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Vic Wertz wrote:

If this blog is your first exposure to the concept of a new edition, I would suggest doing these things (perhaps in this order):

• Read the Pathfinder Playtest page, and make sure you watch the video near the top.
• Read the FAQ linked at the bottom of that page.
• Engage! Join us on the Pathfinder Playtest messageboards. Tell us what you think. Ask questions. We can't answer every possible question you might have, but we need to know what's important to you, so we can make the game you want to play.
• Keep an eye on the blogs at the bottom of the playtest page; we'll be adding more content regularly.

I have been a Pathfinder Lurker for about six and a half years. By that I mean I was drawn in by the Golarion setting through the Pathfinder Comics, and ended up picking up various Pathfinder books and products over the year, but I've only played the game twice so far.

I'm following your blueprint for what to read so far (about to head over to the messageboards), and will keep tabs on the goings on for the next few months to see if 1) this is a good jumping on point for me to actually start playing, 2) this is the perfect jumping off point like I always say whenever Marvel or DC do a company-wide reboot every five years, or 3) if I should just continue loving the Golarion setting stuff into this edition.

I guess I've got my eye on how you treat the transition in the setting.

Ha! This was the first hit when I Google searched "color code to D&D 4e spines" in 2016. It's been almost 8 years, did anyone ever figure out a pattern?

I sold off all my 4e stuff a few years back, but I stumbled across this picture and wondered if there was any method to their madness.

Follow-up question: Does Pathfinder have a coding to the spine colors?

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In order:

1) Is the formatting correct on first pass? (If yes, keep going, if no, cut)

2) Is the first paragraph all backstory? (If no, keep going, if yes, cut)

3) Does it contain a pet peeve such as "blood," "bleed," "bloody" (seriously, I saw an overuse of blood) or a joke item? (If no, keep going, if yes, cut)

4) Does it tell me what the item does? (If yes, keep going, if no, cut)

5) Is the cost ridiculously high? (If no, keep going, if yes, cut)

If by then, the two items are still in the running:

A) Is one item over 275 Words? (If no, keep going, if yes, pick the other one)

B) Does an item contain a water related effect? (If yes, pick this one)

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Wow. That first cull was quick. Though I do appreciate it. It seems that there are a lot less formatting errors now.

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Feros wrote:

Actually, it's the opposite.

The algorithm they use for this tends to show more comparisons between items that get mixed reviews or negative. The mostly up-voted items appear more rarely as the voting goes on.

Thus the culls. Getting rid of the bottom voted items brings the higher ones back down overall. If you keep voting, things will begin to get better. Trust me, I know! :D

No wonder I haven't seen my entry yet. Thanks for upvoting mine you early mega voters.

So now the question becomes (if it hasn't already been asked/suggested multiple times), how soon until a We Be Goblins! set for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game?

I'm fairly new to Wayfinder, but after reading up on it, it seems like a wonderful place for the community. I had some ideas for illustrations, but I didn't see that illustrations were needed on the original post. Does Wayfinder already have a set number of illustrators for the artwork?

If illustrations are allowed in the call for submissions, are we allowed to depict actual inhabitants of Golarion (i.e. Iconics, named Monsters, named NPC's) or do they need to be original/generic characters? For some reason in the back of my head, I read somewhere that because Wayfinder is Community Use, Golarion-specific things could be used.

Thanks in advance for your help.

This thread was one of the first relevant links on a Google search for a listing of all the Pawns and Minis for Rise of the Runelords.

Has anyone attempted to update the Original Poster's list with the more recent Pathfinder Battles and Pathfinder Pawn collections? (Including the upcoming Lost Coast set.)

I've very interested in seeing this for RotR, but also for other Adventure Paths and Modules.

I attempted to click on HangarFlying's link above, but I have to request access, and my requests have not been granted after two attempts.


The cover alone is the worth picking this volume up.

I had avoided the Goblins comics simply for the fact that it was outside the normal comic storyline, and I could save my wallet a little bit. Then Paizo goes and does something cool like this.

I know most of the posters above have a much greater understanding of Golarion, and a much larger minis collection than I will ever have, but I for one say thanks for making these minis.

I came to Pathfinder through the comics, so actually having the opportunity to use my limited GM skills (read "none") to craft a little adventure around the comic stories has been my dream since the beginning.

Maybe when the party reaches the final bosses, they'll be there to do battle in pre-painted miniature form...with Lamashtu looking on from the side :)

We know it will be issue 4 of 6 for the AP after Giantslayer.

The few hints that I was able to find basically stated that that AP will possibly be more iconic Golarion, which lead some users to speculate something to do with the Pathfinder Society and possibly tie to Pathfinder Society Organized play.

I first started thinking about issue #100 a year or two ago when one of the Paizo staff jokingly lamented at Paizo Con about the problem of fitting the number "100" on the spine of a single issue of an AP book. (My easy fix--turn it sideways.)

At first I assumed the centennial issue would be an awesome hardcover book. Something like a big super dungeon. Then they went and made the Emerald Spire.

Now, I am of the firm belief that Pathfinder Adventure Path #100 should be a boxed set. (Or at least I want it to be.) Something akin to the beloved Beginner Box. Including an adventure, flip mats(s), pawns, commemorative dice w/ Pathfinder Society logo dice bag. I'd love a Paizo logo D20 in there as well. (And would it kill you to finally make a Paizo Golem Pathfinder Battles pre-painted miniature?)

Okay? So how does the 4th issue of a 6 issue Adventure Path warrant a full box set which would require stand-alone sales potential?

That's what I woke up thinking about this morning.

Basically, the idea I had was that the PC's are either transported back to a pivotal time in Golarion's history, or better yet, The PC's find some sort of magical item that let's them see back in time thus letting the players leave their current PC's in the present, and play the historical adventure as their ancestors or other historical PC's.

Without knowing the setting of the planned Adventure Path, it's hard to say what historical Golarion event to go back to, but I can see potential for some really cool reveals linking between the past and the present once you get to issues 5 and 6 of the AP. They probably won't let the PC's be involved with the death of Aroden or anything, but there are people much more well-versed in Golarion's history to find a great historical compass point for the AP.

So where's the stand-alone sales potential. The fact that the PC's are transported out of the current adventure into a new adventure (with new historical iconic PC's) sets it up for anyone to buy as a cool Pathfinder Box set where you get to play in an amazing adventure that shapes the world of Golarion. It's not for everyone, but it's certainly a good gaming product for a lot of people.

New Pathfinder fans ported over from the Adventure Card Game are definitely interested in what Pathfinder is all about as its popularity continues to grow.

People who've never picked up an AP would have "an AP in a box" to try out and become fans.

It would be sold around the holidays, so a marketing push to sell a Beginner Box, Strategy Guide, Core Rulebook, and Pathfinder #100 would be a great all-encompassing Pathfinder gift set.

Also, if the box set could somehow tie story-wise to the Pathfinder Society, then getting people to play in Pathfinder Society Organized Play would be helped tremendously.

These are just one gamer's thoughts. What do you guys think?

I woke up today with a lot of wonderful thoughts about what could be done for Pathfinder Adventure Path #100, so I came to the Paizo forums with the one goal of finding discussion on what they could do to make it awesome. Unfortunately, there has been little talk, and you folks seem more than content waiting it out to see what they deliver. (How can you all wait so patiently!?)

With only a little over a year of lead time until the publication of Pathfinder Adventure Path #100, it's probably too late to provide any input to alter what they have planned, but it doesn't hurt to talk about what you want it to be.

So what would you like in Pathfinder Adventure Path #100?

Charles Scholz wrote:

I don't know if this has been mentioned yet, but in the next set of miniatures I want the special Huge Mini to be the Paizo Golem.

I've had this exact thought multiple times and finally found this thread to suggest the same thing.

I'd imagine this as a convention exclusive along with a Monster stat block though.

Or maybe as an NPC for the next Free RPG Day adventure.

OR!...Pathfinder Adventure Path #100 is coming up...(hint, hint.)

For those looking for a Dancing Hut, it still might be in the set…just not at Gargantuan scale.

I don't own any of the Reign of Winter books (yet), so I haven't seen a stat block for the Dancing Hut, but according to the list of pawns in the Pathfinder Pawns: Reign of Winter set, the Dancing Hut is a Huge figure, not Gargantuan. So there's still hope.

WTF!? Why did you add $40 to my shipping charge without my authorization?

This is not acceptable.

I guess I'll try here since I haven't received any response to my emails in two days.

What is going on with my order? I tried to make a rather larger order during the first few hours of the Great Golem Sale, and nothing went through, so I split the order in half and finally got an order in on November 8th. Paizo charged me a not-so-menial amount of money and said they'd charge the remainder at shipment.

10 days later, on November 18th with my order still "Pending," I emailed to see what the status was. No response.

2 days after that, today, November 20th, I noticed on my bank website that my money was refunded to my account, but the order is still marked as "Pending" on Paizo's website, and I have received no notification of anything regarding the status of my order.

In the past, I have heard nothing but glowing remarks about Paizo's customer service, but this is my first time to purchase any items through Paizo, and I've received little to no communication despite Paizo holding a few hundred dollars of my money for 10 days with no product to show for it.

I don't mean to be rude, but this seems very out of the ordinary from what I've heard about Paizo. I've been waiting to see if this order goes through before making another order of the same size, but so far, buying Pathfinder products directly through Paizo has not been a pleasant experience.

Same here. Tried 66 items from the Golum sale. Took 3 hours of trying on multiple computers, browsers, phones, etc. Finally gave up.

Same thing here. I put a bunch of stuff int he cart for the Golum sale, and it makes me keep re-loggin in and then takes me to the front page. It also has me re-enter my payment info over and over.

This morning I tried 3 different computers and 2 different iPhones, using Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and IE, and it hasn't worked for 3 1/2 hours.

Ultimately, the "Place Your Order" button is greyed out and I can't do anything once I get to the end of all this mess.

This is very frustrating.

Same thing happened for me. I tried to place a huge order with the sale today for me and my brother, and I've been trying for 3 hours to get it to work.

It keeps making me re-log in and re-enter my payment information. Ultimately, the "Place Your Order" button is greyed out.

By now I assume half the stuff in my order is sold out.