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What about the 3 action economy system? This is what Starfinder really needs.

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Aaron Shanks wrote:
Aaron Shanks wrote:
Hey fans, as you know the image at this time is a mock-up, but I've asked Jon, our Community and Social Media Specialist, to have a chat with our art and editorial teams and find out what their intensions are for this new blue cover. Thanks!
We have our answer. It will be a dark blue, not Lost Omens blue, with gold foil. The Paizo has had plans to move away from a single color going forward.

That's awful! I just jumped on board with PF2e, for reasons (*COUGH*ogl*COUGH*), and I just had to get all the books in SE because they are just beautiful. I was ok with the change with the spines because I saw the core, bestaries, GM and player guide as "Core books" and the other 4 books as "additional" rules, and then all the Omens books being blue, so it doesn't look so strange on my bookshelf. But now if the "additional" rulebooks are going to be different random colors, I don't know if there's any reason to even get the SE now. It makes me sad.

Thanks for the responses. I just thought a +12 sword may be too OP for 3rd level characters, but I trust you guys. Thanks!

What to do with Sharu's sword? My group just killed her, but not after she downed two of them, it was a rough fight.

My group are a bunch of murder-hobos so I know they have their eyes on her sword, and her rifle. These are pretty powerful items, a little too powerful for level 3 PC's?

They have avoided looting Azlanti so far because I emphasize how the equipment if very specifically and identifiable as Azlanti. However, I do not think that will keep them from using Sharu's loot!

How have you handled this?

Hey all,

New to Pathfinder and Starfinder and the forums here.

I am running my son and his friends through Dead Suns right now and they want to try out a Pathfinder adventure after so I picked up the Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition (seriously like the one book compilation WAY more than the 6 smaller books!).

The Dead Suns pawns collection has been extremely useful so of course I wanted to get the pawns for Runelords as well, but holy price gouging!! 5k on Amazon! No thanks!

Do we know if Paizo plans to reprint these at all? Are all the creatures and NPCs in Runelords available in other Pathfinder Pawn collections that are more readily available? Any other way I can get a hold of the pawns I need for Runelords?

Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks!