ton of adventure paths, I'd love to run Rise of the Runelords, but others are possible.

I'm in that area, how do you feel about Iron Gods? Been really interested in that lately, and might have another friend who can join.

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I have to see what everyone else wants. I was thinking RotRL would be a better intro, two people haven;t played Pathfinder. I can ask though.

Cool, just let me know.

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So i think we're going to stick with Rise of the Runelords. You are welcome to join us, we're meeting this Sunday at At Ease Games to create characters, etc.

What method are you going with? What restrictions?

Also, what time, so I can check my availability.

By methods I mean character creation. Gah.

Also how many are in your group? My other buddy may be interested if you have room.

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We can definitely make room for two of you. We'll use point buy, no restrictions on character options as long as it is in Paizo material. We're planning on playing Sundays 1pm - 6pm. This Sunday we probably won't go that late as we're just getting characters created and backstories worked out. For the new players I might run a brief sample combat.

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