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Nidal. They do slave trade with the dark folk directly. Of course, it's mostly FROM Nidal TO the dark folk, but it's not impossible that they're willing to sell a few of their own back up the chain.

Running a group through the first part of KM on roll20, and your maps are an absolutely massive help. Great work overall. And yeah, some minor lighting issues with some of the earlier maps, but I can live with it, no problem.

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Personally? Ravens. Ravens ravens ravens. Flight and the ability to come back and tell you exactly what they saw in real speech is insanely useful, especially since no one usually worries about seeing a bird fly by. And if there are no ravens in the area, so it would stand out? Use Share Spell to cast Disguise Self on it, so it looks like, say, a parrot, or a buzzard, or a dove.

It may not be applicable to combat directly, but they make some of the best damn scouts and spies available.

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meatrace wrote:

I'm sorry but taking feats you don't have the prerequisites for makes no g+#@&$n sense. Why bother listing prereqs at all?

Think of them more as "Prerequisites for the feat to be active" than "Prerequisites to take the feat".

As far as carrying capacity goes...I haven't checked the chart, but are the carrying capacities off by oh, say...50% Because four-legged creatures can carry more than a biped of the same size, 1.5 times for medium, and 3 times for large.

If you have multiple primary attacks, you use your full base attack bonus for all of them. Bites and slams are both usually primary attacks. As the vampire template doesn't say otherwise, it's slam attack should follow normal universal monster rules, so it's a primary.

So...yes, you get full BAB for all your natural attacks.

As for the variant, slam attacks are usually using the hands or arms, so I'd say you'd have to either go bite-claw-claw or bite-claw-slam.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Ability damage is not weapon damage dice, therefore you do not roll it twice.

Hmm...well, while I think there might still be room for interpretation, it would have to border on houseruling, if not outright cross the line. I hadn't thought about that angle before. Seems to shut down my idea. This was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for pointing it out. Back to the drawing board, I guess.

Edit: Yeah, don't know what I was thinking when I mentioned enhancement bonuses there, Majuba. And as far as focusing on the hitpoint damage part...nonlethal damage isn't technically hitpoint damage either, but Vital Strike would still apply. Still, doesn't matter in the long run here.

Whoa, whoa. I'm just stating my interpretation, and asking for views on it. No need to get rude. While I agree it may not have been RAI, I'm pretty sure it fits with RAW unless there's some errata I'm not aware of that more sharply defines the term "weapon ability".

I'd already thought of your direction of debate earlier, and to me, it doesn't hold water if you're going by rules as written, because the Rod's damage is never called extra or bonus, as it is in all weapon abilities. I hate to sound like a rules lawyer, but wording is VERY important in how these sorts of things interact.

Well, first of all, touch attacks are a subtype of normal attacks, and can be either melee or ranged. The only rule difference between touch attacks and normal attacks are the AC value they go against. Anything else depends on the exact wording of the specific attack.

Second, the issue is what a "weapon ability" actually is. We know it's not just "any damage provided by a magical source" because then things such as magical enhancement bonuses, or the size weapon bonus from Gravity Bow wouldn't work. In fact, the only things we KNOW are defined as "weapon abilities" are properties such as shocking, frost, flaming, etc.

In every single one of those, it specifically refers to the damage as "extra" damage, i.e. bonus damage, and as such not included in Vital Strike. The wording of the Rod of Withering, on the other hand, states that it *replaces* the original damage, and doesn't add on to it as a bonus.

It's not a damage bonus, though. It's not a Strength bonus, it doesn't come from a weapon ability such as flaming, shocking, or holy, it's not precision damage. To quote...

"A rod of withering acts as a +1 light mace that deals no hit point damage. Instead, the wielder deals 1d4 points of Strength damage and 1d4 points of Constitution damage to any creature she touches with the rod (by making a melee touch attack). If she scores a critical hit, the damage from that hit is permanent ability drain. In either case, the defender negates the effect with a DC 17 Fortitude save."

Note that it specifically says that instead of hit point damage, it deals the ability damage. Regardless of intention, it would seem to me that said damage would be multiplied by Vital Strike. The fact that it's not hitpoint damage doesn't enter into it at all. It's literally the weapon's new base damage.

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If one were to use the Vital Strike feat with the Rod of Withering, would you deal 2d4 Con and 2d4 Str damage? I would think so, because the ability damage isn't bonus damage, it just plain replaces the mace's normal damage. By RAW, I *think* it should work, and that they'd only get a single save instead of two, as well.

'snot flanking, sorry. To flank, you have to threaten the square the enemy is in, and ranged weapons don't threaten as a general rule.

Rogues CAN sneak attack from up to 30', but to do so, they have to find some way to deny their target their Dex bonus to AC, such as attacking from stealth.

Hello, all. I'll be joining the game once I'm done with a character.

I'll likely draw up two or so and then see which you folks think the part would need more. And be aware, my builds aren't always the most optimized, as I go for character concept over mechanics, though I'll try not to nerf myself too badly.

For the first character, I was thinking a Swashbucker Rogue, focusing on two-handing a longsword, and possible taking a feat to become proficient with the longbow as well. More of a rough and tumble wilderness sneak than the normal thief-type urban rogue. Likely a reformed bandit as far as background goes.

For the second, I was thinking Alchemist, though not sure on race. If possible, I'd like permission to play a kobold or goblin, though I can go with human if neither of those are viable. Either way, likely a standard build focused on my bombs and poisoned throwing weapons. Though the kobold or goblin would focus more on the bombs, while the human would have some melee capability as well.

Which would the party/DM favor?

That sounds excellent. I have a real tabletop gaming session starting in just a few that I need to get ready for, but I'll get started on my character tonight after we're done.

Basically, the title. Especially looking for any games that are just getting ready to start, or have recently started and need another player. I've played plenty of 3.5 and some PF at an actual table before, so I won't need to be coddled or taught how to play.

Especially interested in Kingmaker, if there's a game running that's still at/near the start.

As for what I'd play, depends on the game. Though I do like to play unusual characters, as I've gotten tired of playing the same old race/class combos over the years, though if the plot demands, I can of course play something more normal.

I can live with that.

Hmm...well, if we want pure simplicity, and you like the sound of the word council, we could just be...The Council. I've heard worse names for supergroups.

Gamemento Mori wrote:

Monitor is good, genkumon

Awesome, thanks.

Ok, name. Ok, how about Monitor? Is that free?

Yeah, for simplicity's sake, I'm just gonna go ahead and use the default Ring Bearer stats from Instant Superheroes, if that's ok. The only alteration I'll make is to change the ring to a pair of bracers, which won't function unless I have both, so there shouldn't be any cost changes. Also, I figure I'll want him to still be fairly new, having been a hero for a bit under a year, making him the newest member of the team, if possible.


Terrance "Terry" Howard was...unlucky, is the word he would use. All his life, he had wanted to be a police officer like his father, and to that end had studied Criminal Justice. But, shortly before he graduated, his father was killed in the line of duty, and the whole incident surrounding the death was blamed on the dead officer. Terry, however, was sure it was a cover-up, but he couldn't prove it. Disillusioned with the police force, he went into private investigation instead.

His luck there was no better. In a city full of super powered heroes and villains, an old fashioned PI wasn't in high demand. He made enough to eat and pay most of his bills, but that was it. For three years, life went on, until...something happened.

Terrance woke up one morning to a pounding headache, and a strange pair of gold and red bracers in his lap. Looking blankly at them, he suddenly realized he knew how to use them...and that someone had left a message for him *inside* his head. It was a short message, sounding as if it were spoken by a deep voiced male.

"Terrance Howard, you have been chosen to join the Reality Wardens. You are charged with the protection of your local bubble of space-time. You are to use your Warp Bracers to maintain local order until such a time as you are called to discharge your prime duty. Misuse of your equipment will result in termination."

For a whole day, Terry simply stayed in bed, pondering. He didn't really want this, he didn't choose this...who were these Reality Wardens, and what right did they have to force him into this? But, slowly, he began to consider the possibilities. His whole life, he had wanted to make a difference in this city, and he had the power to do so. Not to mention with the might of the Warp Bracers, he may someday be able to uncover the truth behind the death and cover-up of his father.

That night, the city's newest hero, the Warden, was born. This black and red-suited hero, held aloft by the golden aura of energy coming from the red and gold bracers on his wrists proved to be a mighty force for good, and although that was less than a year ago, he's already becoming fairly well known, and rumor has it he's recently joined a team.

I'm gong with a Device using character, specifically a pair of bracers. Main power will be Cosmic Energy Control, alternate powers I have in mind are Flight, Force Field, Disintegration, Immunity for life support, and maybe Space Travel and Sensory Shield. Won't need blast, because it's my understanding that the capability is included automatically under Cosmic Energy Control. Any advice on other powers to pick up or dorp would be appreciated.

The concept I'm going for is sort of a Captain Marvel meets Green Lantern sort of thing. Still hashing out the bio, but the gist of it is that he's a down on his luck private eye who woke up one morning with the bracers in his lap and instructions on how to use them shoved in his head, along with a mental welcome to the "Reality Wardens" and instructions to use the bracers to maintain order until called upon to discharge his real duties...which weren't elaborated on.

Though honestly, considering the similarity, stat-wise I might just go with the Ring Bearer Archetype from Instant Superheroes instead, since it fits pretty closely to what I want, and is pre-made. If I do so, I'll still likely tweak the powers a bit, drop the object creation for something else, at least, possibly Snare and Telekinesis as well, in exchanged for at least Space Travel. If someone would be willing to help with this, I'd be in their debt. Or, as a final option, I can just use it right out of the box.

Thanks, I owe you big time. Now...theme. I agree with Chris in that we should have some sort of common theme, but that leaves a very wide area to work with.

Personally, I favor a looser gathering like the JLA, Avengers, or Defenders, being brought together originally to face some single crisis, villain, or the like, and then sticking together afterward, because it provides a LOT more variety for character and power backgrounds.

But that's just me. If the rest of you guys want a strong common theme for the group, I'll go along.

No. Don't worry about it, keep your spot. I don't want to steal anyone's place. Hopefully there will be room for me as well, and if not, I can always fill in if someone has to back out for some other reason. Don't quit on my account, especially since he hasn't replied yet.

Damnation, I missed the setup thread for this by about a day. Do you have room for one more player? I recently picked up some M&M stuff, and I've been wanting to try it out, but my usual haunts don't have any games actively recruiting. Then I remembered to check Paizo, and...saw this.

If you do accept me, be aware this'll be my first time trying M&M, though hardly my first RPG or PbP game, so I would appreciate any help I could get from players more familiar with the system in setting up my character. If you'll let me in, that is.