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Dotting :) I'm excited to see what I can think up for this. Very unfamiliar with the setting/AP -- but I've got time to check it out!

Since I see there's an extension until later this week, I'm dotting this for interest in case I can put a character together in time — don't think I've ever heard of the Tomb of Horrors, but I do know who Gygax is :P


Here's my submission! It's been a long time since I played in a PbP but I'm ready to get back into it. I'm imagining him as some sort of borderline vigilante character in Falcon's Hollow: not afraid to stand up for the little guys when he sees evil men walking all over them.

Clinton Byrus:
Thurman Byrus was born to a logging family living on the fringes of Falcon's Hollow. Life was difficult living under the heel of the Lumber Consortium, and things got worse when his father disappeared during an 'incident' out in the Darkmoon Wood — his family never received a proper explanation.

Thurman has an older brother and a younger sister, though they rarely keep in touch since their mother likewise disappeared a few years ago. She had been working back-breaking hours as a healer for several lumber sites outside of town, and one day never returned from the forest.

After this, Thurman's siblings — Sara and Corin — decided to take themselves off the grid. They've made the wild their home, alongside a small group of like-minded individuals — mostly rangers and hunters — but their life is tough and contact has grown more and more inconsistent. Nevertheless, if Thurman catches wind of Lumber Consortium movements in regions he knows his siblings frequent, he does his best to send warning.

Thurman chose to stay in Falcon's Hollow, for after losing both parents, his life became more about helping and protecting those less fortunate in his community than it was about his own survival. He's stuck his neck out more than enough times to warrant a reputation with the Lumber Consortium, and while he's taken no direct action against them, he's learned that it's better to watch his back around town: there are many evildoers around who wouldn't think twice about leaving him dead in a ditch.

Stat Block:
Clinton Byrus, NG Human Cleric of Erastil (23 yrs. old)
Initiative: +3 Senses: +2 Perception
Languages: Common
AC: 15 Touch: 13 Flat-Footed: 12 CMD: 15
HP: 9 (1d8+1 favored class)
Fort: +2 Ref: +3 Will: +4
Heavy mace, +2 (1d8+2 x2)
Longbow, +3 (1d8 x3)
BAB: +0 CMB: +2
Spells Prepared:
0 level (3): Detect Magic, Guidance, Light
1st level (2+1): Shield of Faith, Obscuring Mist, + Bless
Str: 14 Dex: 16 Con: 10 Int: 8 Wis: 15 Cha: 12
Feats (2): Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot
Trait: Ordinary (+4 to Stealth in crowds)
Skills (2): Heal +6, Sense Motive +6
Class Skills: The cleric's class skills are Appraise (Int), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Heal (Wis), Knowledge (arcana) (Int), Knowledge (history) (Int), Knowledge (nobility) (Int), Knowledge (planes) (Int), Knowledge (religion) (Int), Linguistics (Int), Profession (Wis), Sense Motive (Wis), and Spellcraft (Int).
Domains: Good, Community
Channel Energy: 1d6, 4 times per day.
Aura: Good
Worn Gear,
Studded leather armor, 25 gp, 20 lbs.
Longbow, 75 gp, 3 lbs.
Arrows (x20), 1 gp, 3 lbs.
Heavy mace, 12 gp, 8 lbs.
Backpack, 2 gp
Bedroll, 1 sp, 5 lbs.
Hemp Rope (50 ft), 1 gp, 10 lbs.
Trail Rations x2, 1 gp, 2 lbs.
Manacles x1, 15 gp, 2 lbs.
8 gp
20 sp

53 lbs. carried
58 lbs -> 116 lbs -> 175 lbs

Dotting for interest!

Male Wandering Nomad 3

Yeah, build your character as a Chicago trumpet player fleeing from a rough life in a seedy underworld. Right before you left you stumbled upon a mysterious, ancient book written in what you can only guess is Latin -- somebody must have left it behind after a show.

You tried to decipher this strange book a bit on your journey out west, and since then you've grown nearly obsessed with it. I'll figure out how you join the other two, more "professional" investigators as we start the game.

However, you've still not got the character attached its profile. It actually appears you've put the character sheet on your main account's profile, but you want it on your alias.

Click on your name at the top to go to your account profile, then click on aliases and you can select Carl Cashus. Then you can make a profile for that alias and post using the alias, with your character sheet attached, in this thread.

Today I'm migrating north about 300 miles so I'll be rather busy, but hopefully tomorrow I'll get the starting post up.

Male Wandering Nomad 3

Carl, were you able to make a profile/are you still interested in this game?

Male Wandering Nomad 3


But that also means you won't be encountering much armor :P
At least not on people.

Male Wandering Nomad 3

Hey all, no worries! As I've said many times already, I'm not too strict on posting regularity, I just ask that you are around as much as you can be :)

Thanks for all your interest and I hope this doesn't turn into a painful train wreck, but I'm happy to have you all here. I think we're still waiting on a check in from our Professor Hansen/Big OM, so hopefully he shows up soon otherwise we can just start on without him.

@Carl, if you click on your alias' name here on the message boards, it should take you to spot where you can edit your alias's profile, and if you could paste your character sheet there that'd be awesome.

@Dr. Watson, I believe I missed one of your earlier questions on weapon proficiencies, so I'll answer it here, and I guess everyone should read this. As per the Call of Cthulhu rules, there are no base proficiencies. If you wanted to wield a weapon proficiently you would need whichever weapon proficiency feat is applicable to the weapon: Weapon Proficiency (melee weapon, thrown weapon, pistol, rifle (includes automatic rifles), shotgun, or submachine gun). I'm also going to make a slight house rule and add the option of Weapon Proficiency (finesse weapon), as applicable to any light blade or knife or other obviously finesse weapons (rapier, whip, etc.) and this will also allow investigators to benefit as if they had also gotten Weapon Finesse the feat. Anyway, I thought it all seemed a bit unfair so I decided to include a bonus Weapon Proficiency feat at level 1.

On another note, the bonus feat depending on your profession was another houserule I made up (I also made up the professions...) which was supposed to help signify your excellence in career of choice. I didn't realize though that as per RAW in the CoC RPG every investigator starts the game with 2 feats already... so everyone is going to get another feat!

1st Level - 2 Starting Feats, 1 Career Feat, 1 Weapon Proficiency Feat
2nd Level -
3rd Level - Feat
4th Level -
5th Level - Feat, etc.

So folks, please make these adjustments where necessary, and we can get this thing under way soon. Also, if there are more questions, please ask.

EDIT: Haha, not to stumble into a rant, but I gotta clarify something.

I don't want people to think that because I'm beefing up these characters so much that they will be able to rampage through this game killing Mythos monsters and cultists and basically owning everything. I vamped up your power partly yes because I was afraid there'd be TPKs up the hizzoo if I didn't, but also for the story value behind the whole thing. I want the game centered around this group as a specialized team that's going to dive into the darkest secrets and the darkest mysteries of the darkest, most evil nature. Only the best would be even considered for the task, let alone be willing to attempt it. And remember, death isn't the only threat to your characters any more, with their sanity on the line.

Male Wandering Nomad 3

Hey all and welcome to the game!! Please post and check in, and once we're ready I'll give you all a bit of personal information about your character getting involved with the case, and we'll be off!

Hi everyone, game is on and I've chosen 4 investigators who hopefully will still be interested! If anyone doesn't show up I'll take others from this thread if people are still interested, otherwise I'd be willing to run the game with just 2 or 3 people if others would be fine with it.

And so, without extending the wait any longer, here are the four doomed investigators to undertake the case!

Dr. Arthur Watson, Offensive Agent and British super soldier.

Prof. William Hanson, Offensive Willamette Professor of history suffering from obsession with the macabre.

Remmy Malarkey, Offensive Soldier with a known knack for finding things.

Carl Cashus, Chicago trumpet player fleeing from his past by coming out West. We'll work on this to see how exactly to make it work, and I like the originality, but it doesn't make too much sense for the K. West Fund to hire a trumpet player to look into some dark mysteries. You'll have to prove yourself somehow as we go along :P -- I also might rule some changes to the Psionics or remove it completely and give you some minor magic capabilities instead (keep in mind, magic in this game is going to be rare and dangerous).


And again, I'm going to warn you guys (as you've maybe noticed already), my posting schedule can be unpredictable. This past week is a good example: extended recruitment last minute and then was still a day off the deadline. If that's an issue for you (you don't like games with some irregularity), please consider that before accepting.

Ideally players will be able to react to my posts within 24 hours, but of course I can't hold those expectations and then not hold them myself :)

If you're chosen and still interested, please check out the Discussion thread.

Hey everyone, I just got offered a job last minute out in the middle of nowhere for the next 4-5 days, so I'm going to extend recruitment until Friday.

I like what I've seen so far, hope you all don't lose interest by the time I get back!

@Big OM

I like the character a lot. Being a professor at Willamette might make things a bit interesting for me, as I actually got my bachelor's degree there and I chose the area so I could include the University in the story, haha, so it'll be exciting to accommodate for your involvement.

@Dr. Watson

6+Int is your skill ranks. There are no assigned base proficiencies, you get to pick one with your free Weapon Proficiency feat.


Cool, I actually grew up in WA and just went to school and now live in OR, but the northwest is all the northwest and it's all good :). I would like to warn you that many people have already submitted military-based characters, and I'm going to try and reach a balance between the professions. Those stats could make a character close to a Lovecraftian Sherlock Holmes, if you wanted to consider the detective route.

Ability scores can be rearranged however you like. I'm seeing some pretty impressive rolls, too... will make for interesting balance in the game.

Hey Dr. Watson, I dig the backstory a lot, but how does having a rustic cabin northeast of Portland sound? Portland is about two hours away from Salem by train, and I'm only askin' cause if you wanted to live closer to Salem it'd make a lot more sense to be in a farmhouse -- pretty much just flat floodlands in the Willamette Valley.

Also, just one other thing, and this goes for everyone, the bonus Weapon Proficiency feat is specific to only one type of firearm, so you have to decide Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle, etc.

I want the characters to have a good reason for being contracted by a private multi-million dollar special interest, so they basically can't be bumbling idiots and they would probably need some professional confidence. But of course if they are also quirky or funny or whatever, that's fine by me.

Happy to see some interest! I'll answer a few questions.

Nidoran Duran wrote:
About to build, and wondering where exactly the Pathfinder comes into this. Namely, if skill purchases work like in Pathfinder, or in the rest of D20. Also, do we get to take bonus languages for an Int bonus as in Pathfinder, or does each language have to come with a rank in Speak Other Language?

Good question, yes please treat skill purchases as you would in Pathfinder.

Big OM wrote:
Where can I find prices for equipment?

The weapon prices are listed, the rest of it... just sort of estimate. I'll give prices for purchases made in game, but I'm not too worried about character creation.

Money woes will be the last of your concern in this game, I think :P

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When Darkness Falls

"The most merciful thing in the world, I think is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the deadly light into the peace and safety of a new dark age." - H.P. Lovecraft, "The Call of Cthulhu"

Hi everyone, welcome to the recruitment thread for When Darkness Falls.

This campaign is sort of an experimental project I've mulled over for years, so be warned it might be a bit unorthodox. First of all: this is a Lovecraft-inspired campaign, and for much of the prep work I've done for it I've been reading/referencing the Call of Cthulhu RPG, a d20 source book that is 3.5 compatible. If you're not familiar with the game, it is designed to be a brutal and horrifying experience in which the PCs not only face death and excruciating bodily harm, but their characters also run the risk of losing their very sanity as they confront terror after terror in the world of Cthulhu Mythos. This campaign will be no different. (Hint: mature themes abound).

The game begins in the city of Salem, the capitol of Oregon State on the U.S's western coastline. The year is 1951, and the country still celebrates and prospers from its glorious victory at the end WWII. Each investigator (PC) will be commissioned by a powerful private interest, the K. West Fund, to join a team of highly-trained and highly-qualified specialists. The investigators should come from a variety of backgrounds (we'll talk about character creation in a second), but suffice it to say that private detectives, criminal investigators, military personnel, doctors and even professors will be considered for the job.

All hopeful investigators should have a full portfolio turned in by the 29th of September, or next Sunday. For instructions on how to create a portfolio, see the campaign info (which I have copy+pasted here for your ease).

Character Creation Step 1:
Choose a Base Save and Base Attack Bonus Progression & then roll for your ability scores. This choice is made once at the beginning of the game, and cannot be altered.

Defensive Option:
......Base Save 1.....Base Save 2.....Base Save 3.....Base Attack Bonus

Offensive Option:
......Base Save 1.....Base Save 2.....Base Save 3.....Base Attack Bonus

Ability Scores:
As every member of the group being assembled will be considered a specialist at the top of their field, we will be rolling at 3d6+6, dropping the lowest roll, for each ability score -- that's six times only, not allowing a 7th to drop the lowest -- I may choose to change the specifics here based on the results of character creation and how quickly/effectively the group moves through the game.

Character Creation Step 2:
Choose a Profession from the following list (their class skills are listed next to them). Each option comes with a bonus feat, in addition to your 1st level feat.

Agent: Bluff, Disable Device, Drive, Forgery, Intimidate, Sense Motive, Stealth, +3 more of the player's choice. FEAT: Improved Initiative.
Detective: Bluff, Diplomacy, Disable Device, Disguise, Forgery, Perception, Sense Motive, +3 more of the player's choice. FEAT: Dodge.
Doctor: Appraise, Heal, Knowledge (biology), Knowledge (medicine), Knowledge (any), Perception, Research, +3 more of the player's choice. FEAT: Skill Focus (Heal) or (Knowledge (any)).
Professor: Bluff, Diplomacy, Knowledge (occult), Knowledge (any 1), Perception, Research, Sense Motive +3 more of the player's choice. FEAT: Skill Focus (Diplomacy), (Bluff), or (Knowledge (any)).
Soldier: Acrobatics, Climb, Heal, Perception, Stealth, Survival, Swim, +3 more of the player's choice. FEAT: Weapon Focus.

This is a list of all skills available to players:
Disable Device
Escape Artist
Handle Animal
Knowledge (archaeology)
Knowledge (art)
Knowledge (astronomy)
Knowledge (biology)
Knowledge (chemistry)
Knowledge (history)
Knowledge (local)*
Knowledge (medicine)
Knowledge (nature)
Knowledge (occult)
Knowledge (religion)
Sense Motive
Sleight of Hand
Speak Other Language

*Choose any one city for Knowledge (local)

Character Creation Step 3:
Pick your feats. I am going to be open with this one, and allow you to choose from any feat in any d20 sourcebook, so long as you can provide me with a description (or tell me where to find one) and I think it's not overpowered or doesn't contextually fit in the setting or game style. Also note that every investigator is granted 1 free Weapon Proficiency feat to represent time spent fighting in WWII, which we will assume most every investigator did.

Character Creation Step 4:
Read about and determine your Sanity.

Character Creation Step 5:
Equipment! Use the following adjustments to discern your Profession's salary:

Agent: +0
Doctor: +2
Professor: +1
Soldier: +0

Now, roll 1d6 and add your Profession's salary adjustment, multiply the result by 1,000 and you have your current life's savings. A final result of 0 is $500.00. Keep in mind, however, that your characters' lives are not yet focused on survival, and therefore it would be unrealistic to simply buy an arsenal of weaponry during character creation. I have provided only a list of weaponry (because of their key role in the game) and their prices, but feel free to flesh out your investigator's possessions with whatever creative and realistic items you wish.

Melee Weapons
Tiny Melee Weapons:
Brass Knuckles: 1d3; x2 crit; bludgeoning; $1.00
Switchblade: 1d3; 19-20/x2 crit; piercing; $3.00

Small Melee Weapons:
Hunting Knife: 1d4; 19-20/x2 crit; 10' range; piercing; $5.00
Combat Knife: 1d4; 19-20/x2 crit; 10' range; slashing; $5.00
Cleaver/Butcher Knife: 1d4; x3 crit; 10' range; slashing; $2.00
Gun butt, Pistol: 1d4; x2 crit; bludgeoning
Hatchet: 1d6; x3 crit; slashing; $3.00

Medium Melee Weapons:
Nightstick/Billy Culb: 1d4; x2 crit; bludgeoning; $1.00
Crowbar: 1d6; x2 crit; bludgeoning; $3.00
Pick/Pickaxe: 1d6; x4 crit; piercing; $5.00
Machete: 1d6; 19-20/x2 crit; slashing; $3.00
Rapier: 1d8; 18-20/x2 crit; piercing; $15.00

Large Melee Weapons:
Baseball Bat: 1d6; x2 crit; bludgeoning; $2.00
Bayonet, fixed to rifle: 1d6; 19-20/x2 crit; piercing and slashing; $5.00
Gun butt, rifle or shotgun: 1d6; x2 crit; bludgeoning
Shovel: 1d6; x2 crit; bludgeoning; $4.00
Axe: 1d8; x3 crit; slashing; $5.00

Colt Single Action Revolver (M1873): 1d10; x3 crit; 6 bullet revolver; side loading; 20' range; standard fire; $30.00
Colt M1911: 2d6; x3 crit; 7 bullet mag; 20' range; semiautomatic; $40.00
Colt M1917: 2d8; x3 crit; 6 bullet revolver; side loading; 20' range; semiautomatic; $50.00
Smith & Wesson M1917 Revolver: 2d8; 6 bullet revolver; side loading; 20' range; semiautomatic; $40.00

Winchester M1894 Sporting Rifle: 2d6; x3 crit; lever action; side loading; 200' range; $28.00
Lee-Enfield Mark I Rifle: 2d10; x3 crit; bolt action; 6 bullet mags; 175' range; $55.00
Springfield M1903: 2d10; x3 crit; bolt action; 5 bullet clip; 175' range; $45.00
Lee-Enfield Mark III Rifle: 2d10; x3 crit; bolt action; 10 bullet mags; 200' range; $60.00

Winchester M1897 Shotgun (12 gauge): 3d6/2d6/1d6* or 2d10 slug; x3 crit; 5 shell cap; 50' range; pump action; $60.00
Winchester M1897 Riot Shotgun (10 gauge): 3d8/2d8/1d8* or 2d10 slug; x3 crit; 4 shell cap; 50' range; lever; $75.00
Winchester M1912 Shotgun (12 gauge): 3d6/2d6/1d6* or 2d10 slug; x3 crit; 5 shell cap; 50' range; pump action; $60.00
Winchester M1912 Shotgun (16 gauge): 3d4/2d4/1d4* or 2d8 slug; x3 crit; 5 shell cap; 50' range; pump action; $45.00

*Use the 1st damage listing for whenever the target is within the weapon's 1st range increment, the 2nd damage listing for a target within the weapon's 2nd range increment, and the 3rd damage listing for anything beyond that.

Submachine Guns
Thompson Submachine Gun: 2d8; x3 crit; 30' range; autofire; $225.00

Character Advancement:
Investigators' HD are always d8, and assume that each class normally gains 6 + Int skills per level. Additionally, feats are normally gained at every odd level.

Skill ranks and even Feats may be rewarded for specific actions or accomplishments throughout the game.

Sample Character Sheet:
Charlie Poolsworth, Offensive Detective 1 (Fort)

HP: 9/9 // Sanity points: 50/50
AC: 14 // CMD: 14
Will: +0 // Fort: +2 // Reflex: +3

Shotgun +4 (3d6/2d6/1d6, x3)
Switchblade +1 (1d3, 19-20/x2)

STR 11
DEX 16
CON 11
INT 10
WIS 10
CHA 11

Disable Device
Sense Motive

Weapon Proficiency (shotgun)

Winchester 1897 Pump Action, 20 shells
Large dark sunglasses
White undershirt, stained
Button-up shirt, light blue
Grey 3-buttoned vest, very classy
- Pack of cigarettes, 3/4 full
Brown slacks
- Zippo cigarette lighter
Leather shoes, slightly scuffed
Black leather wallet
- 2.75$

In Portland for an extended stay while investigating the disappearance of a beautiful girl from Oregon's countryside that was caught up in the bad business of Portland's underbelly, Charlie keeps his switchblade in his pocket at all times but generally chooses to leave his shotgun at home. He relies on some wit and some luck to get to the bottom of his cases, and so far things have been paying off.

Posting requirements are ideally once a day, but I definitely can slack on even that from time to time, so we'll say that 4 posts a week should be the minimum. I don't know how many players I'll be running this with, so just assume for now there'll be 3-5.

Thanks for reading! I'll let Mr. Lovecraft have the final word....

"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown."
- H.P. Lovecraft, "Supernatural Horror in Literature"

Dotting for interest!

And hey again Shanosuke, I played Leon Holloway in your first Borallas Rebellion campaign.

Right now I'm thinking a Druid 1/Zen Archer 1 that will continue the rest of its way as monk. Druid for some speak with animals spells and what not, wild empathy, some key class skills, and probably a bird animal companion of sorts. Zen Archer because, I mean... there's dinosaurs -- who wants to go toe to toe with that?

I'll work on a more solid build soon.

Alright I'm going to go with a multiclassed Fighter (Lore Warden) 2 / Bard (Arcane Duelist) 5 -- before I write the story up, can I ask are there any particular race restrictions?

Dotting for interest! In case you don't remember, I played Rupert Hentzau in your Kingmaker campaign. My world travels have ended and I'll soon be quitting my job, opening up lots more time for PbP's and I always appreciate campaigns or adventures that start a bit later in a character's adventuring career :)

I'll be brainstorming and will post something soon.

Don't forget Invisibility.

Male Wandering Nomad 3

Aaaaand I'm officially putting the game on hold. If anyone (who hasn't already done so) is still interested in continuing this after I have some more time to dedicate to it, please PM me.

I'll be looking to maybe start it up again within a month or two, but right now work is just far too overwhelming. I never really explained it, but just so you know I've been working for an environmentalist non profit and we've been scrambling to raise $300,000 dollars in one summer, and it's just been a string of overtime and 50 hour work weeks since I started :P.

So, hopefully talk to some or all of you again soon, otherwise it was a pleasure playing and thanks for sticking with us! Hope it was enjoyable, because I definitely enjoyed your characters.

Male Wandering Nomad 3

Sad to see you go, Count Buggula. I think we've had a real fun group dynamic in this game, and Shanoa is definitely an important part of it. You will be missed, and I hope you come back to us some day!

Male Wandering Nomad 3

I would consider recruiting another person if you all thought it necessary. I have already been developing plans for the story based on characters and their backstories, but would be happy to do so for a new character as well if we want to continue.

I should, however, warn you (though I doubt you need warning at this point) that my schedule has become super busy. Mostly it's just with work, but I'm also going to start playing with a PF group I found earlier this week.

Basically: I'd like to continue if you all have genuine interest in keeping this going, but patience will be a big part of the game :P

Male Wandering Nomad 3

"Alright, then. I've heard enough, I suppose," the Captain dismisses you.

The Mayor rises and sees you out, "Thanks for stopping by. I'm sure we'll get to the bottom of this little problem soon, won't we? With the Marines here, we can finally relax a little bit and put our minds to work."


His eyes, however, transmit a different message: one of urgency and worry. Time is of the essence and the arrival of the Marines surely means the town must be on its best behavior.

Alright, I'm back, and you've got basically free time for now. I might interrupt some things here and there, but what're you all wanting to do?"

Male Wandering Nomad 3

I'm going on a camping trip for work this Monday through Saturday... there might be internet access but I'm not counting on it.

Male Wandering Nomad 3

The Captain turns back to the Mayor briefly, "Seeing these people in person makes your story all the more real. I believe you and your story, however incredible it is, so I will post some Marines to stay and defend the village."

"You have a prisoner?" the Captain asks. "How does he relate to the Necromancer? Where is he and what does he know?"

Suddenly the Varisian stranger seated with Captain Bear-Son and Mayor Galway speaks up, in a polite but almost sneering voice, "The hobgoblin, Captain, must be unrelated to the Necromancer. The elf told us that the creature was hunting down one of its own, which must have been dispatched by that Water Whatever."

"I know that," the Captain says, indignant, "But you never know. Has the hobgoblin told you anything?"

Just so you know, I'll be camping on a work trip from Monday through Friday maybe Saturday... potential internet access, but likely none.

Male Wandering Nomad 3

Just so you know, none of you are technically very charismatic at all. I think Kyrra has the highest score at 11, Gaurm 2nd highest at 10, and Malcom and Calon both have a 9. I've just decided that your actions have earned you a certain respectability, and in general I try to steer you away from social skill checks :P

Male Wandering Nomad 3

Presuming you head over to the Mayor's...

The first oddity you notice arriving at the Mayor's manor is a crowd of townsfolk gathered in the streets. You soon see why they are so curious, as there are three more of those ferocious-looking hippogriffs tethered to the Mayor's porch, leather reins and saddles on their backs. They snort and scratch at a bloody spot in the grass, where what looks like the remains of a goat are scattered... no doubt the animals' reward for a long journey from Korvosa.

The small crowd also watches you as you enter the manor; the mayor is inside, along with four men you've never seen before. Three of them are armored, and from their rigidness you know they are definitely military of some sort, likely Sable Company Marines from Korvosa. One of the Marines, a giant Shoanti man, wears a distinctly beautiful breastplate of mithral and gold. This one and the fourth stranger, a Varisian man wearing black pants and a dark red businessman's tunic, are seated at the Mayor's desk with Mayor Galway himself. There is some soft discussion which ends abruptly as you enter.

The first to take notice of you, Mayor Galway looks up with a relieved expression and beckons you forward, "About damn time, my friends! I was just explaining to Captain Bear-Son here of our recent necromancer run-ins." The Captain turns his head to face you, light flickering off his armor.

Sense Motive DC 15:
The Captain's eyes are hard and calculating, but not lacking the warmth of good intentions. He looks legitimately impressed with your party, having already listened to the Mayor's story about repelling the Necromancer and his group of undead.

"But I see from your bloodied clothes and gear that you've got a more recent story, so let's hear it," the Captain says firmly.

Male Wandering Nomad 3

"Oh..." she says to Kyrra as the group is leaving, "That's really alright, dear. I'll be alright," she smiles and waves to the group until you disappear around a corner and go... where?

Researching the papers can be done day-by-day with Knowledge (history) checks. Mrs. Riel's papers give a +4 bonus, and Joron Wunhur's papers give a +2 bonus. You make two checks each day (one for the morning and one for the afternoon), and I'll reveal appropriate information accordingly.

As for the stone, you guys have no idea where to even begin... so feel free to start experimenting.

There is also the matter of Malcom's gun, which could be fully repaired with a bit of labor...

And, lastly, there is the Mayor. He'd probably be interested in hearing about your most recent adventure -- what you tell him is of course up to your discretion -- but also remember that he asked you to stick around today in case Korvosan officials showed up angry about violating the rebellion's peace treaty.

With a little less than half a day, you've got options :P

Male Wandering Nomad 3

Adrienne Riel's eyes are on the floor when you give her the news, but she seems to handle it well. "Yes, well... I understand. After he left this last time, I asked myself 'I'll never see him again, will I?' Now I know. It's okay, I'm okay. Thank you. Here," she gets up and moves into another room. Returning, she holds up a small golden key. "I'm hoping this old box is still weather proof," she sticks the key in the lock and turns it, the small lockbox popping open with a creak.

Inside the box you see what looks like several family heirlooms, a silk coin purse, and a bundle of documents. By your guess, it looks like probably her life savings and most precious possessions. She pulls out the papers and hands them over to Calon, "This is my collection of family records, you'll find quite a bit of it is about the war. It was a dark time... please don't judge them on what you read. I think it might help tell you what you're after, at least."

She hesitates, spotting a particular piece of jewelry that had been under the papers: a chain necklace with beautifully-polished, silver- and gold-wrapped rocks that dangled in a tight bundle. "Oh, and this... I suppose you should probably have this. I've never found any use for it. It was a gift, maybe the only legitimate gift Norm ever gave me. I was going to sell it, but a friend of mine gave me an appraisal and said it was magical. I've no idea what to do with it, but maybe you can use it."

Male Wandering Nomad 3

Mrs. Riel answers the door looking worried, as if she'd been waiting anxiously for your return. "My lockbox!" she yells, reaching for it instinctively. Her face turns grey at your last words, however, and she says quietly, "I'll hear the bad news first... though I think I know what you'll be telling me. Norm always was a difficult one."

Male Wandering Nomad 3

"Alright, well since you found him you should keep whatever you found, I 'spose." The guard looks bored at the thought of the hobgoblin's company, but he knows prisoners must be watched.

I think I've given you details on all of the gear except the hob's sword, which is a masterwork bastard sword with a big red ruby embedded in its hilt.

Male Wandering Nomad 3

The Biston guardhouse is a small, wooden building, different from the others around it by the iron bars on the windows. A constable mills around outside, but he is drawn over by the sight of your curious prisoner. He shows you inside and to the hobgoblin's cell, a small 10x5 foot space with a barred door and no window. He scoffs at it as he is pushed inside and the door is locked, but the prisoner stays otherwise silent.

"We can keep him here until it's decided what's to be done about him," the guardsman says. "What possessions was he carryin'?"

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Sorry for the long delay. Getting started at a new job and it's eating up my time lately.

The group makes it back to town easily-enough, using a rope this time to navigate the dangerous cliff edges. Even the hobgoblin, with his manacled hands on the rope, is able to clamber along without much trouble. You see from his footwork that he's an adept climber.

The walk back to town goes quickly, and you arrive with the sun directly overhead. The smell of warm bread, freshly-baked in the houses of many citizens for lunch and dinner, wafts along the swift breeze.

Where would you like to go? I suspect maybe the guard house, which is also the jail, but also maybe the Mayor's or the Church or Mrs. Riel's house. Or whatever.

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What's the plan, then? Feel free to come to a decision OOC if that's easier. I just feel like we've been hanging on this decision for a while, now :P

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Calon is sure there are no hidden passageways or concealed areas in the room that they can see, but there is something ominous about the trough of water that lines the deepest side of the cavern. If it was big enough to house the large Water Wraith for any extended amount of time, it would make sense that the watery opening is actually quite large and might even form a tunnel into the mountainside -- the shape of the trough, at least, would allow this. The water is took dark and deep to be sure without an underwater investigation.

Anything else, or time to go?

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Calon guesses that the gems are worth between 150-200 gold.

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I still see your characters listed as the active PCs. I tried to remove all the old characters from the campaign as Rouqas alerted me to their presence, but maybe I messed up? I don't know what to fix, though...

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The stone seems to have reverted back to its seemingly mundane self: it is cool to the touch and appears/feels like an exquisite ruby.

The hobgoblin stirs under Mal's touch, then looks up with calculated distrust. He rubs his hands together thoughtfully, but stays down on the ground this time. "So what will you do with me, then? Tie me up and drag me back to town?"

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Mal's bullet takes the hob in the shoulder, spinning him and dropping him like a sack of rocks to the stone floor. A new pool of blood begins spilling, adding to the scorched, gorey mess that's already there.

The smoke clears and everyone else seems to be more or less okay: at least you're all alive and transportable.

The silence having finally settled... what next?

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Initiative order:


As the smoke and shockwave settles, the Hobgoblin springs to his feet and launches into a wild dash for the stone! Malcom is prepared, however, and a plume of smoke floods the air as he fires his pistol. Take your shot!

I just moved to Portland and would be excited to play. I'm living in Sellwood right now, and I might have a friend in West Linn who would play as well. My email is if you want to send me a message, I'd love to play any of the Adventure Paths or pretty much anything at all.

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Sorry, the Reflex save should be 13, not 18... dunno where that number came from.

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Actually, I looked up the domain power, and the Artificer's Touch only ignores damage reduction or hardness up to your cleric level, which isn't nearly high enough to destroy this stone.

That does, however, allow for an interesting twist...

You confidently close your eyes and gather the Forgefather's divine presence close, then release the divine magic into the red gem. You first sense something wrong when you feel Torag's smiting power repelled by the stone. It was simply... rejected. Then suddenly, surely by the very will of your patron himself, the divine energy flares up defensively around you in a fortuitous effort to shield you as the gem slips from your fingertips. What follows is a violent, fiery rage, and a booming, raspy voice that you feel reverberating inside your head, speaking angry words in a tongue you do not recognize.

The air around you suddenly grows hot and the smell and sting of smoke pries at your senses. You open your eyes confusedly and see your companions staring at you; then the world blows up and you are blasted back away from where the red stone lay.

Gaurm holds the stone in his palm and goes into a meditative pose. He is silent for a few seconds, then you hear him gasp deeply as his shoulders suddenly sag. The stone falls with a clatter to the ground and the room is burst open unexpectedly with furious fire.

Reflex DC 18 for everyone: 3d6 ⇒ (4, 6, 1) = 11 Successful save takes half.

Maybe we should also do an initiative roll...

GM Screen:
2d20 ⇒ (9, 4) = 13

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The hobgoblin sighs deeply, closes his eyes, and visibly relaxes himself.

Sense Motive 12:
The hobgoblin is obviously not used to this sort of treatment, meaning that he's probably fairly high ranked in whatever organization or militia it is that he's a part of.

"I don't know what it is. It's as I told you, I only know that it was stolen by a deserter and I was sent to retrieve the scum and my master's property."

"But you can do with me as you please: there is still plenty of time to pay for standing in our way," the hobgoblin gives a bestial grin, showing several sharp, yellowed teeth.

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Calon can't identify the scrolls right now. Kyrra would surely know that the last name Riel is the same last name as Norman Riel, the man you're hunting -- though with the breaks and pauses over the past months I understand that being forgotten :P

With a growl at overhearing your conversation, the hobgoblin speaks up, "That rock is more than just a rock, it's true. But it's stolen property, and it's my job to bring it back to its rightful owner."

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Seeing hesitation once the pile was completed, the hobgoblin asks, "Can I inspect the corpse and its belongings, now?"

EDIT: Oops I forgot about Calon opening the chest earlier.

Inside the chest Calon finds several more items and large bags of coins and another bag of valuable jewelery. He finds a total of:

320 gp
1 emerald bangle (100 gp)
2 golden wedding bands(65 gp each)
1 masterwork silver shortsword
20 silver-tipped arrows
3 scrolls wrapped up and tied with dirty twine
1 locked box w/ no key, inscription: Property of A. Riel

You immediately recognize the shortsword and arrows as equipment from the Knights of the Sword and Sickle.

Male Wandering Nomad 3

Calon doesn't know what the stone could possibly be, but Malcom detects an evil aura around it.

Male Wandering Nomad 3

As you cast the routine Detect Magic, you immediately notice something magical in the pile. Focusing down on them, you feel a strange sucking sensation at the edge of your mind. You detect a very strong magical aura coming from only one of the blood-red gems; an almost overwhelming abjuration aura with a weaker side of enchantment.

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We're still going, sorry! I was on the road driving and then got caught up in the midst of some "welcome home" parties and jumping around from friend's house to friend's house for a few days... I'm semi-settled now!

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